TELUS’ latest upgrade schedule shows Galaxy Note ICS coming “Late July”


  • Andy Warhol

    I really appreciate Telus’ committment to transparency for its software updates much more than Roger’s “No Comment” or Bell’s random internal leaks. Putting this information on your public website and updating every few weeks is a great example of keeping your customers in the loop. Hopefully that transparency is something that can grow on the industry as a whole.

  • Snafu

    Great the updates are coming but 8 months after ics is released? I’m with telus and I didn’t think they it any bloat ware on their phones.

  • random72

    As a Rogers customer seeing something like this from one of their competitors just drives me nuts.

    It would be so easy for them to do something similar, yet there is virtually zero chance of it happening.

    Doing so would help restore a little goodwill between the company and it’s customers, something it has little of these days.

    So far it’s an opportunity missed- very disappointing.

  • Mark

    We don’t want 4.0 we want 4.1

  • iSheep2.0

    Why do you say “Apple No updates planed” Did you forget iOS 6 coming in the fall.

  • Bob

    I’m running Mango on my Optimus 7 and Telus has indicated it would be updated on June 20th. Today is July 3rd and I haven’t seen the update yet, so take the update schedule with a hugh grain of salt!

  • Bob

    Hey Andy,
    Thank you for note, your correct Microsoft does state that updates are released in stages. However, Telus is being more specific by stating:
    “Notifications and updates: LG
    Optimus™ 7: As of June 2012,
    software version 7.10.8773.98 is
    available for the LG Optimus 7”.

    While I completely understand and agree with the Microsoft roll-out strategy, I completely disagree with the Telus communication strategy. Simply put, if the update isn’t actually available until July then don’t indicate on the phone’s support page the update will be available in June. Least they could do is revise the .8773 release date on their site so users (like me) expectations aligns with the published roll out date – because right now, it doesn’t!

  • Alex

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