WIND Mobile Q2 2012 results: Subscriber base now at 456,886, ARPU hits $27.70/month


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    Is this BB 10?

  • hoo dat

    I had a call last night from a friend of mine who’s been with WIND since January 2011. Her exact words to me were, “I’ve f**king had enough of WIND, I’m done” and went on to ask me who I’d recommend.

    I’ve been with WIND almost 3 years without any major issues but when I look at how many I brought aboard and how many are left I have to ask how much longer can WIND survive with this level of churn? They must have drawn double the amount of subs to gain this sort of increase, there seem to be more people leaving than joining in my neck of the woods.

    • Mobile Monkey

      Why they keep losing customers?
      Bad service (phone has no signal most of the time); bad customer services, and disgusting cell phones (they added a new lovely crappy Gowell. Recommend opening it up and see who makes it and you will be surprised).

  • KK

    I currently have two phones. One for business (Koodo) and one for personal use (Wind). I conduct most of my activity within the GTA area.

    To my surprise, Wind is actually not as bad as people have complained about. There are a number of cases which Wind is having full reception while my Koodo phone is having 1 bar. Of course, Wind has still a lot of holes in east end of Toronto.

    However, Wind is really plunging these holes at a very fast pace albeit there is a plenty of work ahead. Overall, for $40 unlimited everything, I can live with these deficiencies.

    • Sean

      The larger they grow the more money they can put into expanding and filling in their network. The larger and more filled in their network is the more customers will go with them. They need to hit large metro areas not highways, i know tit would be nice but as you said in case of an emergency it’s not expensive

    • T1MB0T

      The larger they grow the more then can get close to paying the interest hey have on the 1.7 billion dollar debt they have. Yes they are 10 years away still from Turing a profit. But just months away from being sold. 🙂

  • Ryan

    Exapnd your network in Ontario and these numbers will be much higher. hwy 401 from Ottawa to Windsor needs to be flawlessly covered with all cities >50000 covered. Then I’ll switch.

    • Jeremy

      I used to think that they needed the entire corridor, too. Now I realize that roaming for short hops while driving isn’t bad at all. Going west, online mapping still works with hops from Toronto to Cambridge to Woodstock to London to Windsor. If there’s an emergency and I really need phone, it’s still cheap.

      Though it’s nice that they have the entire Niagara corridor, I don’t think having towers where there are few users is necessary for growth. Hitting all of the major university & college campuses, then decent coverage of the cities with the biggest populations is a much smarter growth plan.

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      He’s too busy trolling WIND’s facebook page

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      Don’t worry, Rocco will be making an appearance soon enough.

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      Trolling where people can actually ignore you so they have no idea you exist?

      Such wasted efforts…

  • Porilaisten

    What great coverage….

    Looks like period stains on a map

    • jaffna_guy

      i never see a smart person like you

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    • OgtheDim

      They are apparently seeking staff there now.


    Since switching from Wind two years ago from Rogers my bills have went from $90.00 to $45.00 including tax on the holiday maracle plan. I have alot of family in the states and now I can call and text them anytime I want and not just on holidays.

    I can also use my 416 number while at my new home in Burlingon without having to be outside of the zone I was in before. Coverage is excellent in my area and works in all of th places i go. I find that I really only lose coverage if I go into large stores and walk to the back like in Walmart.

    I knew when my cell phone bills were higher then my car insurance it was time to leave!

    • STY

      Well said…

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  • serpico

    I am with Wind since May 2011 and I found it unreliable in Calgary .Even though the price is great , you cannot rely on their spotty coverage . You also could experience , when you get signal : dropped calls , the other person cannot hear you properly .

    This is based on my experience .

  • robellustrolljock

    How can they have this many subscribers. This report must be fake. I put a wind sim in a galaxy nexus and it didn’t even fit. Then I had to send the phone back to samsung to get it modified.
    With my Rogers phone I had full bars and I hadn’t even put my Rogers sim in yet

  • wahid

    You had full bars on your Rogers phone & you didn’t even put your Rogers Sim card in it? That doesn’t even make sense.
    Wind is awesome, there will be dead zones at times but its still perfect. When there is signal, the call quality is amazing. All they need to focus on is penetrating large buildings such as colleges & universities or even Costo department stores. Stupid AWS is horrible when it comes down to penetration 🙁

  • Pablo Moses

    Keep on growing Wind!

  • winduser

    @wahid, i think maybe robellus-troll-jock lol is being sarcastic ??

  • winduser

    @ wahid, I think robellus-troll-jock is being sarcastic ??

    He had to send the phone back to samsung to get it modifed
    and his Rogers phone has full bars without the sim in it.

  • Eddy_Tor

    I had full bars on my Rogers phone under water. Isn’t robbers, whoops I meant Rogers great!!!

    I pay 50 dollars for a great plan with rogers. I have the honour of being charged for receiving texts, because I don’t want to control my bill. I get 100 daytime minutes, because rogers is smart enough to figure out that I am more of a night person with giving me free evenings starting at 7.

  • GTP20

    Average Bell bill for the last 5 years was $125/month. Now with Wind its $45.12 including tax.

    Bell charged me 15 cents/minute long distance (If I’m in the East end its long distance to call the West, if I’m in the North its long distance to call downtown etc… total BS)

    Wind; when outside its HUGE local area is 20 cents/minute, big deal…

    Wind is one of the best decisions I’ve made, if I hit a dead spot, I just think about the $75/month, $900/year, $4500/ 5 years that I’m saving over Bell.

    Also; thanks to the unlimited data, I can actually use the internet on my phone, I can listen to internet radio in my car and not have to worry about going over the crappy little 500mb limit that Bell charged me $20/month for.

    Love Wind!!

  • EvanKr

    If WIND wants to succeed, they’ll eventually need to expand into Québec (right now that’s not a possibility, but in the future), and into Halifax, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina. Southern Ontario needs to have flawless coverage as well, considering how densely populated it is.

  • OgtheDim

    I think it is funny that xlax on the howard forums is defending all the robbers trolls and telling the unwashed masses of wind that we need to relax! I relax by wearing my mothers dress and double dipping fish sticks in peanut butter.

  • aregularonhofo

    xtachx/bluenote73/etc were the original Mobilicity trolls on supporting Dave Dobbin the biggest lying coward in Telco who was justifiably fired for trolling that site and also making up BS stories about LA, what do you expect from these losers who never had any decency or integrity to begin with and now there’s only a few sad morons left giving speeches on how they’re going to save the cell phone industry in Canada…the Boycott Mobilicity Group started by Neil really seems to be effective and all the better for Wind Mobile. LA was so right about these pathetic i****s and although he was against Wind Mobile for political reasons he must be laughing hysterically now as I said before wherever he is.

  • Jayson

    I’m a wind CSR, We will be in Windsor soon!

    • OgtheDim

      Sure you are. It was reported that it was scrapped.I even called wind and was told the same thing. I do wish you wind trolls would get better material.. like this dress, finest Egyptian cotton!

  • robellustrolljock

    I went to California and Rogers signal was so good
    that I picked up Rogers there and I could call locally in the GTA free from California.

    Also on my Rogers phone, I lost the charger but the phone still gave me 6 months standby and I spoke on the phone 5 hours everyday !

  • Dky

    Canceled Telus today and got a gs3 with wind

  • Mobile Monkey

    To talk to WIND customer service, you will have to ensure you are in prefect health condition and has no heart problem. If you do, and still inisit in talking to their CS guys, call from a nearby hospital an dbe ready for a heart attack.

    When asked to change info on the account, the CS prince was too busy to help and said it can be done on line. When asked to talk to a CS supervisor, he pretended the ladnline isn’t working (not that their wireless services work either) and refused to transfer and hang up!

  • Laurie

    If they worked on iPhone they’d actually get some customers! Everyone has an iPhone these days