Looks like the new iPhone will be called “iPhone 5” and will be LTE-enabled


  • ghart

    In before the fandroids

  • Sean

    Nothing new if it didn’t launch with LTE it would be the only high end phone not to and the invite with the large 5 on it gave it away

    • EvanKr

      I keep forgetting that the 4s isn’t LTE, it really is quite an outdated device.

    • ih8fanbois

      ^ evankr its a 1 year old dual-core device that supports and will support the next ios release.. its not always about the newest battery draining specs and note-sized devices. Outdated for who? You? who is on a 3 year contract? and will pay through the a*s if you want an upgrade every year? Pls go.

    • al

      ^ interesting name ih8fanbois

      Consider that the networks have been running LTE for about a year now and apple is one of the last, if not the last, big supplier of phones not to have a device capable of giving their customers the latest speeds.

      Yet they still expect people to pay them a premium for their devices? Up until a few weeks back looking for $200 for a 4S when you could look at the next shelf in the store and see devices for half that price or even $0 that offered more.

  • Squint

    I like that Tyler Perry comes up when you search for iPhone5.

  • radapple

    How are they going to get around HTC’s LTE patents? Are they betting that they are considered FRAND?

    • ns.dev

      I believe Apple has some LTE patents too.

    • Is this Bb10?

      The folks in the lineup are not losers, they are being paid to be there. People who don’t make money are losers.

  • Mark

    And now the losers begin to set up camp in front the Apple store….

  • ASH

    Damn! I was so sure it was going to be “New” iphone…Is apple trying to be predictable after all?

    • TestMe

      Apple needs to patent the number 5 so that Google can pay royalties when Android 5 surfaces

    • Squint

      I think they kind of learned a lesson from the last iPhone. When they released the iPhone 4.5 and people lost their poop because the phone doens’t have a 5 attached to it, they had to make it up to all those poor people. Although they should just can the number system all together. They don’t attach numbers to their computers or iPods. Maybe they’ll can it for the 7th generation of iPhones.

  • Squint

    At 1PM EST on the dot! Just walking and ask and you’ll get it no problem.

  • Drew

    I have an iPhone Boner!!!!

    • johentie

      is it stale and 5 years old and out of date? i bid you all the luck with the ladies..

    • D

      It must be small

  • khk

    Will it have AWS?… don’t care about LTE…

    • bob

      considering AWS carriers don’t have LTE saying that you don’t care about LTE is a given

  • ns.dev

    You have to say the secret code though. It’s “eye diot”

  • COB

    Try searching it on their site .. that stuff doesn’t actually show up.

  • shadyguy

    Awesome seems like apple is suing some smaller fish. Jack######. Can the stoop any lower.

  • Frank

    “iPhone 5: now jam packed with all the amazing features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and featuring Apple’s revolutionary superfast LTE technology!

    This changes everything. Again.”

  • apowerranger

    Wait for next year guys, and the iPhone 5s.

  • gezaim

    I see iPhone 5 and iPhone 5.1, wonder what that means?

  • nik

    Will thee be a WIND compatible version you think?

  • Obiwan


  • BB

    mobile syrup should be ashamed of themselves…less news about apple and more crap. Its clear who they favor.

  • Katie

    Its about time apple comes out with an LTE capable device.

  • shadyguy

    I’m sure Samsung and their lawyers have their pop and chips ready for the keynote.

  • Chris

    Just like last year I expect the apple fans at school to crash the network and make the school’s internet unbearably slow because they all NEED to livestream it

  • Darren

    I’m waiting for the iSheep who said 3.5 was the perfect size to use a phone with one hand now claim that 4 inches is really perfect. Even though it’s too small still imho

  • ToniCipriani

    No it’s not. It’s going to be called the new iPhone. They don’t want to be predictable like that.


  • BB King

    Get out the briefs…….it’s Lawyer Time! Go getting HTC & Samsung!!!

  • Frank

    Wow Apple is so hilarious, No innovation here, Iphone 5 preety much the exact same thing as the Iphone 4 – and 4s, only difference is a few centimeters taller and took away the dock connector and replaced it with a micro usb to copy samsung yet again. Wow Apple was to busy being sued by all tech companies and didn’t have time to innovate or design a good Iphone. What a joke Apple is. Lol Apple sucks lol

  • I

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 in my opinion is still the better phone. 😀