Nikon launches Android-powered Coolpix S800c with WiFi and GPS, coming in September for $379CDN


  • Matt

    Is Nikon hoping the community is going to hack it to make it better?

    • Gippy

      IS THIS BB 10?

  • Yannick Wolfe

    who will pay almost 400$ for a point and shoot camera with Android?

    who needs Android on a camera? what we want is a snappy interface and fast picture takling.

    that’s why people love the iphone 4S. it’s ultra fast to take a picture.

    those will be discounted for 50% in a very, very short time

    • Jordan Hill

      you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about

    • Jordan Hill

      but i do agree, no need for android on a camera

    • Cody

      Typical Apple fanboy.

  • Simian

    As a life long Canon user I gotta admit this piqued my interest especially since it looks like stock Android from the screenshot.

  • Cody

    There definitely will be a market for this

  • Wildspin

    I believe the cameras on most recent high end Android phones are good enough to make this Nikon irrelevant.

  • Nerdsauce

    Point-and-shoot cams are still relevant, imho.. there’s no substitute for a product that specializes in photography versus it just being a feature of a phone. The quality is always better.

    It’ll be nice to see where this goes.. looks interesting 🙂

  • DMan

    There is a very easy and obvious reason to put android with full play store. Social Network sharing and cloud support. Think about it. You cab have it set to sync to your drop box every time your near a WiFi hotspot. Or to Google+, facebook, etc. Other than the other fun stuff, I bet that was a big reason they did this.

  • ELNY

    If you can actually sit there and say that your cellphone camera is better than your point and shoot, either a) you have no idea on how photography works, b)you’re not an avid photographer c)your point and shoot probably cost $150 d)You think megapixels = better image quality. If this Nikon takes good quality pics (which it will), this will be an amazing camera. Having the ability to tether with your phone and post good, high quality pics, is absolutely amazing. Good for Nikon to be the first in doing this.

    • Matt

      Even my point and shoot from 2005 takes better photos than any phone on the market today. Plus, it’s got optical zoom 🙂

    • d3v14n7

      Well said, you’re absolutely correct… There are so many completely clueless people posting idiotic comments on here nowadays, it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

  • Eric V.

    a) There are lots of people who don’t own or don’t WANT to own a smartphone due to the high monthly cost. For them, being able to post photos to their favourite social networking site would be a huge plus.

    b) Stick a gigantic memory card in one of these things and go on vacation. Oh look… now you can leave your tablet and computer at home too.

    c) All the fun photo apps for Android. Nuff said.

  • AndroidUserBornInJune!


  • yawn…

    I’m assuming they added android so that users could you instagram straight from the camera lol…

  • Alexander

    There is going to be some quality Instagram pics from this thing.

  • Fromandah Bolz

    I want my iron to run on Jelly Beans.

  • KD

    Mhm…. and I was going to go pickup an older CP 8100…. might need to wait to check this out next month…

  • TP

    This will be the future of mobile OS.
    P&S cameras, music players, appliances, consumer electronics, and even car infotainment systems will all be running on one of the mobile OS’s available.

  • OGOD

    Is this camera going to be SLOW??

    • d3v14n7

      Not nearly as “slow” as you are.

  • Andy Warhol

    Lets see them throw a phone in there 🙂
    …Nokia Pureview!