Sony Xperia Tablet leaks online: 9.4-inches, Tegra 3 quad-core processor and “thinner by 42%”


  • Bobby

    But too pricey

    • rim?

      Hahaha rim lol pure jokes

      mick lizardtitz?
      Oh baby baby say it isn’t so burp fart grunt and groan

  • Jonathan

    Sony makes gorgeous looking gear but unfortunately price themselves out of being affordable for most people.

  • LS

    Such a low pixel density? I expect a higher screen resolution for those price points.

  • Jo

    Cover keyboard…This is another example to show that you should never give out unique design before you release your product.

  • Sean

    The Nexus 7 has really put a fire under other OEM’s to produce at cheaper prices and for the extra $200 i would not spend that for an extra 2.4 inches

  • til-bar

    Sony, always a bit late to the party. There will be no reason to wait for this tablet, simliar offerings have been available for months already.

    I believe those screenshots are taken from a Samsung tablet…probably a 10″, Tegra 3, Android 4.0 Galaxy Tab 2. A tablet that is available NOW.

  • Cell Hell

    Needs to be $100 to $150 cheaper and have an sd slot.

  • chris

    I wonder if people who say a larger screen isn’t worth 200 extra dollars have even bothered to check out the list of features that this tablet will have, as opposed to competitors.
    Larger screen, fantastic design, PlayStation store (and PlayStation certified games), plus a ton of other cool features like the keyboard cover – all of these unique to this tablet.
    That’s worth the extra $200, in my opinion.