Ipsos: Apple leads in Canadian smartphone and tablet market share, RIM is second


  • Dustin

    RIM is dead

    • Joe

      What do you base that on? They still own a large business market for a reason. One thing you can say about RIMS, their phones are solid. Compared to my personal device, my work phones gets hundreds of emails a day and the battery handles them with no problem. Can’t say that about other phones. Not to mention Enterprise policies on RIM currently can’t be matched by any other OS. As long as that’s the case, they will always have a spot in the Enterprise market despite what the media says…

    • Tyson

      rip rim

    • ToniCipriani


      Are you trying to argue with a troll?

  • jonny

    ipsos does polling
    polling is totally inaccurate
    especially when they only call land lines, not cell numbers

    stats from the cariers would be significantly more reliable as they are the ones actually providing the devices and services to people. They will know exactly how many of each type people have.

    • Brad F

      “polling is totally inaccurate”

      Well then it’s a good thing all the commenters on this site only remember that when the polls paint Apple in a positive light.

      Whenever there’s some kind of poll that says Android is winning the Fandroids fawn all over it and claim Apple is DOOMED! FAIL APPLE!

    • Stan

      Actually the polling is conducted via an online panel that takes into account various demographic weights.

    • Truenorth

      What would carriers know about tablet use? You don’t have to go to a carrier to buy a tablet and most are wifi not mobile connections. They may know phones, but not tablets.

  • vengefulspirit99

    apple is only this large because of all the sheep that follow them mindlessly…

    • androgynousdroid

      Samsung’s fans are just as, if not more, mindlessly devoted to Samsung as Apple fans. They are far more aggressive that Apple fans ever were. They are worse than the JW door knockers, making sure they post in all Apple related stories and threads in order to spread the “good news”.

    • GrapeApe

      @ Droid, and that’s different from Apple F@nbois in RIM News threads How?

      Apple fans were and are just as bad as any Samsung fan, the only difference is Apple fan feels a little less confident nowadays when trying to talk about outdated platforms and their usual bag of snide remarks.

  • Alex

    @vengefulspirit99 Because fandroids are any different?

    • E

      Yes, they are. When’s the last time you saw a lineup around the block for the newest Android phone? Moreover, they don’t replace their phone every time a new one comes out.

    • Jason

      That’s probably because they would go bankrupt if they replaced there android phone each time a new one came out..

  • metoo

    Samsung tablets: someday we’ll sell as many as RIM.*

    *only if we have firesale prices that Android fans seem to require, i.e. Kindle Fire and Nexus 7

    • Trotsky

      The Nexus 7 never was on a firesale. They’re just not trying to make a 300% profit like Apple.

  • Jeff

    So Android leads marketshare with 36% to Apples 29% and Rims 27%? That is one of the highest RIM shares I’ve seen quoted recently. I was also hoping to see how Windows was faring here in Canada.

    • Brad F

      These stats are about manufacturer market share, not OS market share.

  • Pat

    RIM second???? WTF????

    • sicpuppy

      $99 playbooks , there’s your answer .

  • Trev

    Canadian mobile sucks. 3 year contracts and high monthly rates. I would like to see that change. Phones in the states are not that much more on contract however only 2 year contracts. The way cell phone technology is evolving the contract terms must change. What was this article about again?

  • cass_m

    I know a ton of people with blackberries, especially the torch, so that’s no surprise. But the Playbook?

  • LeafsFan77

    With the current PlayBook prices and people actually trying the PB and liking it, I can see the the number growing.

    Check out the forums and RFD for the options of people actually trying the PB at the current sale prices.

    @jonny, You’re right, Ipsos polling is not accurate.

  • RJ

    @metoo Android users don’t need a fire sale. But the why pay 900$ for a iphone to use it for 1 year til the next one comes out

  • gwydionjhr

    @joe said: Not to mention Enterprise policies on RIM currently can’t be matched by any other OS. As long as that’s the case, they will always have a spot in the Enterprise market despite what the media says…

    And that is (almost) no longer the case. WP8 is almost here, it’s security and integration into the business ecosystem will far surpass what BB can offer.

    R.I.P. RIM

    • BB

      i wouldn’t say RIM is out because of Windows as now one has seen full functionality of new Blackberry. With options like citrix and RIMS bes server it will be fun to see who takes the enterprise. Most comments here prove that people just go with what the media in the U.S. says about RIM. Most people who tell me the playbook is crap are the same people asking if they should get an iphone because there friends said its great. I wish people would try them all before making judgements.

  • Canadian Resident

    I worked for IPSOS Reid for a 2 months. It was terrible.

  • foneguy

    Good to see that RIM is still #2.

    I have 2 Blackberrys a 9800 Torch for personal use and a 9900 Bold for work. The 9900 is head and shoulders above the torch as far as the browser goes, and that gives me hope that BB10 will be the answer to Hemroid and IOS.
    My contract is up in January, just the time BB10 is due out. If it performs as well as the hype, it will be a no brainer. My last Blackberry curve had been dropped countless times, an dkept on working. The only reason that work upgraded me was some of our systems would not work with BB4 OS, os6 or 7 was needed for work related sites to load, so I upgraded so that 1 system that I was having to fire my laptop up for I could do on the phone in teh field.

  • Mike

    Great Job Apple with the Iphone 5! GS3/HTC ONE X ? meh if you want buggy software and a mix max of OS’s have at er’ Nexus = Garbage. I go back to the Iphone 5 and live in peace.

    • JBR

      What exactly is a “MIX MAX”?

    • johentie

      hmmmm.. have you tried Jelly Bean?? no ok.. then don’t speak..

      and it’s better then having a STALE OS for the lat 5 years with the same BORING icons and being TIED to itunes and being crippled if u don’t have your own laptop at all times!

      i like activating my phone right when i open it instead of plugging it into ITUNES!!!

      and those saying RIP RIM?? hmmmmmmm ok.. do your research and stop listening to the media and the US Analysts… do you not know the APPLE BOARD OF DIRECTORS use blackberries? do you know that the president of the US uses a blackberry? and u think 80 million people are wrong?

      heck the WORLDS fastest man uses a blackberry! so i don’t see RIM dying anytime soon.. and what we have seen from BB10 looks very promising..

      so stop tolling and make some valuable comments in these posts!

  • Sum1 lyke u

    OMG. I cannot believe that RIM, a phone company, was created in September’s 2011, and now it’s dead one year later. It’s so sad that little companies, like RIM, always die a year or less later RIP RIM, you could’ve been great :'( </3

  • gurtej08

    @BB. I would agree with you totally that people just follow the media. I was taking to someone that said the playbook was no good and when I asked him did he own one he said yes. I later found out that he did not own a playbook at all and just said that because his friends were saying that. Goes to show people really care what other people think about them.

  • Amjad

    Absolutely stunning. I love wide open spcaes like these, it really exemplifies aspirations of freedom and individualism. I try to take trips to the mountains every chance I get. Thanks William!!