How are you liking your Galaxy S III?

It’s been a couple months since the launch of the Galaxy S III in Canada, and now that the hype has largely subsided, we’re curious what your lasting impression is of the device. For a refresher, check out our review.

How is it holding up in day-to-day use? The most popular Android device ever made is a big name to live up to, and many users were unsure of how Samsung was going to follow up its epic GS2 line with something bigger and better. Bigger, sort of. Better, definitely.

Just the 720p screen and LTE connectivity makes the Galaxy S III a huge upgrade over its predecessor, but the addition of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is the proverbial icing on the cake.

About that software, though: Samsung has done a lot to convince us that its Nature UX version of TouchWIZ is the best thing since sliced bread. Are you using all the features we spouted off during the announcement? S Beam and SmartStay, Picture-in-picture and swipe-to-take-screenshot. How many times have you used S Voice since you bought the phone?

Mainly, are you happy with your purchase? How’s the battery life? Do you notice the PenTile matrix on the screen? What could be improved? Let us know in the comments.