Update: Fido launches its own 6GB plan for $60, comes with 300 daytime minutes

Fido is set to launch its own 6GB plan, as seems to be the industry standard these days. Many of the plans offered by the likes of Rogers, TELUS, Koodo et al hew closely to the general 6GB/200-300 daytime minutes, and Fido’s offering is almost identical.

The $60 plan, which is available today with or without a contract to BlackBerry or smartphone users, is as follows:

– 300 Daytime (local)
– Evenings/Weekends starting at 5pm
– Unlimited incoming calls
– Unlimited international SMS (no MMS)
– 6GB data included

Doesn’t look like voicemail or call display are included, which on Fido equals another $11.

What do you think? Does this look like a good deal for new or existing Fido customers? The deal is available until August 7th, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see plans like these become standard throughout the industry at some point in the future.

Update: We’ve been updated that the plan is only for existing customers, not new customers. Here’s the word: “Please note that the $60 6GB Competitive Match Plan that was communicated in IQ this morning is NOT available in store. The plan is only available through Retention and was created for existing customers and is not available for new activations.”

(Thanks tipster!)