Koodo launches three new promotional plans with Canada-wide “local calling”

Koodo, the low-cost subsidiary carrier to parent TELUS, has launched three new promotional data plans. While the amount of data included, even in the most expensive plan, is not high enough for most power users, many Canadians, especially those who do a lot of calling, will find them attractive.

The core tenets of each plan involve Canada-wide calling, which means that any call, from anywhere in Canada, is local. This eliminates any long-distance charges and brings the carrier to parity with WIND and Mobilicity, both of which don’t charge users extra fees for national calls when in a “home” service area.

For $30 you get 75 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends from 7pm, 100MB of data, unlimited picture and text messages, call display, voicemail, call waiting and canada-wide calling. For $15 more you can double the daytime minutes, start your unlimited evenings from 5pm, add unlimited incoming calls and up your data allotment to 250MB. Again, these are not for data-heavy users.

The only deal that would really appeal to many of us would be the $60 plan, which includes unlimited calling and all of the above, plus 1GB of data. This doesn’t really match the 6GB plan that was available during the summer, which also included Canada-wide calling, but was limited to 250 daytime minutes.

These plans will expire on November 22nd, but may be replaced by something better for the holidays. What do you think?