Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices may be announced at Nokia World in early September

In order to get the edge of Apple’s iPhone, Nokia may announce its first Windows Phone 8 device at Nokia World on September 5th and have it ready for the international market by the Christmas season. According to Bloomberg, Nokia has taken the modest success of its first Lumia line in stride and is readying its successors running Microsoft’s new WP8 OS.

The company, which sold 600,000 Lumia phones in North America last quarter, is attempting to make a comeback from its halcyon before the rise of iOS and Android. Though the company’s market share is down significantly, as is its share price, it has a stable and voluminous partner in Microsoft and based on what we’ve seen of Windows Phone 8, it will definitely improve the prospects for the downtrodden Finnish company.

Nokia World 2011 was the debut party for the company’s Lumia 800 and 710 devices; the 900 was announced at CES in January, and the 610 at Mobile World Congress in February. Though the turn-around may seem quite short, and existing Lumia owners may feel they’re getting the raw end of the deal, Nokia really has no choice but to put out a competitive product as soon as possible. It was announced that existing Windows Phone 7.5 devices, including the Lumia line, would not be updated to WP8 due to hardware limitations.

We look forward to seeing what Nokia has to offer — perhaps a Lumia 1000? — in early September. Are you excited for the first Windows Phone 8 devices?

Source: Bloomberg