Mobilicity’s Mobile Student Survey 2.0 finds that majority of students use smartphones for research

It may seem like an obvious use case to most of us today, but a few years ago the idea of forgoing a laptop for school work was almost unthinkable. Today, with the rise of the smartphone and tablet, most students use their devices to conduct research and obtain information quickly and from anywhere.

This research was commissioned by Mobilicity in a survey dubbed Mobile Student Survey 2.0, and found that 66% of students would use a mobile phone to conduct research anywhere. Nearly 50% of students have apps on their phones specifically for research purposes, and 41% use their phones or tablets to record lectures and tutorials.

More importantly, 56% of those surveyed believe that mobile phones are an invaluable research and studying tool. Students are also using the cloud, with services like Dropbox and Google Drive, to collaborate in a more organized manner. Being able to track changes to projects and documents in real time is a huge help when it comes time to divvying up responsibilities.

The statistics don’t change the fact that most students don’t actually do all of their homework, or finish their projects on time. And while Mobilicity clearly commissioned the survey to promote its discounted plans, the facts speak for themselves: smartphones have irreversibly altered the way students, teachers and learners of all ages consume content, learn new skills and develop strategies for getting their work done.

Via: CNW