HTC bringing Jelly Bean to 2012 devices first, saying sorry to devices with under 1GB of RAM


  • kenypowa

    So it seems most of the mid/high end phones in 2011 and 2012 will be updated, which is good news. However, WTF are they thinking about not updating the One V? Isn’t the One series the signature line? and One V will get 0 update in its life cycle.

    • gaga

      the one v is a fail and a peice of sheeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt

  • PhoneScience

    The One S and X are quite amazing devices, but they suffer from HTCs dreaded battery life; if project butter requires more processing, what does that mean for the longevity of the devices?

  • James

    Fair enough. I know HTC is going to get ripped on for this but I believe it’s better to keep those devices on ICS than give them a shitty jellybean experience. If users with those devices want JB, they can easily root their device through HTC Dev and get it for themselves.

  • Azzo

    This is why i will only stay with Samsung & Google’s Nexus devices. I ain’t touching no Sony, LG, HTC and Motorola with their skins.

  • mehmeh

    What about the HTC Sensation that has 768MB of RAM? It’s well above 512MB. MobileSyrup, you need to change your title.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    To be honest, I have the HTC One S running Modacos ROM and I find that I can get pretty much 2 days of solid use before a charge is needed.

    I’ll take a screenshot tomorrow to post as I just took it off the charger this morning.

    I’m sure once XDA gets ahold of a JB firmware for these devices, the battery life issue will not exist lol!

  • Tyrone

    One V and Desire C, will not be upgraded to Jelly Bean, as they want to ”ensure each of our products has the optimal user experience.”

    Funny how they basically said the same thing to all Desire HD Owners except for AT&T Owners.

  • Zeake

    HTC… hmmm… I’ve heard that name somewhere before… H… T… C… Sounds familar but i can’t seem to put my finger on it.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    “Open” wins again!

    • Ron Mexico

      Brad T(rollboy) at it again? No!

  • Adam

    I have the HOX, and this is good news. To be honest, the non-availability of JB for lower-end devices won’t be an issue. Anybody who owns a Desire C as their main phone probably won’t know what JB even is. The phone is as entry level as it gets. I’m a little surprised the HOV wont’ be updated, but again, mid-level smartphone. Power users buy the HOS or HOX.

  • AWSGuy

    This is not good news. How is it that Nexus S runs JB smoothly with 512MB ram? HTC is saying sorry to devices under 1 GB ram because of their Sense UI. So, just because of Sense, people will be given the finger, even though th eir devices *can* support JB. Thanks a LOT HTC, keep doing this kindof s**t, and your marketshare will fall faster than AOL’s credibility.

  • pedro

    My One X is amazing. I can’t wait.

  • Kid.Canada

    Meanwhile we’re still waiting on Jelly Bean for the S3. Hurry up already Samsung!!!

  • DrBadass

    Finally my htc amaze will feel the power of jelly bean!

  • wewewi

    Yeah, when they speak of “2011 devices” I think they mean the Amaze, the Raider.. Not the Sensation.

    “Second wave of 2011 High-end devices” would be more precise.

  • wewewi

    It is obvious the GS3 will get 4.2 and even Key Lime Pie at some point.
    ..Look at the S2 getting up to 4.1 starting from 2.3!

    The HOX? You can bet this is the last update. =(

  • Alex

    Well I’m running CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean on my Samsung Infuse(VERY close cousin to the Galaxy S, but with a 4.5 inch screen) and it’s Buttery smooth. I only have 512 MB RAM.

    What gives?

  • 2dfx

    (To the tune of Jukebox Hero by Foreigner)

    HTC’ll keep on rockin’
    They just can’t stop
    Gonna release Jelly Bean on top..


  • tweak

    So what about the EVO3d? Probably not eh…oh well..very sad what someone above me said about HTC one v not getting a single update.

  • JS

    got a small update today…had something to do with message being sent without sender info, overall performance has improved, etc. well, i’ve just updated it, and i don’t feel any difference at all…

    htc sensation 4g z710a

  • Brandon

    The htc evo 3D is one of the high end device included in this update. how long will it take till we have it in our hands? Who knows!

  • Miknitro

    HTC is going LGs way and forgetting support once sold an out the door.
    My Onex will probably be last HTC I buy, I like the DLX, but being its made by HTC, it too will be overlooked.

    Screw you you slow old sow hhtc, signed an HTC owner.

  • tweak

    You sure Brandon? I didn’t see it on the list and its a 2011 phone that took much longer than the sensation (same hardware, just no 3d) to get ics ..

    • Brandon

      The specs of the evo 3D are better than the sensation, it has a full 1 gb of ram opposed to the 768mb the sensation has.

  • Kris

    Not that I didn’t know already, but still sucks that the One V won’t get JB from HTC. The One V won’t even get a single update in its lifetime!


    Still prefer HTC over Samsung though, never liked to follow the crowd anyway.

  • Jimmy

    Well I think going from HTC one v to nexus 4 should be fun.

  • Brandon

    The HTC EVO 3D is on the list on another website mobilesyrup did not list all phones eligible to recive this update just a select few.

  • meowington

    I’m tired of seeing these comments about not being able to upgrade. Root your phone and have what ever version of android you want. Don’t know how? Then switch to iPhone just watch those updates roll in.

    • AWSGuy

      Easier said than done, you know. If the official ICS/JB isnt released, the drivers have to be worked on, and hacked drivers made with no documentation to go on dont work well sometimes. You might end up with a nonfunctioning camera or a broken GPS chip etc.

      Also, if I pay $$$ to HTC for a modern phone, I expect it to be updated. Samsung has no problems? Apple has no problems? WHy does HTC have all this crap?

  • deltatux

    If my Nexus S can run Jelly Bean rather well, I don’t see why the One V can’t run it. To be honest, the One V could actually use Jelly Bean to make it go faster…

  • bob

    What about devices with 768MB RAM?

  • DanGiroux

    I got tired of waiting on HTC & Rogers to get in gear. I’ve been running the CM10 nightlies on my HOX for a while now.. sooo smooth… and the best part is the battery life is amazing now! Pre CM10 i’d see 8-10 hours aprox. With CM10 I’m sitting at 14 hours on average before dipping below 10% battery life.

  • Joe Q.

    Which of the current mid-range Android offerings from Canadian carriers has the best battery life? I am due for an upgrade on FIDO. Was thinking of the HTC One S, but would sell it and get something else if I can get better battery life.

  • lyndon420

    Remember the days when we bought a phone (or any device for that matter) and didn’t expect it to become even better than the day we brought it home? It did what we wanted and we were happy…there was peace in the land. I’m hoping for the day when carriers and OEM’s supply stock Android with only skins etc that can be completely removed at the customers discretion. I can understand getting updates to fix bugs or to add an extra feature or option to polish it up some, but expecting a completely new OS on every phone that is up to a year or 2 old is a little selfish in my opinion. It has to be a daunting task trying to keep up to the demands of us droid-folk sometimes.

  • nailz

    Being a satisfied owner of a HTC Sensation, I finally get some closure. Project Butter should smooth this puppy out. ICS did improve the phones performance, and I had no issues at all.