Google releases standalone Calendar app on Play Store for users running ICS and above



    I only think it doesn’t replace the calendar if it’s modified. It replaced the calendar on my tablet (actually it showed as a regular app update). However on my phone it didn’t replace the HTC butchered version of the calendar.

  • Thai

    Awesome. And about time!

  • David

    But can i get a full month calendar widget yet?

    • ASH

      I just checked out the app, and its widget…awesome!!!

  • Blair

    seems to have overwritten the stock calendar app on my gnexus. However, looks like its virtually the same app minus some aesthetic changes.

  • tech

    i use simple calender for calender widget. the stock calender widget sucks.

  • James

    It’s nice, but doesn’t offer a monthly widget. I’ll stick with S Planner on the S3 for now.

  • iphoneee

    waiting for apple maps on my S3…

    • James

      Actually, a man walked into a bar with Apple Maps. Or a hospital. Possibly a church. Or a mall in the middle of the ocean.

  • robot-shmobot

    I hope they sort out that icon – I liked the stock green calendar icon. At least make this icon dynamic and show the real date.

    • Mark

      It’s Android. Use another launcher and change the icon yourself.

  • iphoneuser

    This calendar sucks! Well not really but yes it does.
    It’s awesome in tablet mode, so it’s great on the Nexus 7. People who use it on a phone will know that it’s SUPER LACKING!

    For other phone users, I recommend flashing Paranoid Android ROM. You can make the SUPER LACKING calendar into a SUPER CALENDAR in tablet mode! Greatest ROM ever!

    • SUPERuser

      Just SUPER!

    • lol

      so you have to flash a rom in order to get a decent calendar…all right nothing wrong with that…

  • iphoneuser

    Nope, you misunderstood. I was only referring to this Calendar app. This calendar app suck. It’s only great in tablet mode. If you want it in tablet mode, get Paranoid Android ROM.

    Otherwise, if you have S3, the stock Samsung Calendar SPlanner is far superior. No need to download this crappy app and no need to flash any rom.

  • iphoneuser

    But isn’t it great to have options?

  • Wilbour

    Marketing or Forward thinking? I have seen an increase in Apps that only run on ICS or greater eventhough over half of the Android devices still run Gingerbread. I guess it’s great to upgrade and find new apps already designed for your system but frustrating for those of us who own incompatible devices and are not eligible to upgrade for 2 more years with our cell provider.

    • James

      Then don’t buy a phone on a contract where you’re paying triple the cost of the phone after the term and are forced to wait to upgrade your phone.

      Buy outright, sell your current model for a fair chunk when a newer one is released. Simple.

    • Wilbour

      While I agree that buying a phone outright could make sense, my phone is only 10 months old and is already outdated. You can not keep up with progress in tech. Point well taken though.

    • Practical Guy

      If I have a free phone on a $25/month plan then after 3 years I will have paid $900. If I buy the phone outright it will only cost me $300. You are right James, it costs me 3 times the price…but wait, I got service for 3 years. You would have to get a $17 a month plan to pay what I paid. What did you get?

  • Senk

    This is fantastic! I despise S-planner.

  • deli

    as nice as this is, S Planner is superior, IMO. But nice move by Google.

  • James

    @Practical Guy: What I got is a monthly plan I can change, add, remove, and cancel at will without any penalties, while still remaining under $40 (which is a minimum I believe to get a phone on a contract).

    Far outweighs the benefits of a subsidized phone, in my opinion.

    • Practical Guy

      Ah that makes sense now. $40 a month for the same 3 year period you have paid $1400 plus the price of a phone (lets say $1400 + $200) so about $1600. Seems like a good deal. I will fork over $900 for phone and plan. I see you point.

  • Stephen

    Actually disappointed in this app. Jorte is much better for my needs

  • Kevin

    Hey Practical Guy,

    If that’s the case, then don’t complain about being locked into an outdated phone.