Galaxy Nexus users reporting OS 4.1 Jelly Bean update is now available


  • TestMe


  • vinci

    Anybody with bell got it ?

    • Jason

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, good one!

      Just *yesterday* I got the 4.0.2 update. Yes yesterday, Sept 11th.

  • rk.

    did the nexus s get jellybean?
    if so, which carriers?

    • Nexus S

      Nexus S got Jelly Bean back in July, Nexus S updates are still google driven and not Samsung driven it appears..


    • Nat

      Yes. Been running Jelly Bean on my Rogers Nexus S for quite a while. I find it has improved stability over what I was seeing with ICS.

  • az

    I’m with Bell, and nothing yet.

  • sp

    dont blame Samsung…

    blame your carrier

    • Drae

      While the update comes directly for Samsung (and not Google) for most Canadian users, they’ve blamed the delay on carrier testing. So blame Samsung, then blame the carriers. Then pick one and blame them a second time.

    • AverageJoe

      I blame Google…

  • Jeff

    Got mine on Fido!!!

  • Vengefulspirit99


  • Mike

    I’m with WIND. Just checked and there’s nothing available.

    • horseman

      Nothing here yet, and I am with Wind … Samsung where is my update?? We’ve waited way to long now.

    • horseman

      Update from Toronto on Wind.

      Just got Jelly Bean this morning during a meeting at work. It was so hard to contain my face straight when in reality i was jumping like a little girl.

      The update will come to you, just need some patience.

  • J

    The nexus S has had jelly bean for a while about the first or second week of august

  • andy

    Telus and no.

  • JJ

    Telus here, in QC. No update yet. Patiently waiting though!

  • Daniel Reid

    I flashed mine to yakju.. Why wait for the carrier when I can get it the day it’s released.

    • The Freeman

      Yeah I did the exact same thing. Im not waiting on Samsung anymore!!!

  • bill

    Bell here still stuck at 4.02. Does Flashing to yakju mean you lose everything and have to start over?

    • JSKershaw

      Simple answer… Yes

    • Jer

      Isn’t it possible to save your data (apps, etc) and then just put it on yaku or w/e? Or maybe it isn’t compatible?

  • Lirodon

    No update from SaskTel yet…

    • sasksaab

      Sasktel and got the update this morning

  • Tim

    Those are my screenshots in the article with the carbon fibre background! I’m on Virgin Mobile Canada and I got my update as I was driving to work this morning at 8:15am. I was so excited that I had to let them know here at MobileSyrup!

  • Jordan

    Just my crappy luck! I just moved to Yakju literally hours ago on my phone and now this! Oh well. Enjoying JB so far! So smooth!

    • Phyxius

      Jordan be happy you are with Yakju, you will then be updated by google directly, so any new update you will be able to get immediately instead of waiting months before everyone else. i flashed my phone back in the day to 4.0.4 and got the automatic update to 4.1.1 back in june/july whenever it was. haven’t been happier with it. skip over the carrier/OEM updates. get them directly from google. and with the next line of nexus device make sure they are updated by google and now samsung or whoever else is making them.

  • meow meow

    Bell here. And no Jelly Bean yet …..

  • Harris



  • Mathieu

    Were users who received the update stil on 4.0.2?

    • Joel

      Yes, I got a notification this morning for it but all my phone did was restart. It says my phone is up to date but Im still on 4.0.2

  • Abez

    Nothing on my Virgin Galaxy Nexus yet.

  • rkay

    Jeff on Fido with the update to 4.1.1…does your name caller id work? Or anyone else on Rogers/Fido with the CND 4.1.1 update can confirm if caller name id works?

    • chris from BBY

      anyone’s Caller Name Presentation (CNAP) working?? I have the Gnex from the Google store and am quite disappointed that CNAP doesn’t work OR Rogers enhanced voice mail (on my iPhone I can see who left messgages and direct play them). As much as I love the Gnex speed & screen, I’m tempted to stay with the iPhone just because of those (2) features.

  • ahah

    Was on 4.02 got 4.1.1 ota with wind this morning

  • Reid

    I’m on Rogers. No update yet.

  • 45

    About time. I flashed to a custom JB mod a few months ago, but for those running stock, it’s been far too long.

  • Petet

    On Bell and just got me some jelly bean loven. All you fellow Bell users be patient its a coming.

  • bfox89

    My bell nexus got jelly bean now. 🙂

  • S. Gabriel

    Got the update today morning. Now running 4.1.1 😀

    • michelle

      which company are u with?

    • S. Gabriel

      Am with Fido

  • meow meow

    How large is the download?

    Were you going from 4.0.2 to JB?

  • Mike

    By the way videotron customers are also receiving Jelly Bean on their devices

  • Jack244

    Anyone on Videotron get the OTA update yet?

  • michelle

    i have a galaxy nexus that i won on a contest that was runned by samsung on facebook and i went from android 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 and now jelly bean comes out with their update, and i dont have it yet. My phone carrier is with chatr wireless, so i am just going to wait and see if it comes to my phone.

  • {JPM}

    Nothing yet on Fido in Toronto

  • Zoomus

    WOW !! the update has actually come out ? I blame both Samsung and Bell for not moving faster, I have been enjoying JB for a while now, I updated mine few months ago, I encourage everyone to move to Yakju even thought the JB for BEll has been released, because the next time there is an update from Google for Yakju you will get it right away but if your still waiting for Samsung or Bell … well good luck with the waiting game.

  • Anthony

    I just flashed mine last night because I got tired of waiting.. Oh well at least I don’t have to wait around for the next update.

    • michelle

      how did u flash ur galaxy nexus?

  • Leighton

    Sweet, sweet Jelly Bean goodness. I’m on Sasktel and I just got it!

  • HwyXingFrog

    My dad has waiting for this patiently (me not so much, I rooted mine and have been running custom ROM’s within days of getting mine).

    I’m glad to see that Sasktel has gotten the update. Hopefully they don’t take this long next time there is an update.

  • ahah


    I think it was around 175mb.

  • Nik

    On Bell in the GTA… nothing yet.

  • one-ROM

    I have to groan when I see people still saying, ” isn’t pushing it to us yet!”

    People, the carrier is irrelevant to the Nexus. If you’re in Canada you have yakjuux. It goes out to all carriers at the same time but RANDOMLY and in a staggered pattern. Just wait a few days.

  • Steve

    Koodo in Edmonton and nothing yet. But I did get the 4.0.2 update last week.

  • Damien

    We deploy the Galaxy Nexus as a company phone, and so far roughly 80% of the phones aren’t getting the update this morning.

    All on Bell.

  • Tyler Durden

    Look… Anyone with a Galaxy Nexus should have immediately flashed their OS to the stock image provided by Google when they got their phone. I have had 4.1.1 Jelly Bean since the day I got my phone. The carriers just updated to the 4.0.2 version of Ice Cream Sandwich days ago. 4.0.2 actually removes NFC capability from the menu of the phone and this was pointed out 6 months ago. Everyone who updated was complaining. So now they magically release 4.1.1, haha. If you aren’t going to take the time to learn how to use your technology, you don’t really have a right to complain about it.

    • Mark

      Wrong. The Nexus is the one android phone designed so that you should never have to hack it to stay up to date. Its OTA updates bypass the carriers. Straight from pure Google to Samsung for radio firmware and language regionalizations. Samsung Canada interfered with that process.

    • Tyler Durden

      When the news came out about the issue of different software versions not being updated directly from Google, it became your decision to flash or not. I’m not taking away from the fact that it was a horrible mistake by Google to release a Nexus device that way, but you can’t remove the end user a part of the problem. If you don’t want to learn how to use the technology, feel free to suffer ad keep your mouth hut about it.

    • Tyler Durden

      Wrong. The Nexus is the one android phone designed as an advanced developer’s device. Go learn something. The end user can’t just blame everyone else for not doing their research and seeing that this Nexus device wasn’t released like the others, that there were different versions not being updated by Google.

  • Steve

    on bell in ottawa, nothing yet

  • Mark

    Help others. If you get the update post the file name of the zip or url to the zip.

  • Nik

    Actually, Tyler you have it wrong. Learning the technology is an option available to Android users… not a requirement. I bought the Nexus brand because i didn’t want to mess around with flashing. Some find it fun and rewarding, some find it an unnecessary chore that’s holding back the Android brand. I’m of the latter group. And don’t you dare suggest I go join the iFans because there’s a distinct difference between wanting to have choices and having to mess around with developer work on my device.

    If you don’t like the people who are rightly complaining about being shafted by misrepresentations made by Samsung and Google on the Canadian launch of this phone… there’s a whole lot of internet for you to spend you time on besides here. sounds like none of this is your problem anyways, so honestly… buzz off.

    • Tyler Durden

      The end user can’t just blame everyone else for not doing their research and seeing that this Nexus device wasn’t released like the others, that there were different versions not being updated by Google. And besides, the Nexus is the one android phone designed as an advanced developer’s device. Include yourself in the blame for not doing your research bout your purchase in advance.

  • Kyle

    Anyone on Rogers got the update? Nothing yet for me.
    Impatiently waiting…..

  • yves

    Videotron here! nothing yet!

  • Joel

    This morning I got a notification for an update that was about 175mb. I assumed it was jelly bean. But when I pressed update, all the phone did was restart. Anyboby have the same issue?

    I’m with videotron in Montreal. Galaxy nexus

  • LtDan

    On Bell. Got it this morning around 9:30.

    • bill

      Where you located? Nothing here yet. Got 4.02 Friday hoping for JB today

    • Terry

      Doesn’t matter where or what carrier, it is a random rollout. It takes a few days for go out to everyone unless you flash the update zip yourself.

  • newuser1

    Is the NFC there or not with this update?

    • Tom

      I don’t think the Canadian firmwares actually disable NFC, just Google Wallet (which uses NFC).

      You can still use NFC e.g. for tags, for Bluetooth pairing, for Canadian payment apps (see mintchip), and once more NFC enabled apps start coming out.

    • Mark

      Not disble – broke. The original 4.0.2 yakjuux update severly broke NFC functionality, which is why the rollout was halted last February, stranding Canadians across two older versions. Last weeks update was the same borked OTA and users reported that NFC was again missing after installation. newuser1 is asking if the 4.0.4 update fixes NFC for Canadian phones.

  • namless.j

    No luck for me. Rogers in calgary

  • jonathan

    I’m on rogers and nothing I’ll be spamming the update button all day

  • haxor99

    LOL I just flashed to yakju the end of last week. I’m happy I did because now I’m rooted and I have CWM installed. And there is a seriously LOW volume issue with Jelly Bean on the Nexus and if you aren’t rooted then good luck getting a patch for this.

    • haxor99

      Just to be clear, I’m on Jelly Bean yakju and the issue I’m talking about is with the ringer, notifications and the alarm sounds. The max volume is incredibly soft and apps like Volume+ don’t work anymore.

  • Michael

    I with FIDO, got my phone approx. 2 weeks ago, just checked to see if I got the notice to update, nope, no update, maybe will get it in the next few days or within the next few weeks.

    • Michael

      ‘I with FIDO’

      Should read:

      “I’m with FIDO”

  • Seriously

    Any word on what the differences are between Yakjuux and Yakju for 4.1.1? (other than the obvious – who delivers it)

    I gave up on waiting and I flashed mine months ago. But, I’m wonder if Yakjuux has better radios or something when using Canadian carriers.

    • haxor99

      I was thinking the same thing as you. Since I flashed yakju, I get the occasional muffled call. Sometimes when the call comes in, sometimes when I receive the call. I just hang up and try again until it’s a clear call. I’m pretty sure it’s the radio that’s doing it.

    • Terry

      Only difference is the radio and presumably languages. Hopefully NFC functionality was fixed since the 4.0.2 update had some bugs that broke it.

      Yakjuux does have a different set of radios than yakju. UGLH1 is the newest Canadian radio which presumable is taylored for the technology Canadian carrier’s use. The latest yakju radio (XXKL1) seems to work fine in Canada. Quality of signal and download speed really depend on many factors so you can’t really say which is *better*, its more about what works better for you. I’m on yakju but switched to the UGLH1 radio because I found it raster.

    • dubs

      yakjuux does have a different radio than yakju… if you flashed to yakju manually you should have the european radio… which will usually work fine here… however, you can manually flash the radio (and just the radio) to the new north american radio…UGLH1. Some people say it works better, some people don’t seem to notice a difference. For me it seems to work better… better reception.

  • EmperumanV

    Guys just flash the actual Jelly Bean from Google. Then you’ll get updates from Google vs Samsung. You’ll still be in the same boat if you do update your Canadian version via OTA.

  • jack

    Telus in Toronto….nothing yet.

  • jack

    nothing yet.

  • boots

    On Telus in Calgary just 4.0.2 so far.

  • meow meow

    Hmmmm. Bell in Lethbridge. No JB.

    Is this for real? Or hoax?

  • michelle

    Im on chatr wireless and no JB yet?

  • boots

    anyone on telus get the 4.1.1 update yet?

  • meow meow

    Hmm?? Maybe someone is messing.with our heads!!

  • Andy

    I’m on windmobile and nothing yet on JB update.

  • Andy

    Samsung Canada confirms that Jelly Bean update is being rolled out to Canadian Galaxy Nexus owners over the next few days.

  • dbzero

    Still nothing from Telus in Ontario

  • boots

    according to my comunication with samsung canada, it should be on the telus phones today, if not by tomorrow i was told to let them know… interetsing…

  • Slype

    Virgin Galaxy Nexus here and nothing yet. Just got 4.0.2 on the weekend though. I have no complaints though which is why I never bothered to upgrade to the yakju version. Though I might do it to get my updates a bit quicker for the future (especially for Key Lime Pie!)

  • jonathan

    Seems most ppl that have it are out west Alberta and sask still nothing for me on rogers in Ontario 🙁 hopefully tomorrow

  • meow meow

    Alberta here.

  • Matt Pearce

    No 4.1 here in BC for Telus…just did a big update but says 4.0.2 …. 🙁 Anyone know ????

    • Dave

      I got an update to 4.0.2 late last week and just got 4.1 today. Perhaps 4.0.2 is a prerequisite?

  • Duped by Samsung

    Still no Jelly Bean on Telus in Niagara. (Not surprised, really)

  • Dave

    I got mine on Sasktel this morning when I woke up. I had a feeling something was coming because I also had an update to 4.0.2 last week. And yes, so far I love 4.1. I am very glad I left the Apple sphere back in February. My next phone will likely be another Nexus device, unlocked though.

  • boots

    Telus in Calgary 175MB update going now. looks like there moving along

  • Jeff

    Looks as though Kelowna BC is slow. Higher taxes, less service. Still waiting for Jelly Bean. Oh well. On TELUS here and last week upgraded to 4.0.2

  • Yukiko

    wow…i got my update on fido from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2…yesterday…what the heck? O.o

  • Jim

    Not yet on windmobile Calgary

  • billy

    I am with Bell in downtown Toronto . I have checked at 8.50 pm but have not received 4.1 yet.

  • Awkward Turtle

    No update for me yet on Wind.. still running 4.0.2 :/

  • Meow meow

    Yup. Nothing here yet either. Hopefully in the morning.

  • Henry

    Hey guys, there you go for all of us fans of galaxy nexus slowly but surely we are gettin 4.1. In toronto and I still dont have the update on telus but i will wait for it as there is no rush. what a great way to say NO to apple and any other android phone. our galaxy nexus was laggin a little behind with all other greater phones but with this update we are right back up with the big boys and surely top 5 phones in the market. 🙂

  • Sam

    Anyone from Mobilicity/Fido get it yet?

    Still running on 4.0.2 ICS.

  • Me Ted

    I’ve been on Jelly Bean ever since Google released the official images on their website. September? Brutal. I’m glad I did.

  • zo

    11:34pm est still no jelly bean. Been checking the whole day. Are u sure Telus is getting it?? I done battery pulls n nothing :”(

    • boots

      I have a Telus nexus in Calgary, got the update at 4pm today (sept12) I imagine you should get it soon. Try clearing the data in google services framework (apps – all), and then run the update. thats what i did right before i got it on mine.

  • Jer

    Nothing on Mobilicity….

    Btw, posted a review on Samsung Canada for the GN, saying how they still haven’t updated to JB. Those bastard send me an e-mail saying my review wasn’t posted because (trust me, there was nothing ”wrong” about it):

    ”Unfortunately your review did not meet our guidelines for posting on our site.”

    Damn Samsung controlling every review.

  • Jean

    Hi there!

    Just to be sure, is the 4.1 upgrade put the nfc option back? And im on virgin and nothing yet!


  • billy

    I am with bell in downtown Toronto. I checked 7.00 am this morning still 4.1 update has not arrived. Has anyone with bell in Toronto received it ?

  • Meow meow

    It is 5:25 Alberta time. Tried to clear G Frame data trick and still no update. What gives?


  • steeve

    Telus in Montreal and nothing yet!

  • jimmy

    Rogers in Ottawa nothing as of 9:40 am

  • meow meow

    Maybe I should pay my Bell bill!!


  • {JPM}

    Still nothing yet on Fido in Toronto

  • Jason

    Was able to get the update by clearing the Google Services Framework in the Apps Menu and checking for update after – With Bell in Edmonton

    Odds are the update is being pushed out in chunks to groups of users to not cause an overload anywhere, so it really doesnt matter; I tried the same trick yesterday and it didnt work.

    • jimmy

      Does clearing the data for the Framework pose any problems with the phone moving forward/are there consequences?

    • bill

      I have done it a few times, the only thing that happens is the Play Store breaks for a little while. My device does not show up and I get some errors when DLing

  • zo

    Can the person who wrote this article please confirm from Telus,Bell,Rogers,etc if this is happening? We the people are getting pissed.

  • jonathan

    For supposed to be rolling out no one seems to be getting it wtf

  • photoblair

    I got this response from Bell via twitter this morning: @photoblair The #Nexus update has been confirmed. It’s a gradual roll out, so it may not be available to everyone right away. Keep checking!

    Sit tight, everybody.

  • jonathan

    Clearing system framework don’t harm the phone Samsung even told me to do it.months ago your supposed to take the battery out of the phone for like 30 secs and put it back in then check update. I think we won’t see 4.1 till tomorrow as its Friday that’s when I got 4.0.2 end of the week update

  • meow meow

    Thank u Photoblair


  • Nar

    I’m with wind, have not got it yet….

  • B

    Awesome. Just started downloading mine. On Mobilicity, used the google framework services trick. 🙂

  • jonathan

    Another day no jellybean for me rogers in northern Ontario 🙁 tomorrow tho I’m hoping end of week update

  • billy

    I live in downtown toronto and with bell. I tried at 6.45pm but still the update is not here. Anyone with bell in toronto received it?

  • adi

    Suckerrs!! I flashed yakju!

  • Jason

    Wife’s Virgin Mobile GNex JUST got it after clearing the cache trick twice in a row.

    Yay!!! Although sadly, she will not appreciate it as much as I would.

  • Mark

    Telus in Toronto…still waiting.

  • Meow meow

    One more night I hope. And my JB will be here

    This is nothing like the wait for OS 2.0 for my Playbook, or OS 6 for my old 9300.

  • TDFDholi

    With wind, nothing yet. Very disappointed.

  • chris

    Got it by clearing google framework. Me and my woman are both with wind and have gnex. Tried the same trick with hers but no luck so far.

  • Tyler

    Downloaded and Verified it twice, but when installing I get stuck on the black screen with ‘Google’ in white texts for hours

  • zo

    12:12am friday. just tried again and nothing. with Telus in toronto. even did the clear framework thing

  • Meow meow

    I think I did the Google frame data wipe 10 times today!!!

    I sure hope comes in morning

  • Airfalco

    I rolled the date forward to Sept. 17th, 2012, cleared framework and checked for the update and I got it. It’s installing now.

  • aalas

    still waiting… no update bell Edmonton even with the trick

  • Yukiko

    I’m in Calgary on fido and I just got the update but I force updated it except I did it a little differently.

    I did what previous posts were saying, forwarding it to a different date and clearing framework and everything but then I did something different here are the steps.

    1. Forwarded date to December 31st 2012

    2. Went to settings, apps, all apps, scrolled down to Google services framework, cleared data then force stopped it.

    3. Went to home then to the dailer and then put in *#*#2432546#*#*

    4. This should disappear and then a notification will pop up in the notification bar saying “checkin succeeded”

    5. Hit home then go to settings and scroll down to about phone and hit system updates and the update should be installing itself!

    This worked for me on the first try, I remember a few months ago there was a video on YouTube and a couple of forums on this method.

    I do not know if you have to do it a few times before it works, nor do I know if it will work at all for you! So use at own leisure!

    I really hope this helped some people! Good luck with getting the update and I hope everyone can soon enjoy the buttery and smooth experience of jelly Bean!

    • bill

      Worked like a charm….JB is installing right now!!!

    • Om@r

      Thanks Yukiko!!!!
      This actually works!!
      Downloading as we speak
      Everybody must give this a try, it worked for me from like the second or third time!!

      I’m in Ontario, Hamilton with Wind mobile
      I’m so happy right now 🙂

  • Jim

    Last method worked, had to due it twice but it works thanks Yukiko

  • Meow meow

    Sweet mother of pearl!! Hey Yukiko I did what you said and it works.

    I now have Jelly Bean!

    The first time I did it nothing happened. But the second time it updated.

    Thank You.

  • billy

    In toronto still no update with bell

  • meow meow

    Hey billy. Did u try the trick about 4 posts above you? Change the date, dialer code and then frame clear ? Worked like a charm for me

  • billy

    How do you change the date? When i.clear data then.try.update it say 12/31/1969. I have tried callender but does not seem to help

  • meow meow

    Go to setting. Under Date and Time uncheck the box that says automatically set time and date. Then go down in that date and time menu and set your date ahead.

    Then go to phone dialer and enter the •# code. Then check for update

  • photoblair

    It’s coming! It’s coming!! (after using Yukiko’s method about 5 or so times…thanks much!)

  • Jon

    Can also confirm Yukiko’s method worked. Took about 5 tries. Great tip. Thanks! Was on 4.0.2 Bell.

  • meow meow

    Three cheers for Yukiko!!!!!

  • zo

    That trick is a web of lies i say!

  • Nik

    Hahahaha yesssss Yukiko, it worked on the 3rd try. To think i’d be waiting helplessly for my update for minutes, hours, days even like a schmuck had i not decided to log in to this post and check your comment. Thanks!

  • Rob

    Did Yukiko’s suggested method and it worked well up and running Jelly Bean now in Toronto on Telus. Thank you so much Yukiko.

  • meow meow

    No it works !!!!

    It really works !!!

  • meow meow

    Yukiko….. I could kiss you I am so happy.

    Thank you !!!!

  • steeve

    Worked for me to!!! Did not even needed to change date!!
    Awesome! Thanks Yukiko!

  • MobilicityGNex

    Yukiko’s method worked for me on the first try.

    I’m with mobilicity in Calgary.

  • bill

    Did Yukiko’s suggested method and it worked well up and running Jelly Bean now in Toronto on Bell!!

  • Lirodon

    I can confirm right now that Yukiko’s method really did work on the first try on SaskTel. It’s hilarious, doing that checkin almost felt dialing in 2015 on the DeLorean Time Machine.

  • meow meow

    Great Scott !!!


  • jonathan

    Wooow after like five times doing the method its downloading thanks so f**king much

  • RM

    got it this morning, just appeared on my phone and clicked install…happy to have it now.

  • jonathan

    jellybean is up and running thanks again I love Google now lol

  • ekin

    Nothing yet onRogers Toronto… Thinking of flashing to Yakju

  • dave

    Yukiko’s instructions worked after three tries, updating now. On Mobilicity. Thanks for the tip!!

    By the way, this definitely *not* BB10.

  • John Rebar

    Thanks Yukiko!

    Had to try it 5 times, and now 175mb of JellyBean goodness is downloading.

    Rogers Toronto, upgrading from 4.0.2 pushed last week

  • johnjohn

    Not working after 5 tries using yukikos method….need to

  • Jeff

    Yukiko! The bringer of awesomeness. Your suggestion worked… I am updating to Jully Bean (175MB) right now… Set Date to Dec 17th, Cleared GSF, entered the dialer code, update started immediately after checking for update.
    I am on TELUS in KELOWNA BC. This procedure worked for me first time when other similair suggestions did not.
    Thanks Yukiko!!

  • Andy

    No such luck on WindMobile yet

  • Awkward Turtle

    update: got it this morning. on wind in Ottawa.

  • Jeff

    Jelly Bean is sure smooth, wow. Update went perfectly. Try Yukiko’s suggestion. Way to go google, this is a great improvement

  • Andy

    I did try all methods still no update. Anyone on Wind getting their update? I haven’t seen one person on Wind reported that they got their update.

  • meow meow

    For a nominal fee I will do it for you.

    I am just joking.

    This jb release will sure undercut those guys on kijiji

  • andy

    did yukiko’s procedure. after 5 tried it didn’t work so i did a restart, did the steps and now it’s downloading!

  • Andy

    Who is your provider? Wind?

  • andy


  • jimmy

    Did the procedure twice, restarted and did it two more times now its downloading, thanks a bunch the uncertainty was driving me nuts – Rogers in Ottawa

  • Pat

    Yukiko’s Method works for Wind Mobile in Toronto. Had to do it a few times — for me I had to do the entire process quickly before it finally updated.

    Goodluck folks!

  • zo

    Called Telus they said that they wont update it till end of month.

  • Andy

    I finally got my JB after more than a dozen attempts using Yukiko’s method. (Wind Network)

    • Jason

      Hey Andy on Wind are you in Toronto?

  • samchez

    Works on rogers (BC)!!! change date to dec 28 2012 and restarted device. Thanks Yukiko!

  • Jason

    Worked… Tried about 15 times but turned the phone off then on and tried again.

  • billy

    Yukiko method work on first attempt. Can this procedure be used for future updates? When will next version after jellybean arrive.

  • Joel

    Did the method work for anyone on videotron?

    • Ren

      I am on Videotron – Quebec. Tried the trick all week, no result.

      Did it this morning and i received after clearing cache and stoping Framework Google services.

      175 downloaded, it’s installing as im typing.

      Good Luck!

  • zo

    Still nothing. With Telus

  • Damien

    On Virgin and just received 4.0.2 sept 12th.

    I used Yukiko’s method, it took 4 tries. I think it helps to do it as fast as possible – you can go into the dialer screen and pre-dial most of the code, then go into settings and clear / force stop the google services framework and then when you go back to dialer you will just have one digit to type of the code. Not sure if being quicker or just doing it 4 times is what made it work, but it’s downloading now! Thanks Yukiko!

  • billy

    When will the next update be after jellybean.

  • aalas

    used the method and it worked aahh ya jelly bean

  • aa

    still stuck on 4.0.2 here… Rogers Galaxy Nexus ._.

  • blah

    Yukiko’s trick doesn’t work. I tried 8 times still no new update.

  • Kyle

    I just tried the bump date forward to Sept 17th. Update is downloading now!

  • zo

    I am thinking who ever wrote this article played an evil trick on halaxy owners. I have asked for an update on this article and nothing.

  • Septh

    Didn’t change the date but cleared cache, forced stop and checked for update.

    It’s now downloading the 175m….

    oh, Telus: Montreal

  • Yukiko

    Ah, I’m glad the method I posted worked for some people! But for those of you who it did not work out for I apologize! I wish I could guarantee that it will work for everyone but I can’t. I sincerely hope the update is pushed to you as soon as possible, it is unfair how long we have had to wait for the update.

  • Matt

    The method works! Thanks, Yukiko =) First try for me, 4.0.2 Wind in Toronto

  • Andre

    I’m on Bell in Yellowknife, NT. I kept clearing/stopping Google Services Framework, then re-checking for update and that just finally worked. Jelly Bean update is 175.7MB (from 4.0.2 to 4.1.1).

  • Platz

    Yukiko, persistence is the key. I tried 7 times on the evening of the 14th after reading about your solution, unfortunately with no success. I then tried again the next morning and reached success on the 4th go.

    I’m with Virgin in Vancouver.


  • Aamir

    I tried Yukiko’s method tons of times last night but it didn’t seem to work, but I tried it again in the afternoon today and somehow it worked on the first try!!!! Running jelly bean now 😀

  • amityville

    Finally! After 15-20 times of trying on various days!! It’s done! 🙂 On Bell in the 905

  • Tyler

    still no idea whats going on and getting annoyed as Bell isn’t much help. Every time the update is available, I download and verify, and then go to install and the black background with white Google text gets suck on my screen

  • Jeff

    I used Yukiko’s method and it worked after the 3rd try. I’m in Vancouver with Mobilicity, went from 4.0.2 to 4.1.1!

  • Derek

    Worked on the 5th try for me, Fido GNex but on the Wind network! Persistence is definitely the key. Keep in mind I’ve been trying for about 2 weeks now hehe.

  • skreeko

    Easy here, my OTA update was received a few days ago. 4.1.1 on GNex / Mobilicity / Vancouver.

  • Chicken Little

    Tried the Yukiko method like 10 times, then finally decided to press ‘disable’ then ‘enable’, clear data, and force stop. Then checked for updates.

    I was about to say I don’t beleive this method works… BUT IT WORKS!


    • Chicken Little

      on Telus in Vancouver

  • bruce

    Hey. Just got jelly bean 4.1.1 on wind. I fast tracked the update by changing the date to Dec, then in settings + apps+ all apps +Google services framework I cleared the data and disabled it. Then in about phone menu I checked for updates. It worked. I had a full battery and was on wifi. Hope this works for you.

  • jonathan

    OTA this morning in monteal – videotron.

  • Henry

    Yukiko you are my god. IT WORKED. so when I am done do i go back and enabile google services framework? thank you so much tho…this is crazy amazing.

  • Fiona Lui

    Still nothing on my Toronto Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 🙁

  • Justin L

    Got the update this morning! About time!


  • Dimitry on Wind

    As of today 16 09 2012 i officially got automatic update for nexus galaxy to 4.1.1 i’m on Wind mobile

  • Francois P

    Tried force update many times, got it and phone downloaded 175 MB three times. Every time it just not install after automatic reboot.

    I give up on that one and will wait. Samsung said all phones will be updated by monday. No so far, i will wait.

  • dave

    4.1.1 Jelly Bean finally.

    I cleared data and force stopped Google Services Framework, then checked for an update. I did this sequence 3 times and got the update.

    Bell vancouver.

  • jack

    Got mine last night….. Mobilicity


    GOT IT — WIND Toronto

  • Simon

    After two days of try, finally got the update doing the Yukko’s things..

    I’m from Montreal and under Videotron 🙂

  • xxyyzz

    Yippie!! Just got the OTA JellyBean update on my Canadaian Google Nexus yakjuux!!

  • Scott

    Just received my update this morning. I have a Galaxy Nexus with Bell. My phone was previously running 4.0.2. On a side note, my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WiFi only) received ICS yesterday. It was a good weekend lol.

  • Dan

    I had a strange thing happen. Last week my phone gave me an update from 4.01 to 4.02 on Virgin Mobile, and then last night it had another update and i let it install… only getting stuck on the google logo… I removed the battery but now it is 4.02 and no updates are available?

  • Francois

    I am stuck on 4.0.2 like DAN. Any help?

  • jean

    Im on Virgin mobile, receive last week the update to 4.0.2 and lost my NFC. Just receive this morning my jelly bean update (finally !!!!) And my NFC is back !!

    Buy it in december, first time since he’s update….

    This update really make a huuuge difference in performance !

  • blah

    I got the update this morning! OTA on Telus, was on 4.0.2 before. In BC.

  • Lee Munro

    Got mine here in BC today, finally its great!

  • Jon

    Has anyone had trouble with their update? This is the second try and it seems to be “stuck” on the google splash screen, not the usual geared-up Android dude. It’s been like this for over an hour. Any suggestions? I’m with virgin mobile, if that makes a difference.