LG, Sony and Samsung Nexus devices mentioned in Japanese carrier document (Rumour)


  • Kevin

    Er, your link leads to the older article about 5 Nexus DEVICES. Pretty sure we’re only waiting for 3 more Nexus devices.

    • jPhoneUser

      nexus tab 7 and nexus q being the other 2.

  • NienorGT

    Could be very interesting, finally a LG phone with updates? Hell just frozen up…

    Of all phones I had the LG Optimus 2x has been my favorite phone in term of hardware and look (in my own opinion at least) but anyone knows how it was one of the worst phone in software…

  • nope

    one nexus device to rule them all. If true and there are multiple, this will probably end up a flop.

    • nope

      actually nevermind, LG and Sony are garbage anyway so there won’t be a lot of competition for samsung. Let them lose money.

  • Justin Credible


  • Mama didn’t raise no fool

    I don’t care if it’s a nexus device there’s no way i’m getting the LG phone, updates weren’t the only thing wrong with the LG Optimus 2X, i’ll stick with Samsung or Sony…

  • Mike

    I hope HTC is in there too. The Nexus One was great. Then Samsung came in and ruined the Nexus name. Samsung: all specs, nothing else.

    • daguy


      I’ve own every Nexus device made to date (except the Xoom, if you count that). The Nexus S was a better device than the Nexus One, and the Galaxy Nexus is better than the Nexus S.

      The design and feel of the Nexus One may have been nice, but everything else about the device was quite bad. The air gap between the glass and display was so large it made it impossible to see anything under sunlight. The touch sensor that HTC used was an unmitigated disaster. The GPU was super weak, and the 128MB of storage space for apps was incredibly frustrating!

      You’re crazy if you think Samsung ruined the Nexus brand.

  • Ahoy

    A Sony Nexus would be so amazing 😀

  • howitzer

    motorola nexus or gtfo

  • Dan

    I agree with Ahoy, I would really like a Sony Nexus device. Sony’s skin is already the closest to stock Android and their displays are really good.

  • Ramy ayash

    Xperia Nexus!

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG. Not LG.

  • jonny

    woo hoo! more choices!

  • David

    Motorola and Asus for the 2 last was be great

  • mattprime86

    Id like to comment on the phones, but all I ever see are grammar errors in these posts and I cannot get over that.

    I will gladly accept a position to be your editor, MobileSyrup.

    Thank you

    • jack


  • Darth Paton

    This years nexus devices are going to suck sh1t! The lG one will have a decent screen and processor but will have a crap camera and bad design, the Samsung will have crappy design and subpar specs (as in not coming close to expectations), and the Sony phone will really be a wildcard, as so far Sony has made some pretty bad phones in 2012

  • jack

    Just keep it Samsung!! I hope to god there won’t be an LG nexus.

  • nomnom

    Orgy Style!!! YEAH BaBYY!!!

  • Fred

    So I skimmed that article… but I thought LG already released a phone called the Rumo(u)r.

    • JC Denton

      Yep, but the rumour is that this new LG is gonna suck.

  • AhCup

    Everyone got a Nexus, everyone got fast update. I don’t see why not.

  • Miknitro

    This is a time when Htc should be making another nexus, help rebuild some of their former community interests which they have s**t on recently.

  • Henaway

    Seems to me, the more Nexus devices the better. Pure Android, no crappy skins, more updates. More choice in the marketplace.

  • nrj4life



  • zzZZzz

    I want an HTC Nexus, with specs not necessarily better than my current One S, but with NFC and LTE and I’m sold. Alternatively, a Moto with similar specs would be also welcomed.

  • Alex

    I wish for an HTC Nexus.

  • boi_genius

    LG Nexus= A Big Flop. Can’t expect any Galaxy owners to to go for that. No matter how juicy the specs are.

    I would rather prefer HTC….and more than that I would love a Motorola Nexus. Samsung has been OK so far to.

    I would have preferred two versions of the phone a high-end and a med-level instead of three different ones.

    But let’s see what’s on the cards…..

  • Mark

    Looks like fansungs don’t want anyone to have the “choice” of a non-cheapsung nexus. Hence their hating on multiple nexus OEMs. How nice.


    HTC Nexus X Please….

  • mjolnir

    HTC Nexus would be awesome… build quality from HTC has always been top notch.

  • GCooper

    HTC or Sony, I’d buy whichever had the smallest footprint, or had a physical home button. Bring me vanilla Android 🙂