Google releases standalone Calendar app on Play Store for users running ICS and above

Google has added another first-party app to its list of Play Store-downloadable software. After years of being entrenched in the Gapps (that’s Google Apps, for the layman) ecosystem, Calendar is now downloadable from the Play Store, allowing users running non-stock versions of Android (read: most of you) the ability to diverge from S Planner and the like.

It’s a move that should appease those looking for a more stock Android experience — Gmail, Maps, Google+, Search, YouTube, Reader, Chrome, Currents, etc., are already available independently — on any piece of hardware. The app is optimized for users running Ice Cream Sandwich or above, and Google admits it may have issues running on HTC devices. It also introduces a new icon to your app drawer, and will not overwrite your current version of Calendar; that means those of you running stock Android will end up with two versions of the same app, so you may want to go into settings and disable it.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, head to Google Play and download it.

Via: Android Central