Motorola’s turn to bash Apple with new “iLost” ad


  • mehmeh

    That’s awesome. More OEMs should do this 😀

    • GoodJoke

      ..”Who knows, perhaps RIM will be up next to bash Apple with BB10.”

      -In order to “bash” soemeone, you need something REAL to show, a phone or an app. RIM has neither.

      *Vapourware, Leaks, and “Renderings of artists” don’t give you a position to “bash anyone” Wait for first Week of October: RIM’s stock at mid $5; I can’t even guess what it will be by Dec.

  • Dustin

    LMAO All these companies attacking Apple are HILARIOUS. Just goes to show how scared they are.

    • anti-sheep

      ….apple did the same thing to PC years ago…baahhh bahhhhh

    • cybik

      Why would anyone be afraid of a company that tells you to walk off a bridge in their Maps app?

    • PkaTka

      because Apple felt insecure back then. All companies that are insecure usually do this. I wonder how Samsung has the money to make those commercials after paying 1 billion in damages lol.

  • DrBadass


  • John

    iMaps are complete crap, it doesn’t even have turn by turn. It eats data. An iFail.

  • Hey

    BB10 is out yet?

  • briggs

    I find it amusing how if companies bash Apple, it’s fair game. But the moment Apple takes a swing back, all of a sudden everyone is complaining how there’s no decency in advertising.

    Feels like the American elections, to be honest.

    • cybik

      Tell that to the companies Apple ultrabashed in the courts over rectangles and touchscreens. Like, for the sake of example, Motorola and Samsung.

    • nope

      @briggs two wrongs doesn’t make it a right, but maybe that’s what it takes for people to realize how ridiculous Apple actually is.

    • Dylan K

      When Apple makes a swing, it’s in the courts, lobbying on how it owns rounded corners on icons and the general look and feel of a full touchscreen smartphone. And they’re swinging at everybody. They can’t win in a free market.

      Also, Apple never compares their phone to the competition in commercials, I guess side by side they can’t compete or something.

    • bazinga

      Say What????

    • Carlo S

      So did you have the same opinion when Apple was bashing Microsoft with their Mac vs PC ads? Or was that fair game because Microsoft “deserved it”. What goes around comes around (any usually in spades).

  • Dman

    Awesome. Some payback from the Justin Long commercials. Sorry, but apple really did start this fight. Don’t cry cause the bully is finally taking a few hits instead of dishing them out.

  • McBain

    Not the same place and the iphone is not in satellite mode…

    • Davor

      I think that’s the point, the same info was put into the search bar and the iPhone points to the wrong place.

    • Matt

      Yeah, both searched for the same thing but got different results

    • Pat

      They probably forgot to include Glonass too

  • Acco

    It’s important to look at the search address – Apple interprets the e 15 st ny as Marlborough rd instead of… Well, e 15 st.

    Doesn’t matter if the signal stuff is off – the location itself is dead wrong in the iPhone.

    • Wallace

      It’s amazing the difference a space will make.
      If you search “315e 15th st ny” it produces the intended map.
      Apple has a long way to go here.

  • LeafsFan77

    The only thing Apple got right in the iMaps is all the Apple Store locations. This is so they can herd the iSheep to the closest one to buy $30 adapters and cases.

    • Daniel Bryan

      LOL what intelligent person cheers for leafs? loser

  • Daniel Bryan

    They bash yet they wish they had apples success.

  • zzZZzz

    The reason why Germany lost WW2

    The suing part made my day

  • James

    you know bb have rounded corners for years long before iphone came up. RIM does not sue Apple for that, so in this way, Apple should do the same with Samsung.

    • Pat

      Poor RIM. May be they should have…Their shares would fare better.

  • Jumbybird

    This is the same company that Apple had to dump years ago because they couldn’t keep up with intel’s CPUs… and the same company that Google had to save from oblivion.

  • Bri

    I don’t know.. all they’re actually doing is that they’re making Apple look good.
    Apple don’t seem to care much about it which makes Apple the winner

    • Rob

      Apple is coming back with “we’re just getting started”. That’s what’s awesome about this, the think tankers at apple (and I’m sure there’s lots of them) are trying to think of the best response, after coming up with a sub-par product

    • Pat

      They are the biggest sellers for now, but have been passed by faster runners.

  • Tomatoes

    I like trashing Apple as much as the next guy, especially after their flaking aluminum lol, but Motorola really is in no position to diss anyone. They suck just as much as Apple does.

  • Rob

    Apple has been pounding on Samsung with “copying” Samsung takes what’s out there, improves it and sells great products. Apple wouldn’t be able to offer a cellphone if they didn’t copy Motorola’s technology.
    This ad is awesome. Does anyone remember Antennaegate? This is what you get for ditching the best mapping software out there!

  • mangoman5566


    apple pwns all these copy cats.

    • nick

      LMAO apperantly not at maps? 😛

  • Oro

    What ever happened to xbox 360 vs ps3?

  • Jerm

    You guys do realize that you can type something into the address bar and not search it up right?

  • allan

    Hey maybe someone would end up having another viral droptest video against the iphone 5. With a samsung freeroll add.

  • OgtheDim

    That hashtag has gotta hurt…

  • Porilaisten

    Tit for tat as far as I’m concerned. You’ve sued all these companies, well now it’s payback.

  • al

    Apple’s like the village bicycle at the moment. Everyone having a go.

  • Tomatoes

    That ad is awesome though. the way Apple handled a 4 inch screen was pathetic. I mean same width as your old 3.5 inch screen? What’s the

    And this ad shows how ugly and elongated the iphone 5 is. What makes it even more sad is that the Razr M is ugly

  • ActivesiN

    I wonder how many cars will be fished out of lakes after using imaps to navigate home

  • Apple Sales Guy


    How does it feel to sell as many phones in a year as we do in a month.

    Dont come nipping at us, you’re not even a contender among your Android brethren


  • Lyndon


    What’s it like dealing with zombies on a daily basis? Missing some human interaction yet?

  • Antonio


  • OGOD


  • Pat

    Love it too! Moto should have patented it!

  • TKG26

    OH SNAP!

    hahaha Love these ads

  • Dustin

    ROFL @ 235 thumbs down on my comment. Fandroids are too funny. Keep em coming.

    • Carlo S

      Then I guess your name should really be Timex. Their tag line was “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking” just like you. :-p