iOS 6 adoption has been Apple’s fastest ever, sits at over 60% in North America after one month


  • RP

    Wow that’s 60% of iOS users getting incorrect directions!

    • Androphag

      Ya look at this just all the appleoids getting phooled!
      Andro rules!
      All the rest of you are phags!

    • Mia Stone


    • EvanKr

      And in completely unrelated news, there’s been a spike of 60% in MIA cases across North America…

    • 3df

      A lot of those probably have to do with the new iPhones making the rounds, as well as people who were too eager to try out the new maps and other features of iOS 6.

      A lot of my friends updated, and many of them regret it solely because of maps. Others who don’t use maps are enjoying the features that should’ve been on iOS 5, but were left out (like panorama).

  • Kid.Canada

    With a lot more disappointments than ever…

    • bb

      another one of these articles….the fastest updated software ever???? really is this something to be proud of? We at apple have the most people upgrading software because what they were currently using was so bad.


    Gotta get that Facebook integration!

  • Tuut

    So many lost sheep…

  • Yuuuup

    What’s JB at? 2 or 3 percent? Add in ICS and call it 20%?

    • clided

      LOL Fandroids getting mad at this comment.

    • PR

      how many iphone 4 and 3GS owners have Siri, turn by turn Nav, updated camera features?

      oh? 0%?

      100% of android phones running anything higher than 2.2 Froyo can get the latest version of google maps (full nav, turn by turn, latitude, places, 3d buildings, etc)

    • mmathieum

      How many iOS devices made by how many manufacturers available at how many price range in how many countries at how many carriers?

    • EvanKr

      That’s why I always recommend buying unlocked, direct from Google Nexus devices. And if you don’t, at least know how to get CM builds or other custom ROMs onto your device.

    • John

      Unlike iOS the need to upgrade to the next OS isn’t forced so less people upgrade who don’t need to. Also If you want the latest and greatest before it comes to your phone odds are you can flash a custom ROM with the version of your choosing!

  • jihnjacibs

    What is the percentage of users who wish they hadn’t and want to revert back to either the old version of ios? My guess? 60%.

    Too bad apple controls the updates unlike Android, otherwise they would have the option to revert back to the old os or a custom one.

    There is no benefit having apple control the updates other then a high adoption rate because it’s their only option.


  • Smirnoff

    “adoption of iOS 6 has slowed significantly in the last two weeks”

    No wonder. The early adopters took the bullet, were disappointed, expressed their disappointment, and prevented many of the iOS5 users from making the same mistake.

    My local burger place is about a mile offshore. According to iMaps I have to swim there for several minutes to enjoy my favorite burger.

    Do NOT update to iOS6 if you value Google Maps as much as I do.

    This will also be my very last IPhone. It am bored with it, and thoroughly disappointed. Apple has told me that I am holding my phone wrong, which causes glare when I take pictures. All I heard was: “Hey, buddy, you are stupid! An IPhone can do no wrong.” No more, Apple. No more.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Smirnoff “The early adopters took the bullet, were disappointed, expressed their disappointment, and prevented many of the iOS5 users from making the same mistake”

      Experience tells me a lot of people just don’t know how to update their phone. They see the little “(1)” notification on the Settings app, but they don’t know what it means, so they’ll just wait a few weeks/months until their kid/friend/neighbour notices and helps them do it.

      As much as companies like to brag about how easy and accessible their products are, there’s still a long way to go.

  • Allan

    Everyone I know who upgraded to iOS 6 regretted it, because they lost Google Maps.

  • Zor

    Is funny when all the isheep comments start. Give me a break, most people on this board are blind android fanboys and the fact that you support such a fragmented system and then slam iOS users is a joke…. 1/4 of the devices running ICS+?? That’s terrible. I actually like android, had a nexus s for over a year, but it’s time android’s fan base start putting pressure on Google and it’s partners to start updating their phones. Apple isn’t perfect, no company is, but when it comes to OS updates they are second to none. In this case, Google can learn something from apple.

    PS: the maps really are not that bad. With an adoption rate of 60%, and 90% of users who have updated saying they haven’t had issues, I think it is safe to say that the “mapgate” is blown out of proportion. Not saying the issue doesn’t exist, but not as bad as the members on this board make it out to be.

    • jihnjacibs

      90% of the people saying there are no issues bought the iPhone so they are i Diots to begin with.

      I, like most people, would take still using ics over a broken useless update like ios 6.

    • d3v14n7

      But you can’t really call it a 60% adoption rate… Just because the software version number is the same doesn’t mean everyone gets the same updated software, features and so on.

      Go ahead and ask those who use the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 how Siri is working for them… Oh wait… They don’t have it, along with many other features included in iOS 5 and iOS 6…

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re completely clueless, iOS is just as fragmented, if not more so, than Android. If you can’t see that, you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and take your head out of Apple’s arse.

  • Promesu

    q___________q android fanboys q________q more and more every day because they have a strictly inferior operating system and they know it.

  • Key lime pie

    That’s because most people don’t know how to send it back for adoption. Many, ios users I know want ios 5 back, except for those who obviously bought into the iphone 5

  • Derek

    Logarithmic growth isn’t anything to be proud of.

  • Fartknocker

    That’s pretty much the same as Jelly Bean…. Oh wait, that’s not right at all.

  • Mr smoothie

    If it were possible to revert to iOS 5.1.1, I think a lot of users would have done so. My Mom wanted me to do this on her iPad but it’s not possible unless the device’s shsh blobs were already saved somewhere. Very annoying.

  • Slappy

    It might be a quick adoption for a reason, maybe the previous version sucked?

    I mean, if you want to put spin on some numbers, you can spin them any way you want.

  • Bestsoup

    Unsure where these people complaining about ios6 live in…. You guys live in nunavut? Yukon? No problems so far in ANY big canadian city. I live in vancouver and nothing wrong with maps so far…

    • lukeiphone

      Exactly! I live in Toronto and have used Apple maps enough times and absolutely no issues for me so far.

    • hoo dat

      But what if I travel to The Yukon or Nunavut? What if I travel to Kingston or Whistler? How about even Hamilton? Would I have to carry 2 different phones around with me to ensure that I get full coverage? Which phone would I have to use to ensure I don’t get a jade streak when taking pictures? Would it be the same one I would use when I connected to the internet to ensure I didn’t anonymously connect to cellular and incur extraneous data charges? Which phone should I use when my screen starts flickering? What about when Siri sends me to Australia while I’m in Thunder Bay? What phone should I use to stop my iPhone from wearing too quickly?

      Seriously, you expect someone to spend $700+ on a phone and then $150 for a back up to ensure everything works?

      I see a secondary market opening up for Apple.

    • Slappy

      I quote from a Ontario bloggers testing…

      “According to Matheson’s analysis of 2,028 places in Ontario, only 20 per cent were correctly identified in Apple’s Maps app, 19 per cent were “close,” 27 per cent were incorrect and 34 per cent were missing entirely.”

      Yep, perfect.

  • cool

    android tards don’t realize there are a lot of alternatives to maps on ios 6, so nobody is getting lost. Meanwhile, they are still using their android plastic POS trying to convince themselves that their purchase was a good one.

    • hoo dat

      “…android plastic POS”

      Yeah, like that aluminium chassis is working out well for you.


  • mmathieum

    60% in North America without a proper Maps app.

  • hoo dat

    So that’s 60% more Apple users who now have a worse phone than before the update.

  • Jack

    Anyone wonder how Chitika is able to measure this metric?

    As far as I know, Apple has never actually announced how many ACTIVE iOS users there are. (They have announced how many they’ve ever sold, but that’s not the same thing).

  • hoo dat

    I had to fight my way to work this morning. It wasn’t the weather that slowed me down but Apple Store employees running around trying to fix iMaps!

  • ace

    Feverishly updating to a sub par upgraded software is with a lack of Google maps lol

  • Blas

    I’m not really sure how much this is a matter of people wanting to upgrade to iOS 6.
    I don’t actually own any Apple products so I usually refrain from commenting on Apple based stories. However my father always calls me up and complains about how his iPod touch is updating to the latest software without giving him much of an option about it.
    Can anybody confirm if that’s how it goes?

  • John

    I assume they aren’t counting my iPhone 3G…

  • imrangr1

    Only 60%! Apple has fragmentation too then! So much for Apple Fanbois calling Android devices being fragmented.

    For the record Gingerbread OS(2.3) is still a better OS then the iOS6.

  • d3v14n7

    That’s complete crap, this article is extremely misleading…

    Just because the version number is the same doesn’t mean that everyone gets the same updated software… Ask anyone with an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 how Siri is working for them… Oh wait, they don’t have Siri, along with many other features added in iOS 5 and iOS 6. Meanwhile, ALL Android devices updated to ICS or JB will get every single feature included in the update, no exceptions, not to mention anyone on Froyo and up will be getting ALL of the Google App updates, such as Maps, Nav, Gmail and so on…

    Sorry to inform all you iSheep, but iOS is just as fragmented, if not more so, than Android… The only people who are truly running iOS 6, are those who purchased the iPhone 5, the rest are running a stripped down, fragmented version of iOS 6… As if iOS 6 wasn’t terrible enough on its own.