Update: Rogers locations now receiving boxes with a “PLAYBOOK SECURITY” label


  • Betty Koyle

    Not going to save rim

    • RIPPER

      RIM is dead.

  • Ryan

    Need to get lower than $350 on a 3-year term. $350 on no term or a 1-year sounds about right to me. There’s not enough motivation to buy that instead of the competition.

  • BBA Brian

    hahahaha $350 on a 3 year term.. that makes no sense given the pricing of their other LTE enabled tablets.

    Foolish if they do that and I am a huge BB Fanboy

    • BBA Brian

      why would anyone put a thumps down to my post!

      The galaxy tap 8.9 LTE is 199.99 and the HTC Jetream is for $199.9

      The playbook for $349.99 is ridiculous

    • maples

      I put a thumbs down because of your reply..

  • Apple Sales Guy

    1024×600 resolution will be a sore sight for your eyes folks. Treat yourself to a retina display iOS product, you wont regret it.


    • hoo dat

      Hey, ASG, have you seen the documentary series “The Selling of the Superbrands” produced by the BBC last year? The first episode was about mobile phones and a large section of the episode was dedicated to Apple. Maybe you should give it a look see and maybe then you’ll realise how much you’ve been manipulated and brainwashed. Let me know if you recognise the poor guy who tries to give an interview about an Apple store opening in London before Apple managers stepped in and marched him off. I wonder if he still has a job?

      Happy selling!

    • hoo dat

      My bad, it’s SECRETS of the Superbrands! I knew Selling didn’t look right.

      Check out Episode 1, you’ll love it!

    • G

      I believe you meant “Secrets of the Superbrands”.

    • Jack

      Are you typing one-handed because your other is occupied while you dream of various Apple execs?

  • superfly

    No. Treat yourself to 3 nexus 7’s instead.

    • BBA Brian

      and connect to which LTE network?

  • superfly

    Tether the data from your Android super phone to your 3 nexus 7’s and save cash that way to instead.

    • BBA Brian

      sure… but then you could guy buy the WIFI Playbook for $199.99 or less soon, and do the same thing

      Just saying don’t harp on the price of a LTE playbook because of the prices of other WIFI tablets

  • superfly

    Hmm….. 1 crapple retina or 3 nexus 7 tablets…….I will goo with the 3.

    • Jordan Hill

      anyone but an iSheep would.

    • BBA Brian

      and connect your 3 Nexus’ to which LTE networks?

  • BBA Brian

    people also need to stop bringing up the Nexus 7… it doesn’t have LTE… please compare apples to apples

    • BBA Brian

      lol apples… bad fruit to use…

      compare oranges to oranges

  • xenrobia

    Why should we trust this announcement? Your last big tip, WRT to Bell, turned out to be a load of CR#P. Produce a verifiable release from RIM and you might regain a small bit of credibility in my eyes. But then the terms “Blog” and “credibility” are pretty much mutually exclusive, aren’t they?

  • Lance W

    I wonder how much these would go for on Craiglist. $150?

  • superfly

    @bba pantie face……I will connect it to the LTE network from my NOTE. Very simple. Do you need that explained to you in pantie terms, pantie boy?

    • BBA Brian

      lol.. way to show your maturity.

      I have already acknowledged that tethering and wifi hotspots are available; however, you have missed the point

      you are comparing the price of a tablet with built in LTE and a tablet with no built in LTE.

      you cannot do that and be reasonable.. they are two different products

      compare wifi tablets to wifi tablets.

      lol and pantie face? thats hilarious… never seen that insult thrown around.. kudos for being original at least!

  • superfly


  • Whattttt

    Why are they even bothering with this… its the same garbage device but LTE added in..

  • Andrew

    I have a friend who is an owner of a Rogers outlet and he’s not received any memo…

    The news has been faked again by same scammer who faked the Bell memo.

  • Lyndon

    @BBA Brian – not sure where you are located, but Rogers is supposed to be expanding their LTE service across much of Canada presumably by the end of this month.

  • superfly

    @bba…. I am comparing dollar for dollar……what can $700 buy? 1 crapple lte tablet or 3 nexus 7 tablets? You have to keep up with life…..it’s all about what your dollars can bring in.