Microsoft signs patent licensing agreement with RIM “for certain BlackBerry devices”


  • TelMe

    The article is confusing: It sounds almost as if MS is licensing a RIM technology, when its the OPPOSITE.

    RIM is licensing ( paying?? to MS) for using the “exFAT” architecture; remember Fat, Vs Fat32 for USB drivers etc??

    Expect the usual Barrage or spins and rumpours for RIM soon:
    The Q2 report is Thursday next week (Sept 27th) between that, the new LG phone tomorrow and the Tsunami of news for the iphone 5 expect RIM and RIMM to trade in the low $6!

    • Hilman

      I see their financials being even worse than last quarter and the stock going under $6 and maybe even under $5. Checks on some American outlets didn’t even have a single Blackberry sold in over a month, time to buy short me thinks.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Gg rim


    I assume the amount they have to pay MS is based on the number of devices sold. At least it won’t be that much.

  • Snooby

    It’s pretty easy to read between the lines here. RIM is obviously implementing something that needs exFAT. What might that be? Hmmmm… How about SDXC support?

    Companies license things from other companies all the time. If you want a full SDXC implementation with seamless interoperation with Windows and OS X desktops, you need to implement exFAT. And in order to do that, you need to license MS’ exFAT patents.

    Not exactly rocket surgery, as they say… though why this is news is beyond me.


    • OgtheDim


      Rocket science


      Brain surgery

      Anybody who does rocket surgery is making far too much money for their job title.

  • Mark

    Everyone is happy at the demise of RIM because they don’t want BB10 to be successful? So we are stuck with iOS and android for ever (or those hideous tiles if they take off).

    Great choice!

  • sicpuppy

    Smart move by MS .Alot classier than Samsung .

    • Tom

      Apple’s final offer was $40/tablet for licensing patents. Try adding that to your cost in these competitive markets.

      Apple is under no obligation to be reasonable in licensing their patents. They can license them to RIM for $1, and ask Samsung for $40 because they want to destroy Android.

  • Netguru

    exFat has been around for several years. It is compatible with Windows XP and above, Apple OS X 10.6.5 and above and Linux. It has been mainly used on external hard drives by people who need to be able to physically move those drives between Apple and Windows computers. RIM clearly wants their devices and software to be OS agnostic. Good move.

  • Big Ang

    One small step for Microsoft, one giant leap towards RIM using WP8 in its future devices!
    The next 6 months will be huge for everyone in the market. My hypothesis is that if WP8 takes off and BB10 falters (or the other way around) then hopefully RIM and MS will merge forces.
    If BB10 falters, then RIM will hopefully realize they are on a “burning oil platform” and either do a Nokia and use WP8 or (here’s what I’m hoping) MS will buy them out.
    If BB10 takes off and WP8 falters, then MS will realize they need to do something big or else the mobile marketplace will be lost to them. Buying RIM at $$$ would be that something big.
    If WP8 AND BB10 both do somewhat well, but not great, then neither will be in a desperate position to do anything, and we’ll be in the same situation next year that we are in right now.
    But for now, I’ll be dreaming of BB10 faltering (too little too late RIM), then MS buying them (like Google did with Motorola). MS will probably keep Blackberries (running WP8 of course) as a seperate entity, or maybe they’ll just merge the best stuff about RIM into the entire WP8 ecosystem and share it to all the OEMs. Mmmm…… imagine a Nokia running BBM. MMmmm….imagine entry-level WP Nokias in the emerging markets using BB data compression. A phone that offers the best of Nokia AND Blackberry will take over the emerging markets big time, and be a credible alternative to the iPhone and Android in the established markets.

    • ATInsider

      RIM using WIN8 instead of BB10 is absolutely rediculous lol, how is that possible when BB10 is far more superior in everyway. Give RIM a change and by very early next year they are going to surprise people with how much better Blackberry 10 really is over IOS and Android, not to mention the quality they will put into the BB10 hardware.

      RIM, the creators of the smart phone are not going anywhere but up with BB10…

  • Mark

    No thanks. I will take the flow UI over those big sized tiles. They are not for everyone.

  • Porilaisten

    I think RIM should run it’s entire campaign for BB10 with “Hey, at least it’s not an iPhone”

    • P500

      Not a big fan of apple, but apple could reply something like this:
      “Hey at least you can go to the store ang come out with an iphone!”

      “Hey at least the iphone DOES EXIST!!”

  • superfly

    It won’t be available, they are back ordered.