Update: RIM confirms that BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 will be backwards compatible with current devices


  • Chalm

    zzzz. This buzz is boring. We’ll believe it when we see it, RIM.

    • Hemmingway

      doesn’t matter on sep 21 when apple iphone 5 is out.

      RIP RIM

  • scunliffe

    Once again this goes to show that news from BGR needs to be taken with skeptism until confirmed by a 2nd party.

    • BGR licks AZZ

      Didn’t know BGR was still around. meh.

  • JC Denton

    Backwards compatibility from a company moving backwards, brilliant.

  • john

    BGR is an apple fan boy, it’s all about apple, they love trashing bb

  • Ryan

    When BGR says something negative about BlackBerry, I assume it likely to be 95% completely false and another 4% grossly exaggerated.

  • ISeeWhatsGoingOn

    BGR…what can I say. For one reason or another, it has an axe to grind with RIM. And you wonder why Boy Retard thought he deserved to get an Alpha Dev device sent to him. He cried himself to sleep that day when nothing showed up in his mail box from RIM.

  • Yanis

    What about the other way around? i.e. A BB10 device on BESX or BES5?

  • Uranus

    This is a fiasco. Rim will lose all its business customers and its stock will be worthless as soon as BB10 comes out!

  • Anonymous

    Rim Employee here: Just to conform what’s above, you will need the old BES software for the JVM based devices and the new BES for the QNX based devices. You’ll need the included add on UDS to add Android and iPhones totalling 3 servers.. that said, from a security point of view, there just isn’t a better solution for protecting your data and making sure your employees do not abuse their devices.

  • noname

    Gee, BGR cries wolf so often re Rim -just to keep his name out there I suppose. But he looks pretty foolish again today, doesn’t he.

  • Cameron

    It’s already been known, via support, that BES supports current devices, BDS supports Playbook and BB10. The Fusion front end is used to manage BDS and UDS (iPhone and Android).

  • AndroidUserBornInJune!


  • BB

    I know that they were making bds and uds to support devices as well as using mobile fusion. But the way bgr made it sound is that Blackberry 10 won’t be on any BES even the title is misleading. “Exclusive Current BlackBerry Enterprise Servers incompatible with BlackBerry 10 devices; RIM to cease development”.

  • Tim

    I think the point is, you will be able to manage the old devices through the new interface, even if it resides on an old server or shares a server.
    Those old BES servers are probably ready for retirement now anyway.