Jelly Bean not coming to 2011 Xperia devices, but Xperia T and ion update coming in 2013


  • Jessi Slaughter

    Ya’ll dun goof’d!

  • slimmy

    I wrote previously that I was a fedup Android user going to jump to the Apple Iphone. I bought the 5 and returned it becuase I couldnt see the hype with it and it was too small even being at 4inches. Got a GS3 and am very happy but this update crap that Android or the carriers do just sickens me. You basically have to get a phone every year to have the latest update which sucks for ppl who don’t want to root their phone or choose not to get a nexus device.

    • AWSGuy

      GS3 JellyBean update is coming in November!! 🙂

  • TheOtherSide

    Repeat after me…

    “This is why you only buy a Google Nexus device…”

  • ShadowVlican

    lalala… my old arse Nexus S is running Jelly Bean… lalala…

  • RC

    I got the Galaxy Nexus and with Jelly Bean (4.1.2), it still performs better than most new devices out there. Even if it is already a year old.
    Lesson: Only buy Nexus devices (phone, tablet, etc) from Google.

  • js

    I’m okay with this. I think it’s kind of unreasonable for any 2011 Xperia smartphone owners to expect a JB upgrade. Hopefully Sony gets with the program and releases a truly competitive device for me to upgrade to…. I’m waiting!

    • Carlo

      People like you are why companies pull this kind of cr@p. The so called “2011 Xperia” models may have been launched in 2011, but they were sold well into 2012.

      As for Sony’s statement, that sounds a lot like the one they issued to Xperia x10 users in 2011.

      It’s too bad because I’ve alway’s liked their designs.

  • Ron Mexico

    Didnt they just say that Xperia T would get JB very soon? Lol more Sony fail.

  • cool

    from android:freedom of choice! to only buy a nexus lol

  • Ron Mexico

    MobileSyrup, why are you using an Android Ice Cream Sandwich picture with a Jelly Bean story?

  • Nakedhikerguy

    Used a loaner xperia arc while my galaxy s3 was being unlocked. And I have to say it was a let down of an android phone. Beyond a decent prepaid phone, and nobody should sign a contract with an Sony phone like the arc

  • nrj4life

    @Ron Mexico

    To show that the devices in question will remain on ICS.

    • Ron Mexico

      Should be a picture of Gingerbread then, most of those devices never seen Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Eric

    I don’t understand why people are just so into Samsung’s phone. I owned a galaxy s2 and it sucked. It was good for the first few months, but then it started to lag like crazy. Personally I find that samsung’s user interface is so bland… and sorta “cheap”. I got the Xperia arc last year (with gingerbread) and I got the update a few months ago. Yes, it’s slow on update but the update they provided, were completely new features. I updated my Samsung (yeah they’re really fast on updating phone) but they just release updates with not much of a change; everything is the same. Sony is slow on updating because they spend the time in actually make changes from the previous one.

  • JBR

    I have been with android since eclair and I could never have imagined jumping ship. However, when I consider my next phone, the horrible way in which android rolls out upgrades may sway me. They need to centralize and in a some way as part of an agreement, force carriers to be more pro-active with their updates. I will never go Apple, but the BB10 is starting to look good. This sucks because I like Android, but I’m always afraid that the device that I choose will get left behind and cut from the update list and that’s a huge problem. Can’t they stay open source and still maintain some quality control?

  • loom star

    hopefully , Sony will not act like motorola by saying roll out in time and final day get screw to score a new device instead……cheer everyone ….keep your finger across , epsecially the middle to the bad business practice device maker and carriers.

  • pisidan

    Wow a repeat of the x10 cant say i didnt see that so glad i got rid of a sony pos..Nexus best android with updates ever

  • gurnblansten

    Having had, key word HAD both X10 and Ion. Never, ever, ever going to buy Sony again. ditched my Ion two days after ICS upgrade because I had replaced it with S3 that SHIPPED with ICS (Interim upgrade since and Jellybean before Christmas without a root and readily avialble versions). People need to stop buying SONY phones – without fail, out-of-date in one or several major areas, they forever for updates (thanks to limited carriers) and generally they have too many different phones in the market so never proper levels of support available.