Koodo Mobile testing LTE in Toronto and Orangeville, still no go live date


  • superfly

    Nothing to test…..just making sure lte works in the koodo system. The lte system is not being tested, its already in place. Koodos system is being tested.

  • Ryan

    Come on Koodo what the hell are you waiting for? It’s just the telus network anyway.

    I’ve seen LTE work in hamilton area as well.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Koodo isn’t testing a damn thing. LTE already works wherever Telus already has it. This is really sloppy reporting.

    • Micah

      Well, except that it’s not. In Orangeville I’ve had it and not had it, I had it yesterday and now it’s gone. Clearly they haven’t just totally flicked the switch and walked away.

  • kungriffey

    I’ve LTE in Orangeville for the past 2 months no problem.

  • Jerry

    At the Apple event today, Apple outted them and said they would support LTE for the iPhone 5. So presumably, LTE is staying Sept 2012!

  • Tyler H

    what is the qualifying amount of speed needed to be classified as “LTE”?