Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices may be announced at Nokia World in early September


  • Yukalis

    but what about rim?

    • sickpuppy

      RIM may announce BB10 in September ………….2013

  • Kent

    another troll

  • mrdeeds72

    This is great news. Yes, existing Lumia devices will not get an updgrade to WP 8, but WP 7.8 will have a lot of the features and similar apps.

    Can’t wait to see the new devices!

  • Caldera

    Shut up Yukalis.

    • Yukalis


  • RicksE


  • Dalex

    I just got myself a beautiful One X on Telus, and I gotta say polycarbonate unibody feels incredible in the hand and looks sublime. If Nokia keeps the same design and puts out a competitive WP8 product they could really turn their fortunes around.

  • freestaterocker

    If they really want an edge on apple they need to get to market sooner following Nokia World. I fear people may simply forget about the new line before it arrives. This is one thing Cupertino does right.

  • montrealer

    They’ll announce the phone on September 2012, but it’ll come out in summer 2054 in Canada.

  • Aaron

    Definitely cant wait for charcoal htc one x on telus. unfortunately have to wait until feb 2013 to get it. Dont want to pay a fee:(

  • Mikey

    Nokia should make sure that all their lumia build colours are available at launch.

  • Shey


    RIP! RIP!

  • ruddias

    I hope they keep the design and 4.3 inch screen, but make it 720p and add a dual core. Best Lumia ever.

  • Mike

    Windows phone 7 sucked so will windows phone 8. All the retail stores still have huge amount of inventory of Windows Phone 7 laying around collecting dust cause these products don’t sell. Everyone wants Android cause its the best Operating system. Go Samsung.

    • RayMon

      NONE of what you’ve said is true. I nominate your post for the Worst Fail of the Week Award.

      Seriously, you best be trolling…
      You can’t be THAT dumb!

    • BB_King

      Mike – Keep your mouth shut until you try a Windows Phone!

  • Dillion

    Happily I follow Mobile Syrup and other tech blogs so I knew what I was getting when I bought the 900. Regardless it is the best device I have owned, and this makes me exceptionally excited to see Windows Phone 8.

    Despite the unnecessary Windows knock above the point about surplus Windows 7 stock is valid, and hopefully there will be some great deals to clear the providers out. 7.8 will be a great OS to get people into the emerging third team in the mobile smartphone space.

  • Me

    Cant wait till I get my next Nokia Windows Phone with the PureView technology.

  • stylinred

    1) something you guys keep mis-reporting Nokia DIDNT sell 600,000 Lumia devices last quarter they sold 600,000 Devices including Symbian, S30, Lumia its right there in the Q2 report

    2) these are just old notions/rumors that keep getting regurgitated we all know Nokia World is in Sept. they’re going to have to announce something… no surprise

    • stylinred

      even bloomberg knows this so they simply stated “handsets” for NA

  • Jamema

    При мобайл ОС-та нокия водиха преди време, както и windows. Впоследствие излязоха iOS и Android. В момента най-популярни и най-добри са iOS и Android като за iOS има супер много приложения, но повечето се застъпват. Затова пък Android има много уникални приложения по обясними причини. Според мен Nokia с тяхното ОС (толкова умряло, че съм му забравил и името) и Microsoft няма как да натиснат толкова много за да изместят двата гиганта. И само едно ще ти кажа: само си мислиш, че в интернет всичко работи навсякъде То ако работеше навсякъде, нямаше да има хакове за всички различия под браузъри и т.н. Отделно, че нещо писано на php4 примерно може да не върви много добре на версия php5, докато нещо писано на c++ за Андроид системата, ще работи винаги, защото езикът е изчистен още преди много време и няма нужда от ъпдейти. Та това е моето мнение