Motorola MOTOLUXE now available at Bell for $300


  • Alex Perrier

    Too pricey. Still Gingerbread, and the current Motorola is reluctant to upgrade software on its devices.

    HTC One V seems like a better deal. 🙂

    • EvanKr

      I think what they’re trying to sell is the 4″ display. It’s uncommon for an entry level device to have such a large screen, so they can justify the slightly higher price.

      Overall, though, I’m quite happy with the pricing.

    • GalaxeeS

      That phone is dead on arrival at $300
      Low selling at $250 and
      Competitive at $200

      A Samsung Galaxy S from 2010( Vibrant from Bell, Fascinate from Telus, Captivate from Rogers) has:
      Better screen (Super AMOLED); better battery ( 1500 vs 1400mAh);16GB of RAM (Vs 1GB), AMOLED screen, Google 4 STABLE right now, and overclocked at 1.3Ghz still lasts for a day.

      The Motoluxe from 2012 has Gingerbread, a 1400mAh battery?? and the only thing it has over the SGS is a better camera (8Mp with LED vs 5Mp no LED).

      For 2012:
      Releasing a phone with no ICS: FAIL
      releasing any phone with less than 1500mAh: FAIL.

  • XER

    Compare to One V which has a 1GHz processor and the Galaxy W, this seems to be a bit pricey.

  • DoctorCell

    Scumbag Motorola: Says it will be upgraded to 4.0 with a 800mhz procesor…. Won’t upgrade the Droid X2 and Droid 3 with 1,2 gigahertz procesor.

  • Fenrir767

    I have used the device on android gingerbread but it was a demo version and not the final version. All I can say is that besides the screen since the W, Ace or One V are much better phones