LG Optimus L5 now available at Bell


  • Sean

    Put a decent screen on it and then we’ll talk

  • bob

    The 800mhz processor is quite weak as well.

    But no wonder they price it at $200 no term. Get what you paid for!

  • C. Rap

    “Good specs for an entry-level handset.”

    800mhz (okay, i guess….), 5MP camera (certainly decent), HD Voice & NFC (oh cool, quality calling and near-field communications…. a bit unnecessary for a $200 entry-level device)…. but 320×480 4 INCH DISPLAY? That just ruins it for me… in an age of retina displays where anything below 200ppi is unacceptable in a below 5 inch display, this can’t bode too well :S

  • likeAsir

    does anyone know if you can unlock this from bell and use it on chatr?

  • Me

    Too bad the resolution is so low. It’ll look like you bought the NES phone.

  • mechanic_joe

    The HTC One V is $225 outright from Koodo. Twice the phone for $25 more.