Rumour: Google to release 5 Nexus devices on November 5th (Android’s 5th Birthday)


  • PkaTka

    I’d be happy with 1, but 5! Google is working their a*s off.

    • BBill

      That’s if the devices make it to Canada… Most of the time we only get them a few months after everyone else. Except the Galaxy Nexus, which I must say surprised me a little…

    • NewBB10

      Just ANOTHER phone that will be released in the “latter part of the year” to compete with the BB10-Vaporware.

      You KNOW that even if they Google phones are not the best phones, they will have support for at least two years and will have a great reselling value!

      Look at the Nexus S, just about to be discontinued officially and got Google 4 months ago, while there are still brand new phones being released with Google 3.7

    • ruddias

      NEWBB10, what in the world are you talking about?

    • Dom

      I don’t see this as google working their a&s off. I see this as google covering their a*s. I just hope they get it right.

  • bob

    ^ actually google have sent the code to 5 manufactures to produce 5 nexus devices, seems like your a little late on the news

  • Corey

    I really want a SGS III to replace my Atrix 1 but I want to see what the benchmarks are like for the new quadcore. I know I should probably wait till q3 which is when the a15 quads should come out in force. My wife still rocks a nexus one and its getting really tired so I’ll just give her my Atrix.

    • NewBB10

      The Samsung Galaxy S2 still has one year left or more.
      The amazing thing is that the software, and the tweaks keep the phone faster and current with contemporary competitors.

  • Mark

    Too be released in Canada 5 months after initial US release!

    • Corey

      Who cares when its released, you can just buy it direct from Google. I haven’t bought a device from a carrier in almost 6 years. Rogers will even make you a sweet deal if you aren’t getting a device subsidized. $55 with tax for all the trimmings including 250min and 6gb data.

    • NewBB10

      Re-branding, installing the Bloatware and developing ways to charge you more/use more data, takes time. Be patient.

      Bell will get the international version..(that’s the one you want, just buy it at Virgin for $100 less)

      Rogers will get the one with “funky buttons” that will make it incompatible/harder to support

      Telus will get the “2X” version a totally different version, overpriced and won’t sell that much.

      Just get the AT&T or Tmobile at Amazon(if you are with Wind) and you will be better off. or go to the states $800 for 48 hrs after June 1.

      LTE is the new Blu Ray, or 3D at home; nobody wants it, nobody needs it, but they still want to push it through your throat. Expect a bunch of GREAT phones with crappy battery life, if the canadian operators get their way and get the “LTE versions”
      The SG3 international version has better processor.
      The American/Canadian version has poorer battery life, lower processor BUT LTE.

    • poopoo

      More like 5 years!

  • Marc

    My next device will be a Nexus device.

  • jonny

    i have a nexus s, which is a very nice device
    and i have almost 3 years left on my “tab”
    so its probably not worth upgrading
    but i will be totally drooling over the new phones

    • NewBB10

      Your phone has the same performance of an Iphone 4 16GB. Enjoy it!


    This will put the final nail in rim’s coffin. 5 google devices will steal the thunder from the bb10 launch.

    • NewBB10

      Plus the iphone 5
      Plus the new Windows phones
      Plus the new Motorolas…

  • the wise one

    holy sweet bejesus this is awesome. #Fanboymoment

  • SAM

    O SAMMIE!!
    O SAMMIE!!!

  • hinds

    I’m ready for my choice of nexus’s. It will be a game changer and direct sales to consumers even better.

  • EddieWinslow

    “Remember remember the fifth of November
    Gunpowder, treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
    Should ever be forgot…”

    Guy Fawkes 1605, I saw this article and immediatly thought of V for Vendetta.

    Perhaps Google is on a Vendetta to really make a stand on the way Mobile Devices are released and distributed.

  • EvanKr

    5 devices running 5.0 on November 5th, Android’s 5th birthday? Let’s hope that this is a hint on pricing ($500).

    • NewBB10

      Stop it!!
      You are giving ideas to ROBELUS:
      Coming soon: F I V E year contracts!!

      Phones $55 a minimum of $55 per month all phones (5GB data) Eve/W after 5pm $550 plus $50 for activation, $50 to unlock, and if you bring a phone in WORKING order tht is worth at least $200, they will give you $50 if you trade it in! ……Paper billing is $5

  • sunvv

    I hope it would be sony or moto, I’m tired of plastic toys from samsung.

    • NewBB10

      I actually like the new “philosophy” of Samsung: spend the money in the Guts and the front of the phone and put the crappiest, thinnest back cover, it saves money, thickness and weight, you have to be crazy not to buy case for your phone! that will add protection but weight and thickness to it.

      I’ve had phones where I remove the backcover, and just add the case that works as a battery cover/protection. This makes the phone a tad thinner and lighter.

  • Michael

    June also happens to be 5 months before november.

  • Chimp

    Should be an interesting Q4, relatively big changes

    5 Nexus devices with Jelly Bean,
    new iPhone with a finally larger screen,
    Windows Phone 8

  • android_yyz

    Don’t forget that probably some of these devices will have an intel medfield chip…. i hope

  • AhCup

    Five Nexus Device not = Five Phone. Maybe a one Nexus Phone, Nexus Tablet 7″, 10″, Nexus Google TV & Chrome book/Google Glass?

  • Andy c

    I’ll take the Sony version

    • Andy c

      On a more serious note google can bearly keep the two current nexus devices upto date (ns and gs)

      Good luck with 5

  • Soldier Blue

    Google could have a good thing going here if they set minimum performance specs (including screen quality, storage and battery life) and some basic design guidelines.

    Perhaps with similar branding themes based on colour, elements, or cosmology. etc Nexus Red, Nexus Blue, Nexus Gold, Nexus Silver, Nexus Black

    But it’s pretty obvious Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony are going to be the OEMs doing it. I kind of want Asus to be a participant instead of LG or Motorola but they can focus on tablets.

  • Chris

    Huawei, Toshiba, Acer, zte, or lenovo can be one of the makers of the device.

  • Dalex

    So RAZR Nexus with MAXX level battery life but polarizing industrial construction. Plasticky Samsung Nexus 2 with unbelievably powerful internals. Beautifully designed Sony Xperia Nexus with outdated specs, but great camera. Aluminium Htc One Nexus with competitive specs or LG Optimus Nexus with unbelievably crappy design and materials, but gorgeous display?

    • Acco

      I’d almost argue that Google may be creating 5 devices, targeting both middle and high end markets. Don’t think that Google’s ever really fallen for the entry-level, but… mark my words… at least one of the five devices is going to be a midrange, reasonably priced, smartphone that most people can afford without a contract.

  • Mark

    Only problem with the Nexus line is they are short on features. They use a lower resolution camera, skip SD slot or maybe will use a proprietary cable rather than micro usb. Then they give you a cheaper screen than the Samsung Galaxy S.

    Still waiting for the perfect phone.

  • monsterduc1000

    My wish list. LTE, NFC, hd SAmoled+ or that Crystal led screen from Sony, expandable storage (other than cloud), quad core a15 processor and the highest end cell phone gpu at the time.

    The Nexus’ devices should be cutting edge, not run of the mill like the last two.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    I hope HTC is one of the five personally.
    I would expect that Motorola will be one of them given recent news…
    Sony would be nice as well.

    Just please, not Huawei. That’s all I ask.

  • Neil

    That sounds good and all but what’s the point with SLOW software updates.

    Still Droid ftw!

  • Nathen

    I love my Google Galaxy Nexus. Love everything about it. No Carrier UI, No bloat ware, No Locked (ala Apple Iphone ) No need to Root , 99% percent of everything just works. Though if you WANT to root, it simple. Updates are fast and Free AND OVER the air ( wifi) . I can use it with Any Carrier/ Sim card I want…… ect ect

    Google just gets it, The Galaxy Nexus… A Phone for the People. By the People.

    Bring on the New Nexus! 🙂