RIM showing BlackBerry 10 off to government officials, promises it “will change everything”


  • Shushwap

    This thing had better live up to the there hype… Or this will end rim

    • np

      this guy has been trolling for months! I can’t believe some of you guys still believe what he says

    • np

      and by “this guy” I meant Apple Sales Guy. blew it on the reply it seems

    • CloudKillsTheNexus

      Alternative title for the Article:
      “RIM Lobbies Canadian government with BB10 Developer edition”

      It’s pretty obvious that they are lobbying the govenrment from stopping them to change their current BBs for iPhones or Androids or W8 phones.

      Good luck RIM, all you have to do is PROMISE them that BB10 will be ready by mid March; all they have to do is not get government employees ANY new phones for the next SIX MONTHS and you will keep those customers!

    • CloudKillsTheNexus

      RIM is only making it toooo easy for us?
      The “Leaks” are all they have for the next six months, they are talking about lobbying the govenrment of Canada and all they have to show is a picture of a phone that has ONLY FOUR APPS THAT REPEAT??
      Music, Pictures, Weather Calendar
      -Not even “Snake” or “Ping” or “Minefinder”
      Which apps are they missing…anyone?

    • BB

      The hype?? You mean all the media bashing them? QNX releases sdk webkit for car, bb10 has been shown in real life on the net, blackberry balance/fusion(mdm solution), all new app store, better bbm, more powerful dev device. And the list continues..

    • laap

      RIM is already dead, RIM it self are the only ones that didn’t realised about that yet.

    • Zeke

      RIM shows to gov’t – how ironic. both are liars.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    As long as no one buys android phones anymore I’m happy. I’m tired of all those fat geeks trying to defend their lame phones.

    • techie 01

      coming from Apple Sales Guy? cause iPhone users never say they have the best phones.

    • tooold

      Apple Sales Guy, get bent

    • The Dead Steve Jobs

      Sorry to break it to you Apple Sales Guy, but all those “fat geeks” are just your ugly reflection in your broken mirror, and that “lame phone” is just your iPhone 5, but I understand your confusion since it has a big screen.

    • BB

      apple stock closes at 609 today and getting worse. By Monday-Tuesday under 580. Ipad mini with same crap os as iphone 5/ipod/ipad1/ipadnew/nano and mac book…priceless.

  • Shushwap

    This thing had better live up to all there hype… Or this will end rim

    • Bb

      I hear you, but from my experience I have 90 blackberry users who use less data then 6 iphone users. I can’t speak on android based phones.

  • techie 01

    Too Little too late i’m afraid, i might get one but knowing RIM they will try and sell so expensive it will be $250 on a 3 year just like the 9900 when it came out.

    • Sean

      The outright on the 9900 is more then an S3

    • CloudKillsTheNexus

      Yes the BB 9900 (released in August 2011) and not upgradeable to BB10 retails for $600 LOL!!!

      Those things are gathering dust Brand new in BOx unlocked in kijiji at $260!!
      This shows you the gap:
      What RIM THINKS their phones are worth and
      What people are Willing to pay for them!

    • BB

      too expensive? he would rather pay for a phone that doesn’t compress data, asks you to pay for insurannce, NEEDS a case, more expensive to repair, higher roaming fees, a need to rely on wi-fi and has a keyboard so annoying to type on, a new language was created lmfao.

    • skullan


      I personally found the compressing of data to be overrated. My data usage with my Nexus S is really not that much different than the Torch I came from.

  • iphoneee

    I am guessing it will come with Siri!! AWESOME

  • techie 01

    Not Sure if RIM got the MEMO by Secure encryption and Open source customization never co-exist.

  • nima

    1) not sure if it’s already been announced or not, but make the super secure blackberry data optional, and not required. Some of us are okay with “unsafe” browsing of mobilesyrup and would rather not pay extra.

    2) Make the phone $250 unlocked and off contract.

    And I may buy one. -Maybe.

    • CloudKillsTheNexus

      Sorry but add all that to a 9900 (their flagship) for $250 and compare it to the current nexus currently at $350 (to drop to $300 in November?) or to the S2/ S2x retailing at $300 at Virgin Koodo and you will find your fantasy still too expensive!

      a BB9900 Brand new and unlokced is not Worth more than $200 now, $250 and it’s too close to the $300.
      And they have Nothing but JAMS, tours and lobbying for the next six months. Godspeed.
      If I were Heins I would get two or three shifts, 6 days a week and no hilidays for any employee until releasing BB10.
      What do they do all day???

  • Bill

    Interface looks very similar to Android

    • Chris S

      WWAD? (What would Apple do?)

  • Kid.Canada

    @Nima – You can only dream of finding a good phone being sold for $250 at retail. Maybe getting a job would help pay off those big bucks…

  • what

    Kinda tired of these articles showcasing screenshots of the May preview of BB10 instead of the Sept preview.


    Android is king & always will be but I’m extremely impressed with BB10 & the direction RIM is taking Blackberry. Keep up the great work & make Blackberry #2. – KID ANDROID ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • G – man

    Well,for those of you bragging on apple and android, I can understand how you might feel insecure – your devices have NO security.
    If you actually had an identity, someone would steal it.
    Yes, I can see how you’d be upset about RIM delivering an entirely new platform from the ground up in 2 years…it only took apple 3-5 years, and android – is that finished yet? Doesn’t matter – Google is the only one making money off it…

  • sak500

    Wow look at so many apps LOL.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Lies. All lies.

  • COB

    Honestly, it’s obviously going to be a while (3-6 months) until they show a finished product, but I am excited to see what they bring to the table. There is a lot of potential here. And being Canadian if it’s a decent phone I would love to support the Canadian company.

  • Miknitro

    Don’t worry RIM, your customers will wait for BB10.
    They been pulling the battery daily to keep older BB alive all this time, waiting…GFL Rim!

  • Jack

    I’m cheering for them, but they have key problems to solve:

    – They have to release a good, fully baked product. Not a good product not quite done (PlayBook), an over-promised/under-delivered product (Torch) or an outright bad product (Storm)

    – They have to market. In a way that ressonates. Don’t let engineers control the marketing like they did with PlayBook. Consumers won’t get commercials about Flash and multitasking.

    – They need apps. Not 500,000, but a good number. And especially the big ones that most people use. All the ones that were on the older BlackBerrys need to transition. The ones like Skype, Netflix, Instagram etc too. And lots of games.

    – Figure out how to manage the media better. There is no way the NYT should have got that much play with an article that spoke to 3 people out of 80 million. But it did. And there are thousands of articles like it … half baked, twisting facts, missing facts, obviously biased. No more Techcrunch accidentally publishing an article about RIM’s financials 3 hours before the financials were released.

    – Don’t waste time trying to get iPhone users to switch. They won’t. Focus on 80 million BlackBerry users and getting a decent piece of the people in the world still on flip phones (which still outnumber smartphones).

    My $5.

  • ace

    They should have worked 90 hour weeks and released bb10 before Christmas.

  • JP

    “will change everything”

    Must have given them some Mio!

  • theworldiam

    I am no marketing guru, but why has BB been trying to please EVERYONE? You know that old saying, “You can please all the people…”.
    Their niche is, or should be as a “super” high-security device – and perhaps a modern-day pager. Reasons? Even the president of the USA relies on a BB and “kids” love the tactility and quickness that the devices allow them in BBMing. And let’s not forget a*****e bosses who think it’s OK to communicate their EVERY thought with you INSTANTLY, ALL the time!
    The other thing is they’ve got to stop with the delays! ALL the manufacturers have them, but RIM’s ridiculous! Do like the others: RTM the products and THEN fix the faults!

  • Mike

    I wanna go there too 🙁 I never get into these things 🙁

  • pacalis

    RIM is in an impossible situation. Even exclusivity on a killer application like Facebook wouldn’t save them – the three other ecosystems are simply too big and too exceptional to catch up.

    Then again, look at the picture. What other phones have four weather apps!!

  • jay

    So the showed with one hand BB10 and in the other a big cheque….

  • Gabriel

    PLEASE! Just stop feeding AppleSalesGuy’s troll! Honnestly….

  • Tom Gray

    Uh oh… See that? The clock in in the middle of the status bar, Apple, all your army of lawyers and have them on standby.

  • gjeff12

    What happened to BB 8 and 9? Seriously, they could have distracted everyone from the delays.

  • Mike

    Uh oh, icons in a grid. Watch out RIM, Apple is gonna sue your arse off!

    • Nick P.

      Yep, those corners look curved too! Watch out!

  • Nick P.

    BB10 will have to compete with Windows Phone in the Enterprise if it’s going to stay alive. Sadly, most of the device and policy management capabilities require BES to be paired with Exchange (or Lotus Domino – but that platform is nearly history. If I can join my Windows Phone, PC, laptop, Surface etc to my domain and have all policies, application deployments, authentication, authorization handled via Windows Server and System Center either on prem on in the cloud, why would BlackBerry bring to the table?