Sony Xperia SL pops up in leaked renders, confirms silver and white colours, faster processor


  • Tomatoes

    I would buy this if it had the S4 processor because I love the design of the Xperia S.

  • G203

    Why is this Gingerbread again? We are in the era of Jelly Bean already! Is Sony still living in a cave?

    • andy c

      read the post again

      the SL will ship with a ICS.

      it’s not JB but at least it’s not GB

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Gb, jb, ics, blah blah blah
    So much crazy talk


    • ruddias

      You can’t remember 3 versions of an OS?

    • Dalex

      He’s used to IOS which is the same outdated crap for 5 years now, you can’t blame him.

  • ruddias

    Hopefully there is a battery boost as well

  • Whattttt

    lol, who buys Sony phones?

  • Dan

    I sincerely hope that Sony is one of the OEMs that will, as rumored, have the opportunity to build a Nexus device. The Xperia GX and SX are really nice looking, well spec’d devices.

  • Jerry

    I really like the design and aesthetics of Sony’s hardware, but the software and battery’s always seem to be the let down. Always seems they’re late to the party lets hope that changes soon. I would love to see them have a hit phone.

  • Sophie Taylor

    This one looks absolutely fantastic. The features are updated and seems like has a lot in store for mobile lovers like me. Also adding to my excitement are the wide range of colors that they are launching for Sony Xperia SL.