Update: Rogers locations now receiving boxes with a “PLAYBOOK SECURITY” label

This is bringing a bit more clarity to the impending launch of RIM’s 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook. Late last week we posted news that the much delayed 4G PlayBook would be available via Bell on July 31st, clearly this didn’t happen, plus it was also removed from their inventory system.

Now, according to an internal Rogers document we received it shows that the upcoming launch of the LTE-enabled PlayBook is under heavy security. The doc states that stores will be receiving a box with the label “PLAYBOOK SECURITY” and that employees should “store it safely in the back room until further notice.”

The 4G BlackBerry PlayBook is no secret. It was first announced at Mobile World Congress in 2011 and will come with the same 7-inch display (1024 x 600), but have an increased 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and LTE connectivity. Bell had this listed for $549.95 outright and we’ve also been tipped that the Rogers 3-year term will be $349.99. As for a launch date, we’re now hearing it’ll be next week, possibly August 8th or 9th.

Update: CrackBerry has added to the news that this is the casing that the PlayBook will be placed in and that it will be used as a security measure. So if fixtures are coming in, this means that the launch is almost here.

More soon!
(Thanks tipster!)