HTC Incredible S to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update by end of August


  • no1 u no

    Bb10 update?

  • RyanOver

    OMG !!!! European user got it since july 2nd….. WHY !!! TELL ME WHY !!!…



  • Otis

    Well its about damn time. Although I’m sure Sasktel will foul up the release somehow.

    • SaskTel

      You don’t want Ice Cream Sandwich anyways, it’d go straight to your thighs.

  • Abjection

    Where EXACTLY is the Incredible S mentioned? Could not find it in “source” or “via”. So where exactly did you get that from?

  • cybik

    Desire HD. 🙁

    • Porilaisten

      *cue violin*

  • Cyrano

    there is this miracle that smaller internal hardisk has more room to bypass the storage concerned

  • Nexus

    now this doesn’t make sense for Desire HD don’t get the ICS

  • Just Another Guy

    I will hold off on getting a Galaxy Nexus until the update FINALLY gets here.. but if its too clunky and glitched out.. i guarantee you could see me with a new phone. I-If you live where i do that is… 😛

  • Crunch204

    No where in this article is there any proof or indication that ICS is coming to the incredible s by the end of august…just that Daniel Bader hopes so.

    Why isthis website turning into his personal blog?

    • menotyou

      ikr wtf. im calling virgin tonight anyway. get an answer somehow

  • danada

    Just a heads up with the ICS upgrade for the IncS, it makes the UI a little slow compared to the previous version. If you plan on upgrading, install a custom recovery and do a nandroid backup just in case you want to roll back and not lose anything.

    Source: updated Taiwanese IncS

  • Poodz

    The worldwide version ALREADY got ICS exactly when HTC said it would. This delay is ALL Bell. That’s why I sold it lol. That and it’s glitchy screen.

  • graham

    10 days, Bell.

  • Jimmyp42

    graham, Is that a statement of wishful thinking or do u have a credible source that u want to share ?

  • Pierre J.

    ICS 4.0 before the end of August for Bell ‘s HTC Incredible S ?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Pierre J.

    Bell mobility announced on twitter, last Friday, that HTC will not update the Incredible S to ICS 4.0 !

    • Jason G

      Although HTC already released the update for non-branded phones in July. Bell is blaming HTC but Bell only has their own asses to blame on this one.

    • Jimmyp

      Pierre J., can you please post a link to the Twitter account to follow where we can see this Bell announcement for ourselves ?