Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III’s get official CyanogenMOD 9 nightlies


  • Dan

    Awesome! You SGS3 owners are gonna love it. I remember getting it on my S2… Touchwiz hurts my eyes everytime I see it now.

    I can’t even imagine how fast the phone is going to run with touchwiz free ICS. CM10 Jellybean sounds scary fast.

    • merkur

      more samsung garbage.

    • monsterduc1000

      @merkur: You are a D I P S H I T ! ! !

  • Brendon

    Just FYI the Rogers/Bell/TELUS/Sasktel version camera does not work just yet

    • patrick

      it actually does:

      EDIT: NEW PACKAGE – Has script fix and Camera fix integrated; thanks to id10terrordfw!

  • Richards

    Now I almost wonder if I should get the SG3 instead of the Galaxy Nexus. Does anyone have a timetable on jellybean coming to the SG3 or does that even matter since CM team would probably just port it over?

    • patrick

      nobody has a timeframe for jelly bean, especially if its not directly from google, coudl take weeks, but it will probably take months.

    • J

      Actually, Samsung said it’d be coming in Q4. Everyone I’m talking to, including the cmod people on IRC are saying to get the gs3 over the gnexus, simply because it’s super future-proofed and cmod will be available soon.

  • toronto

    holayy, cant wait for the Jellybean version of CM.
    Its gonna be awesome

  • Mike N

    I flashed for sgs3 Wind/Mobi. SO nice ot get back to a stock experience, I despise touchwiz. Felt as if Samsung was trying to hard to separate itself from stock.

    Anywho. So far so good. One Bug I’ve found.. I’m unable to move anything TO the SD card/Internal Storage. I receive errors in doing so.

    • patrick

      is camera burst and smartstay still in the rom?

    • Brendon

      No, this is mostly stock ics.

  • patrick

    DAMN!!! Smartstay and camera burst are the 2 features i would give up for CM. hopefully some dev will create a flashable zip for that

  • Steve Dion

    LOL, yeah really good idea:

    Current known issues for releases below!


    – Phone can dial out, but cannot end call or exit phone app without force closing it
    – Cannot receive phone calls
    – USB functions not working
    – Camera Touch Focus is misbehaving; don’t use it for now.
    – Voicemail Issues
    – Camera Storage Point Issues

    Give me a break! I prefer the stock TouchWiz to having to put up with a bunch of garbage like above.

    • monsterduc1000

      These are just early nightlies Steve Dion. Give them a chance and the CM (and other modders as well) boys will AMAZE you. My Nexus S has never run so good as it does now with CM9 🙂

  • fox4305

    what about the Videotron version ? SGH-T999V ??.. i try the one for Wind but i get error on the flashing process (abort installation).

    can you help me with that ?

    • Stonedtree

      I’m Having the same issue with the at&t one and im a bell costumer. should work same phone.

    • fox4305

      i see somewhere that we need to remove a line from the installation script to make it work on our phone

    • Stonedtree

      where did you see this? =)

    • Stonedtree

      Did it work for you? It didnt for me. Now when I try and flash just says aborted, instead of the work device BS.

    • fox4305

      i don’t do this because i don’t trust this method… i’m scare to brick my device…

  • alex


    Thats why I love android.
    Consumers need to edit their phones to get it working at its optimal and figure out all of the bugs on their own.

    Rediculous. Worked with Fedora and Redhat why not Android.

    Love google and all of the morons on xda who buy these products.