Sony Canada: Xperia arc and Xperia arc S upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich now available


  • John z

    You guys posted the wrong link. The facebook page is called Sony Mobile CA. Honestly Rogers & Sony are making people pissed off. Some of us bought the Xperia S seeing as its a great device & it said ” 4.0 ICS upgradble” on the box. 2 months later & no ICS & now we have to wait until Sept 30 which will be 3 months & a week later.. Honestly want is the point of calling it “FLAGSHIP” When the carriers wont release the updates when they are supposed to be relased?

  • Christian

    What about performance ? I’ve read that performance of ICS very poor on single-core devices : Is it true with the Xperia Arc too ? My Arc is slow with 2.3.4, don’y want to worsen the situation installing ICS.

    • JesseS

      I’ve got 4.0.4 on my Rogers Arc (which now thinks it is a LT15i) and it runs much much better than it did when it was on 2.3. Honestly the only downside i’ve noticed is due to it being a global firmware now, i cannot use rogers apps and my MMS doesn’t work. Anyone know the exact details for this build of ICS? Maybe worth going back 🙂

  • Rory

    is ice cream sandwich french-Canadian for jelly bean?

    • jack


  • Nexus is where it’s at!

    I don’t get how someone can live without a Nexus device, it’s already 8 months since ICS has been released… a new OS is already out… that would bug me… koodos to you guys for being that patient…

    • js

      Personally I find Sony’s designs timeless and unique where others seem very bread-and-butter. I know there are better options on paper but they seem generic and I’m also not a fan of AMOLED which better devices typically have it seems (whites aren’t actually white on any I’ve seen). I’m a minority but there’s my explanation…

  • bluba

    LOL at anyone who buys a Sony Android phone

  • ak

    who wants to use rogers apps?!

  • js

    for any arc people out there who are wondering how it is – i did it yesterday and it was very slow at first but performance has improved. overall there are some things that seem to be a little slower than before, like multitasking, but other things faster, like browsing photos. it’s hard to pick between GB and ICS as both have strengths on the arc. i’m enjoying ICS’ modern feel so if this is important to you perhaps it’s worth the leap. another interesting thing which could be a matter of me making a mistake or maybe they lightened the OS’ footprint, but with GB I was running out of internal memory and now I have like 60mb extra which is excellent.

    • Suika

      What is the firmware version number?

  • dullnut

    upgraded to ICS yesterday, added some extra unwanted Rogers blotware, from slow in 2.3.4 to even slower on 4.0.4. It solved the insufficient memory problem that avoid me to install much apps in it when it was 2.3.4.
    Need to root again, but no success yet

  • Rhett

    That’s why i switched off Sony, awful updates, how many months late is this? Sony used to pride themselves on quality and you paid the price for it, now it’s merely a slow sprinter in the technology race.

  • Robert Yuna

    Thanks again to Rogers and to Sony for pushing (finally) the ICS update. The first couple of times I operated the various phone functions after the update, the phone ran a little slower. But as the afternoon wore on, the speed of the various apps from NYT to CNN, etc. sped up as did the phone operate. ICS is at least as fast at 2.3 and now is running faster. I like the new functions and placements of items. Very intuitive.

  • benoit

    Where can I find the update? When I open the PC companion they are not update available for my phone (Xperia pro from Fido). Thanks!

  • ac

    Got the update a few days ago on my arc, and it runs better than Gingerbread! As much as people complain about Rogers & Sony (like they complain about everything else), they’ve brought us an excellent update! It could have been earlier (maybe?) but seriously, did the lack of ICS get in the way of living your life or anything?

  • t

    How did you update to ICS? Was it through them or the bootleg version?

  • ian

    installed ICS the moment it was released for my ARC s. Was really fastat first, but lately it shuts the phone down completely, 3 or 4 times a day, crashes programs all the time, and is actually very slow for loading any program …so very frustrating..
    model lt18a
    android version 4.0.4
    build number 4.1.B.0.587
    any help with these issues, super appreciated..