Cisco Connect Cloud for iPhone and Android updated with Port Forwarding and better performance

Cisco’s Connect Cloud app is a fantastic way to monitor router performance and make administrative changes while on the go. As opposed to most remote administration apps, Connect Cloud uses a centralized server over the internet to connect to your router; no NATs or Port Forwarding necessary to gain access remotely. This also means that you can make changes to your Cisco router when not connected to your home WiFi or LAN.

The native iPhone and Android apps take this one step further and allow you to change passwords, set guest access, add new devices to the network, set media prioritization and use the router’s parental controls, all from a mobile-focused interface.

The new version, which was released last night for iOS and last week for Android, adds a number of new and important features that bring the mobile interface closer to the full desktop experience. For those who download torrents or play a lot of games, Port Forwarding has been added to the mobile apps. You can now also see the IP addresses of connected devices, a long-requested feature from those who have upwards of 10 devices connected to a single network.

You can now check for router firmware updates from the app itself, add a new device via a QR code (cool!), and prioritize game traffic over other forms of bandwidth.

You can download Cisco Connect Cloud for Android or iPhone.