Update: Samsung Galaxy Note to get OS 4.0 upgrade rolling out


  • Dimitri.K

    This does not mean Rogers or Telus or Bell will release it. It means Samsung has released it.

    “The Premium Suite upgrade for GALAXY Note users will be available from Canadian carriers tomorrow. For specific details, please contact your local carrier”

    What is the point of calling our carriers when all they do is give the wrong info to the customers? Does Samsung not know this?

    • berger

      samsung junk

    • Lampa

      RIP RIM.

    • DeeZee

      I’m downloading the update from Rogers right now. Finally! 😀

    • Hub

      That’s part of the problem. They still think you are not their customers but the carrier’s. And we all now all the carrier give a fizzle about is ARPU. A phone update isn’t part of that equation.

  • tooold

    It is hard to believe that they even released the Galaxy Note (March, I believe – 4 months after ICS release) with Gingerbread. They owe it to customers to quickly annouce JB 4.1.1 upgrades.

    • Nascar39

      Actually the International Note was out last October, and the North American model released in January of 2012 here in Canada, but who’s keeping track.

  • waki-g

    Thank God been waiting so long!!!!!!

  • disappointed

    Actually the Note wasn’t released in Canada until February – but his point still stands, it should have had ICS from launch. And JB should be a quick upgrade.

  • Mark

    I’m already on the official version of ICS.

  • on the front line

    Good job Sammy. I’ll remind people, the Note is only one of a few products that currently support ICS so cut Samsung some slack. Sammy, if you’re listening, and I hope you are, do us all a favor and announce the JB upgrade date very soon

  • Kim

    Mark where did you get the version?

  • gina

    i read the release at work (am in media) and called Telus right away as i have the Note. I explained that i had heard about said release tomorrow. I had to laugh as they would neither confirm or deny the release but told me call back tomorrow.

  • someone

    got the OTA 4.0.4 more then two months ago from the carriers so i don’t get why they said this

  • Pat

    I tried to use face unlock on my Note, half the time it did not work. ICS is still better.

  • imuiyoo

    my ICS is here for BELL!!!!!! YES!

    13/7/12 5:20AM EST

  • hammer604

    It’s available now for Rogers, system update.

  • neilp

    Downloading right now for Telus.

  • Shūji

    Still have not got the OTA update.

  • dosboss57

    Downloading as we speak..keep your fingers crossed!

  • yohojones

    Woke up to an OTA update. Installing Now. Thanks Telus!


    Just finished updating my Galaxy Note on Bell Mobility to ICS 4.0.4 & so far all looks good. Ive had a couple tiny hicups with screen touches not working first time I launch an app, like the camera app I couldnt tap the hint screen down but works now. I havent noticed any new apps as in the premium suite tho. Do they have to be downloaded somewhere or did i just miss them? Anyways ill come back later & tell ya how everything is going. WHOOO WHOOO ICS FINALLY OH HOW IVE MISSED YOU SINCE I UPGRADED PHONES LOL. – KID ANDROID

    • Tom

      I downloaded S Pen Premium Suite through S Choice which was installed with ICS. It is in your installed apps. Scroll down to S Pen Note and install !

  • Jason

    … And yet another phone gets 4.0.4 before my GNex.

  • waki-g

    yayayayayay running ICS now with Bell. Love it so far

  • Alex

    Got it from Bell at 4 am!!!!

  • Ry

    Just got it OTA for my Telus Note.

  • joshua

    telus note is being ugrading to ics right now.

  • NoteNow

    Got it OTA wifi on a Rogers note.

    No premium S apps,
    looks like they need to be downloaded using S Choice?

  • Drew

    Downloading on TELUS. right now!

  • Checkplease

    Got it this morning! Did anyone got the new s pen premium suite? Mine seems to be the same as before

  • Preston

    Hey,everyone update your “samsung apps” ad then download “S pen Note” (something like that). Its a huge download and im pretty sure this is it

  • Shann

    Still nothing for me – Rogers Note with stock Bell firmware. I guess they are pushing it out in phases? Grrr.

    Also, anyone else find it fishy the 2 main companies in Canada are pushing the update out on the same day… I find that very odd…. almost like they are working together…

  • Checkplease

    I found it. It’s a new app called “S Note”, not and update to “S Memo”. I download it from Samsung Apps.

    Don’t understand they just merge the two.

  • Kim

    Telus Note now on ICS and the camera is definatly faster in every way. Did not save my desktop icons, so I will have to set those up again. After the download it took about 10 minutes to do the complete update.

    If they would have pushed this update back again I would have demanded a new phone and all my money back. I bought my phone in Feb and assumed the ICS would be arriving in days. 5 months later its here.

  • Austin

    Still no ota update for myself on Bell

  • Drew

    been staring at the samsung logo for an hour now.. “awesome”

  • Jcanada

    Amazing,the 4 people I know plus myself are still sitting on 4.0.1 on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones

  • chris

    Got it on bell first thing on the morning… Was nice to wake up too…
    Crappy it took so long, but happy its here.

  • ren

    I`m not seeing any update notice from bell and through kies. how do I update? Pleases help.

  • tkmckay

    Like others, I just checked my phone and Telus had already sent out the update to it. Just waiting on the install as I type this. After playing with my girlfriends recently purchased S3 I can’t wait for the update…

  • Android Junkee

    Downloading and installing ICS 4.0.4 via Rogers OTA right now. I had to reinstall the stock Rogers ROM because it wouldn’t update otherwise. I think it won’t update if your phone is rooted, and DEFINITELY won’t if you have a custom ROM installed

  • 8balldown

    My Rogers GNote is getting updated right now. It is downloading though WiFi. I connected to WiFi and on my GNote and went to settings, then last pick – “About Phone” and clicked the first pick “check for updates”. That got the “Software Update” going via WiFi, 251.22Mb downloaded started and it is 1/3 done now.
    I’m in the downloading screen now so wont check that is the exact wording of picks above, but it is going now – 47% so far so good. Should work for Rogers GNoters.
    I saw above how to get the updated S-Memo through a download from “Samsung Apps” so I will try that soon enough.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  • Jen

    I had a push msg this morning for the update, after downloading and installing which took about 30 mins total I found no premium apps… Thanks to the comments in here I’ve found the S Note app in the Samsung Apps.. Pushing and holding the HOME screen button launches the task manager where you can simply slide apps to close.. Haven’t found too much else to play with just yet, was hoping for a guide or something…

  • Bond

    @JCanada if you have a Galaxy Nexus you can just go to the Google Dev download page and download it!! I’m on 4.0.4 right now and next week they will be posting Jellybean!!!


  • superman

    This update sucks. I had to find my own premium suite apps, one which is useless unless you know other note users (my story app). On top of that my web browser (dolphin HD) no longer functions properly. The phone is slow at doing everything – it takes a solid 2-3 seconds to open apps/switch between them etc. Phone animations are jittery.

    This update is ridiculous. Google and Samsung could be working on optimization for hardware but instead they bloat the phones making it necessary to buy new hardware every 6 months to a year. How are you all so excited for cash grab updates?

    If some of you don’t know what I’m talking about ill give you an example: windows 7. It took previous computers that were slow with XP and sped up operations by margins of 30%. Yet with our phones we get a decrease in margins and told to “buy a new phone to see performance”. We need to stop thus intentional ripoff scheme.

  • superman

    Let me know when jellybean is optimized for current phone specs to increase speed and overall performance.

    I guarantee our notes will not be upgraded due to “limited hardware specs”. Thenote is a crazy powerful phone. Funny how I need a phone for each update that comes out like clock work.

    So pissed.

  • Tom

    All bench tests are cosiderably faster with ICS.
    My Story can also so be downloaded via S Choice in your loaded apps.

  • RogersSucks

    When the hell am I gonna get ICS on my Rogers Galaxy Tab 10.1?

  • John

    Huge difference in battery consumption. Much much less.

  • thepeddle

    I don’t know what some of you morons are talking about…..ICS update fir my Note this morning rocks….better Swype, battery percentage in the notification bar, Android beam, better security and seems faster….maybe your phone in particular is just messed up who knows….but stop your whining and telling everyone the update sucks for all, i guarantee you for every little crying Weiner on here there’s fifty good reviews…..go somewhere else and sob

  • ren

    Can anybody let me know to keep my data after upgrade to ICS? It seem I will lose them. Thanks alot.

  • Cal

    I work in a somewhat remote area, and WiFi is either non-existant or painfully slow. I saw a note about updates avaiable if I connected WiFi, and then they’d rapidly dissappear.

    After reading the comments here, I turned off the “don’t download without a WiFi connection”, and am pulling it down via 3G as I write this. Not a fast process, but I’ve been waiting four months, so another hour won’t kill me.

    So very much looking forward to this… thank you Bell for finally releasing ICS into the wild.

  • mario wood

    Downloaded a few days ago and am amazed. Love the new UI and the note app. agreed that it would be nice to send to other phones in regard to my story. but overall really happy. also battery consumption has dropped so overall very happy





  • G. Scott

    I’m confused. The pictures above show screenshots stating that the firmware version is 3.0 not 4.0. … Also, my phone updated, but from Gingerbread (2) to Honeycomb (3), and it claims there’s no further upgrades. Did this happen for anybody else?

  • Max


    I finally selected the software update option that my Galaxy Note phone had been popping up very often for the past 5+ months. I had been apprehensive about doing a software upgrade from the existing 2.3.3 version, till I finally saw the new benefits in many other phones.

    I selected “About the phone” in Settings and then the option “Software Update” to update using my WiFi connection. It said that phone will be rebooted as part of the process. There were some downloading happening and then the phone rebooted and this process continued till 3-4 reboots as each time the renewed version kept getting auto-upgraded further. Finally, there was a download for around 300+ MB and again the phone reboot message popped up. Unfortunately, during this reboot process, my phone never restarted fully. The Galaxy N7000 text and partial tune of Samsung phone boot comes up and then the Samsung Logo comes and it never goes off. My phone is stuck for hours like that with the Samsung logo till the battery drains off. I tried restarting many times after charging the battery. The phone restarts till the Samsung logo but does not boot at all. Which means, I cant even start my phone now!! What can be done now?

    Can someone help me with the solution for this issue? This is very URGENT as I am not able to se my phone noe.