WIND Mobile Q2 2012 results: Subscriber base now at 456,886, ARPU hits $27.70/month

WIND Mobile official Q2 2012 subscriber numbers are in. According to the Orascom Telecom filing WIND increased their subscriber base by 44.1% over last year, now sitting at 456,886. This also represents an increase of 41,522 subscribers from Q1 2012 (415,364). ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) dropped by $0.10 over the year to hit $27.70/month, but increased since Q1 where it was $27.30.

In addition, as reported last week, WIND is looking to continue their growth and have an unconfirmed goal of hitting 600,000 subscribers by the end of 2012.

Source: Orascom (PDF)
Via: HoFo
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