Apple: iPhone 5 users experiencing a “colored flare” on their pics should move “the camera slightly to change the position”


  • lucas

    and there it is ladies and gents. the greatest phone on the market today…

    • tech

      LOL! scratch marks, lost imap, limited siri, wifi issue and now camera colour issue. Really how did all review writers make best phone in market?

    • boojay

      Clearly the Apple5 took the liberty of implementing Instagram as a default and unchangeable option for its photos. That’s what makes it the most amazing phone on the market!

    • Innovation at Apple died with Steve Jobs

      Apple’s response to the camera problem…
      “You’re holding it wrong.”

      Different CEO. Same isht.

  • Dylan K

    Yeah, all those things that suck about your “state-of-the-art” iPhone? That’s normal. Or its your fault. Enjoy your iPhone.

    • Rio

      My Canon DSLR doesnt get cell reception in my house, it is a bad camera

    • phreezerburn

      Rio, what an inept attempt at deflection. Your camera’s maker never sold it as being able to do such and I’ll bet your camera can’t do your taxes for you either… feeling gipped? Apple’s advertizing mentions “camera” as much as it does anything else and more so than its use as a “mobile phone”.

    • Rio

      I am just pointing out how ridiculous people are acting over something so tiny.

      Yes it Apple does say they have an amazing camera and it is an Amazing camera. It is one of the best mobile cameras. But that doesn’t mean they can work around physics. Even the most expensive cameras will experience this ‘flare’ just not to this extent.

      Apple had to reduce the size of the camera in order to make the thinnest phone in the world, with, along with that it meant that there would be more camera flare. A small price to pay for the way the phone feels in your hand.

      It is easy to point out the flare when you try to obtain it, Not one of my 376 pictures has a flare in it.

    • Rio

      I can guarantee you that if the iPhone 4 was positioned in the exact same position as the 5 it would have flare as well. Along with a lot of the other mobile cameras

      Apple is the biggest company in the world so it Makes sense that everyone is putting them under a microscope but it saddens me when people simply reiterate what they read in articles without having any actual proof or back up behind their argument.

  • John

    Your taking the picture wrong.

  • Rick

    My iPhone 5 still takes a better picture than most phones/point n shoot in the market

    • Mike

      I guess that purple haze is the new instagram.

    • WOW!

      You never tried any other phone so lets start with S.T.F.U Mr Sh33p..alot of people reporting the purple haze and Apple is still saying its your fault and you accept they can sh!t on you and you will say give me more.. as simple as that

    • hoo dat

      @ Rick: it is an absolute impossibility for a phone’s camera to take pictures better or even equal to even the most basic of point and shoot cameras. 2 reasons: Optics and digital zoom. No matter how many pixels a camera phone has, the optics are pretty lousy. The lens is far too small and produces more distortion to your pictures than you realise. Add to that digital zoom which is nothing more than pixel manipulation and it doesn’t matter how many filters or processors you throw at it the picture’s quality is at best average. I never take important pictures with my phone, I always have at least my point and shoot with me if not then it’s my DSLR for more important occasions. There’s a reason that enthusiastic amateurs and pros alike don’t use phones for their projects.

      Quit being an apologist for Apple, they’re big enough to make up their own excuses.

    • Slappy

      Umm, no, it doesn’t.

    • d3v14n7

      Any decent point and shoot will take MUCH better pictures than the iPhone 5 at a fraction of the cost due to the sensor size alone… Without the pinkish/purple-ish flare created by the sapphire lens.

    • joe

      Sure it is…keep telling yourself that just like all the other iSheeps out there.

    • stylinred

      @hoo dat allow me to introduce to you the Nokia N8 and 808 pureview and even the N95/n82 etc 🙂

  • Htcman

    Of course it does Rick. It’s because you’re color blind.

  • mjolnir

    Why wouldnt isheeps just wake the f up? If you are shelling out $700 you should expect the phone free from scratches, wifi problems, and a beta map app. But no, isheeps will be isheeps. i****s

  • John Lee

    “You are holding the phone wrong.”

    No thank you… I’m buying a Lumia 920.

  • PhoneScience

    Guys, you’re holding it wrong, you cant have your hand cover the band or you’ll dro…. Oh, this isn’t that? Well, you’re still using it wrong; the iPhone is perfect, you’re not, it’s simple logic.

  • Epgomez

    Yeah aluminum takes scratches and that is normal then why use it in a smartphone? Everybody knows cellphones are put in pockets and bags with keys and coins. A good smartphone design should use scratch proof materials which the others are using. And they are smart..

  • Allen Stewart

    Come on folks, if you don’t know about lens flare, and how it affects ALL cameras, you don’t know anything about photography. The iPhone 5’s just results in a purplish haze whereas other cameras result in white or yellow or some colour for the flare. It can vary by the lens you are using on SLRs/DSLRs.

    • Tomatoes

      That is obviously more lens flare than usual no?

    • hoo dat

      I know about lens flare and that is NOT lens flare. If you can’t tell the difference between light being refracted in the lens and obviously flawed optics then you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Learn before you type.

  • Kevin Thom

    Next, Apple patents lens flare and sues every camera maker on the planet.

  • jack

    apparently apple needs to hold classes at their local apple stores to teach people how to use their phones properly LOL!

    pictures messed up? HOLD IT PROPERLY!
    data overages on wifi? WIFI PROPERLY!

  • fanboyCentral

    Mobile syrup comments section is FULL of trolls, flamebaiters and android fanboys. It’s gross. It’s one thing to criticize a product but another to attack the people that own them. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously.

    • Evan

      No, it is full of people who aren’t blind Apple followers.

  • crunch204

    am i the only one who gets a hard on from news of apple’s mistakes?

  • DJD

    The iphone 5 is such a disappointment. I feel that apple has starting going downhill since steve died and tim has taken over.

  • Sam

    Why you take pic for the sky you don’t need to or you know what you are holding it wrong
    Tim cook

  • 15ive

    Steve Jobs, you’re standing wrong. Yes I see dead people. Premium my a*s.

  • allan

    Even on my canon 50mm f1.4 prime i get purple fringing. This is not at all a shock for a tiny camera.

    • Tomatoes

      Except when it is more purple fringing than any other iphone or any other high end phone for that matter. It’s poor camera testing, pure and simple. Especially for a company that charges as much as they do in order to have money to spoon feed the technologically impaired.

      You live by the sword you die by the sword. Apple has their 80% proft margins level standards to uphold to.

    • EvanKr

      I also get flare on my Leica Noctilux 90mm f2.8. EVERY lens gets flare, but compared to other iPhones, this is just terrible.

    • hoo dat

      Please, people! This is NOT lens flare! Lens flare is the refraction of light within a lens, exhibiting itself as blobs or a streak of light. Often these are favourable to the picture and often can be manipulated into existence. The picture above obviously shows flawed optics and one that is totally inexcusable.

    • phreezerburn

      My wife has had Canon’s small point and shoots since they first arrived on the camera scene. I have thousands of photos from her A5 all the way to outdoor wedding stuff from an ELPH 320 and nothing like the iPhone 5 pictured has ever turned up.

    • EvanKr

      @hoo dat

      Yes, most of it around the sun isn’t flare, but the purple streak below is.

  • Derek

    Everyone is just holding their phone wrong… And the sun is also the wrong color. This is a ‘feature’, not a problem

    • phreezerburn

      But the camera worked perfectly in the models under every simulated condition… It’s beginning to look like no one actually took an iPhone 5 and physically used it before the fist batch was boxed and shipping.

  • ilovemma

    Thank God, I am an Android Junkie!!!

  • samsung s3

    Bahahaha another Apple oopsie. Funny Samsung hasn’t had any of these back peddling comments for my s3? Cuz there is no issues. Apple needs to stick to what they know best, suing other companies for coming out with the best first!

  • lol


  • Dalex

    Until general consumers realize what POS products they buy due to branding, companies like Apple will still be be popular. As for the genius earlier who thinks his Iphone takes better pictures than a point and shoot, please do yourself a favor and stfu. Even the best smartphone camera, which is not in the Iphone 5 unless you’re a blind moron (lumia 920 at the moment is the best), is still reasonably far from a decent point and shoot.

  • Fandroid

    Of course this happens, I am a fandroid and apple is this worst company all thier phones are the same just sometimes a bit bigger, they are stupid. Androids rule, they have the best phones, the fastest and always the biggest screens that means they are the best

  • Darrell Teeple

    I cannot believe that Apple is once again throwing the issue back to it’s users.
    – Antenna Gate – it is how you are holding the phone
    – Camera – it is how you are holding it – change you angle
    – Scratches – painted aluminum – it scratches – buy a case
    – Wi-fi – proobably will say buy a applle router
    – Maps – Opps Sorry apple bad – We are working on it 🙂
    – Connector – Make it easier (more like Apple Needs more money

    *** What next apple – maybe the phone will nt make calls and they will say “You dont need to make long calls” – Apple is a marketing machine and people drink the Apple “Kool Aid” and will but it. Here is a Idea Apple –

    Re-release the original Iphone as the “IPHONE RETRO” – with IOS1 and tell people that you have to try it out..and experience it like never before.


  • Rolonoa

    And this again is normal. Antenna, scuffs all normal. Or maybe it could be iPhone 5 exclusive feature!

  • htcman

    Its a new iphone feature, they will patent it any day now.

  • phreezerburn

    Dear Apple-tards,

    Please try to understand that the sapphire lens COVER isn’t any sort of enhancement to “taking pictures” but IS a scratch resistant surface replacement for mineral glass. It’s the very same substance you see on a grocery store flatbed scanner and not the result of mixing unicorn tears with pixie dust.

    Going by my watch collection they all reflect blue and the lens flare looks to be the difference in passing light through two layers with very different properties. You’d think with 700 Billion to draw from and a self aggrandizing R&D lauded to be second to none by every publication they advertise with, all these BUGS would have been caught.

  • Ramaduci

    Is anything ever Apple’s fault? Oh yes they don’t really care because literally they could put an Apple Logo on a Brick and people will buy it, accept it as the Innovation plus the greatest thing since slice bread.

  • TASE

    Recently I have owned two phones, a Samsung Stratosphere and an HTC Trophy. I just recently took over 200 pictures using both, with various lighting conditions and how much sun is in the shot, and from what I can tell you, this doesn’t happen on either phone.

    I have also bought a Bloggie Sport recently and have done the same tests. Lets just say, this ‘coloured flare’ crap doesn’t happen on that either.

  • Eric Draht

    Not even freaking close to the old iPhone camera IT’S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LENS IT has a backlit CMOS AND A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT APERTURE. Also I capitalized with voice to text somehow.

  • ultraviolet

    both pictures have bad flares on them. the photography needs to learn now to take a decent picture and not blame the camera/phone

    • OgtheDim

      White flare is ACTUALLY a part of a good photgrapher’s artistic pallet.

      Getting a pink flare means the lens has issues.

  • Rravindras

    Wooooow. Mobile syrup is interesting. While I do agree that the lens flare is ridiculous and Apple is taking a bad approach (what do they care they’ll sell millions anyway) I hope the comments are as lovely when RIM has outages and Nokia uses false advertisement in their commercials.

  • James

    most says iphone 5 is best ever ? they are totally wrong and iphone 5 ran into problem on few things. Apple beg them to say iphone 5 is best ever for people to buy rather than any android phones.

    I rated iphone 5 2 of 5 stars !!!

  • Otter

    The biggest reason people rag on the iphone as opposed to other phones:

    If your company, and everyone that buys your products are going to claim that you hold perfection, you are going to get judged as such.

    Most fanboy arguments usually start with the topic of apple:

    “Man.. I love the iphone! Its the best!”
    “You know it really isn’t that great”
    “You MUST be a samsung fanboy!”

    I love HTC… but I at least check out Samsung’s and nokia’s phones before I buy one, and if my phone shits a brick, I stop giving HTC my money.


  • OgtheDim

    Real men take responsibility for their actions.

    The word cowards comes to mind here.

  • jay

    Wanna to know who had an iPhone before? I hadvthe 3gs and was fun. Thought getting a 4 but got a galaxy. Only because I don’t like iTunes and love drag and drop.

    Now I own still a galaxy and what is better? Okay note 2!!!!

  • steve

    you bought an iphone…. you bought the wrong phone…

  • rob

    HAHAHA….no no it’s the phone’s fault, it’s the Sun that was in the wrong spot. Well thats an easy fix, just tell the Sun to move so you can take the perfect picture with the best phone ever….

  • Sick and Tired

    When is Apple going to stop blaming their valued customers for their failures?

  • Ted Bundy

    Tim Cook’s response when asked by his employees regarding the hue on pics taken with Iphone 5 camera: How dare those minions complaining about this greatest Iphone yet that we crafted/designed with the highest engineering design, tested to highest level to ensure the customers would get the best experience ever! They should be thank us for creating such a craft phone! Now shut up and wait for Iphone 6, these issues will be fixed! And don’t forget it will also have the best map apps ever!

  • Kelly

    So essentially Tim Cook said the iPhone5 users are “positioning” themselves wrong. Wait for the how to video where they’ll have everyone lying on the ground taking pictures.

  • Zoomus

    It’s the Sun’s fault for causing it purple flare, Apple should sue. Amazing how the isheep still defend this .

    • Rio

      lol It is funny how idiotic and uneducated you people are.

      You should do some research on optics and how even the most expensive of cameras experience what we see here.

  • gnote

    I think Ian was just holding the iPhone 5 wrong.

  • Zoomus


    I am not a pro but I do have a couple of Nikon SLR’s that cost more then a few i5’s combined, and a few lens that I have paid well over twice the price of an i5, I have been taking pictures for a few years at maybe 200 a month and I have yet to see purple flare an any of my pictures, the i5 has a cheap lens , apple screwed up, it costs less than $200 for the i5 to make but they sale it for over $700. don’t go comparing it to expensive glass that costs well over $1K. yes you get flare on expressive lens also but not purple or anything like the i5 does, Just accept it its cheap lens apple screwed up, Its that simple.

    • Rio

      I can guarantee you that if you try to obtain flare on any camera you will be able to just like people try to obtain flare on the iPhone 5. Have you used the iPhone 5? Or are you just reiterating what these articles say again?

      I have used my iPhone 5 for more than 200 pictures already and yet to see flare.

      And no s**t sherlock, the camera in the iPhone 5 is pennies compared to a DSLR. I never once compared the cameras. I simply said that even on the most expensive of cameras if you try to obtain flare you will find it.

    • hmmmm

      Oh really? I also have a Nikon 300s and the sun is always bright, never pink or it never looks like the pic above. It’s true that when you look at the pic on the left, it looks so good! almost perfection. Sorry but nobody wants those pictures. I can’t even believe how that pic looks bad.

  • rip rim

    and whats sad is people will still line up to buy these “phones”. smh.

  • Tim3tripp3r

    Motorola always get bad rep for their cameras – time to sue Apple for copyright infringement. It’s obvious that the evidence would hold up in court going right back to when Moto first put cameras in phones. 🙂
    I own a Motorola so I can poke fun at myself.
    In all honesty though – if it’s the way users were holding the phones to take pictures maybe just maybe it might have shown up on a previous version, it’s not like any of the millions of iphone’s out there have never been pointed/ held wrong before. Just saying…..

  • hmmmm

    Everybody knows that the pink light in the sun is Steve Jobs saying hi from above. You can even see his face if you look closely.

  • stylinred

    Apple patents extreme Lens Flare!

    With regard to scratch resistance or lack there of on the Iphone5, Apples excuse of it being ‘normal’ just doesn’t cut it my Nokia N8 has a anodized aluminum housing and its been through a war and the aluminum still doesn’t have a scratch on it

    this just tells you that Apple opted for the cheapest anodizing method possible and most of all the cheapest dyes (colour) used hence all the chipping and scratching

  • Sam Sunk

    A better piece of advice: don’t point the camera toward the sun.

  • Fred

    Well i got an iPhone 4S and i knew that the iPhone 5 would disappoint me. But the more it goes, the more flaws it seems to have. I’ll be elligible for a renewal in 2 years. Get your things straight apple… or i’m out! Androids are taking over.