LG Optimus 2X earns some Jelly Bean with CyanogenMOD 10 nightlies


  • Dave

    Fresh experience from LG @ Wind Mobile:
    I’ve had an a LG cellphone that I bought about almost a year ago, 8 months ago the phone needed a repair, I went to Wind Mobile warranty center and they replaced the cellphone, everyhing seems to be fine.

    A few weeks ago the cellphone started to have a issues again (I assume it’s because LG never provided an a update to this cellphone) So I went again to the warranty center.

    I explained myself, and they tested the cellphone, and then told me that they can’t replace LG cellphones anymore due to a new warranty agreement between Wind Mobile and LG!.

    So they have to send the phone to a repair center, and I will have to wait between 3 to 4 weeks before I will get the phone back.

    So right now I have no smartphone, thank you LG!
    I will never buy any LG product anymore.

    • Dave

      shut the f*ck up. you had a warranty issue, life goes on. LOADS of phones have issues, but you chose a positive post about the 2x to whine and b*tch about it.

      go away. i for one am happy to NOT have to get a new phone to enjoy jellybean.

      you……well you still need a new phone. is that what you were trying to convey? i couldn’t tell in between you having your period….

  • holyderp

    oh my mighty lawd, they finally did it. as a 2x owner, not sure if im happy or angry about this…. props to cm, frock lg

  • {JPM}

    As an Atrix owner, this makes me jealous

  • Faffy

    Wind Optimus 2x users, there’s hope that Jelly Bean is coming for us too – XDA forums are buzzing that Ricardo will port Cyanogenmod 10 to us once it’s stable for the P990 version of the Optimus 2x. It’s been a long wait, but at least now we don’t have to buy a new phone 🙂

    • Eric

      I couldn’t agree with you more..I wanted to get a new phone (Samsung) but with this update I will keep the 2X and wait for the update.

  • Nathaniel James

    I only had this phone for six months and got rid of it because of the lack of Software Updates. NEVER AGAIN LG

  • nick

    I was planning to get the Nexus 4 (or something used), but I’ll give this a try first. I’m not convinced though the problems with my phone are entirely software related. It overheats and shuts down and randomely looses network signal for extended periods. That’s with CM7, which was supposed to fix these issues. So we’ll see. What has been others’ experience?

    • nick

      oh, that’s the p999.

  • Ken

    Installed CM10 nightly on my LG p990 and I have been finding all the changes from 2.2 great and the phone is running really quick. Well done CM.

  • funtikar

    like WTF! I thought I was the only one…I did a lot of research on which smartphone was for and I found LG N4. When I found out that its really overpriced in my country I am lost. Then I remembered LG Optimus 2x. A quick google on optimus 2x jb and I found this article. AWWW YEAH..I’m so getting the 2x