Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean now rolling out to Galaxy Nexus devices


  • djino

    Just installed a 4.1.1 rom from XDA. No Issues so far 🙂

  • bbrydges

    guessing ill have to flash this via CWM as I did the same with 4.1 when it was released. Not seeing 4.1.1 yet via OTA.

  • Blaxx

    Got the update this morning on my yakju Galaxy Nexus previously running Android 4.0.4

  • animal instinct

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious jelly beans….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm lag free……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    thank you google. i love you

  • Oto

    Just checked on my rogers phone, nothing.

    Has anyone updated and tested exchange server? Mine still won’t send emails since rogers never updated pasted 4.0.2

    • NexusFreak

      My Gnex from Rogers is still on 4.0.1! Rogers is f*****g useless when it comes to pushing down updates, I hones’t can’t wait until the day Google sells phones from play store in Canada.

  • Krispera

    Nothing on Bell, obviously. Time to root or flash !

  • Jeff A

    and here us Note users (Rogers) are still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich. What a crock.

  • Der

    Still nothing and I have the Takju build 🙁


  • Therm0

    Jeff A, I feel your pain, I have a RAZR and also still waiting for 4.0.4 🙁 And doubtful either of us will see 4.1.1.

  • Varroa

    Nothing on Bell with with yakju (currently at 4.0.4)

  • Alex

    I’m still on 4.01 with Rogers

    I don’t get my hopes high as these articles posted 4.02 and 4.04 and I never got.
    I expect this one…but perhaps in a few weeks

    • Hub

      Google official answer: blame the carrier.

  • Dylan K

    Surprised to see that the “Nexus” Line from the major carriers aren’t as up to date as other devices around the same age. Both HTC Evo and Raider are up to 4.0.3 right now.

    Also, gotta give time for the carriers to test and throw their bloatware into the new OTA update. Expect a little wait (or alot)

  • Nomes


    I have the Razr and Note and still waiting. I was going to patch the razr with the leaked Rogers ICS build but then saw the note from Moto that stated update will be out mid july.

    Maybe rogers will surprise us and push it out with 4.1. Now I pinch myself and wake up.

  • haxor99

    Nothing yet on yakjuux

    • reign

      Will Yakjuux even get it? I thought that build was getting updates from Samsung, not Google.

    • Jeff

      Who knows where that build is coming from…but being stuck on 4.0.1 on a “nexus device” is annoying as hell and sure makes me wonder about my phone choice.

    • AndroidRootGuy

      Move to YAKJU builds.

  • Awkward Turtle

    Still on 4.02 here :/

    Im worried about upgrading to 4.1 though – i love my flash.

  • EmperumanV

    Have flashed my GN to yakju 4.0.4 and still nothing. Too bad the image on Google is for the takju build. Bleh. I thought with yakju its updated from Google on the get go?

  • Brett

    Nothing yet… 4.0.4 yakju virgin canada

  • Ron Mexico

    This is why you only buy Nexus for Android, many are still waiting for the OEM’s to release their modified version of Ice Cream Sandwich and us Nexus owners are enjoying Jelly Bean already. A lot of these devices probably wont even see Jelly Bean, OEM’s will give you one OS update if you’re lucky then they want you to buy the newest model to get the lateset OS.

    Nexus FTW!

    • Hub

      Except if you got Nexus One. 22 month after, Google no longer supports it. We’ll see how long for Nexus S…

    • Tom

      Perhaps you got your N1 22 months ago, but it has been out for much longer then that.

      I sympathize with some complainers, particularly when the manufacturer has released an update and the carrier is blocking it, but I think there has to be a limit and 2 years is about right. The N1 is beyond 2 years.

      BTW, I’m using an N1 right now, but I got it 2.5 years ago (Jan 2010).

  • Mike

    Anyone try to update to 4.1.1 from 4.0.1 using the TAJKU final?

  • wewewi

    Has everybody forgot it’ll make u loose Flash?

    Not so eager now.

  • StereoMike

    “This is why you only buy Nexus for Android”

    Yeah right, I have the Galaxy Nexus and I’m stuck at 4.0.1 :rolleyes:

    Stupid Bell…

    • Jeff

      Rogers is on 4.0.1 as well. Some people say the update comes from Samsung for us in Canada. Maybe for Canada they should rebrand it to Galaxy NexusF for fake…we should be getting updates too.

  • Dean H

    Got my OTA update for 4.1.1 on takju. GREAT!

  • Moehinder

    got mine by doing this:

    Manually set your date and time on your phone ahead by a couple weeks and search for updates again. I did Aug 2012

    Try |manage APPs -> ALL->Google services Framework: clear data| and do the check in code in the dialer,
    dial*#*#2432546#*#* If you did the code right the numbers will disappear and you will get a notification that says “check in complete” or something to that effect.”

    worked like a charm.

    • Oto

      @ Moehinder

      This didnt work work on my Rogers phone running 4.0.2

      I get ‘Checkin successful’

    • Thas

      You’re lucky if you get it on the first try. You’ll probably have to do this upwards up 20 times, but it does work. Don’t waste your time doing this unless you know your version the the Galaxy Nexus is actually getting an OTA update now.

    • Moehinder

      I was on 4.0.4 before using w/ yakju, the instructions listed before should work for all builds though. It took my phone to get the update in a couple of hours after running this command, I had to run it twice.

  • Dean H

    StereoMike, you would want to flash your galaxy nexus to either yakju or takju so that Google, not Robelus/Samsung update your GN.If you google and follow the instruction, it is not very hard to do.

    • BobDobbs

      Do you have a link for these instructions?

  • Mike

    @Moehinder which firmware are you on?

  • Thas

    Flashed the update via CWM yesterday to go from version 4.1 to 4.1.1. The major difference is speed.

    For those wondering, Adobe flash still works on 4.1.1; you just can’t download it from the Play Store anymore.

  • Smee

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Carriers (Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc) have absolutely nothing to do with updates for the Galaxy Nexus. In Canada all stock models of the Nexus (yakjuux) are maintained by Samsung.

    When in doubt flash a (yakju or takju) factory image from google itself to work around it. The EU radios work fine here.

    Also, OTA updates roll out over time, sometimes it takes a week or two for the updates to happen.

    In the case of 4.0.2 for yakjuux, the rollout started and there was an issue so Samsung halted the rollout….and has done nothing since.

    Hopefully they just give it up and give the takju rollout to all yakjuux models.

    • whatseriously

      Not saying this is 100% right either, but the twist on this I received from a Telus tech is that – it’s true that Samsung pushes the updates but they only do so when Telus gives them the all clear. He indicated that the builds they had received so far were not acceptable so Telus never gave the all clear. It’s a nice little twist that conveniently let’s each organization ‘blame’ the other for slow updates.

  • Dan

    I envy you Galaxy Nexus users a little bit. It’s still going to take a few more days for the CM team to get CM10 working on the GS2.

    There is an alpha port already, but its quite a bit buggy and nowhere near a daily driver.

  • jeepeebee

    I’ve called Samsung on this issue and the representative told me that 4.1 was coming to Nexus HSPA+ soon. When I asked him if the update will come to those with 4.0.1 (which is my case), he told me that I should see an update for 4.0.4. After explaining to him that 4.1 is not 4.0.4 (about three times), he told me that Google did not give Samsung Canada any information about the 4.1 rollout and hang up the phone on me…… WHAT THE FUCK!!!\!?!?!?!

  • lirodon

    I’ve had enough of this yakjuux BS. Definitely looking into flashing this once there’s a good working ROM

  • bbrydges

    for anyone who isnt seeing the update, i just did this and it worked, on rogers.

    /settings/apps/all/google services framework/

    Once it opens clear data and force stop it.

    /settings/about phone/check for updates.

    it took me about 7 or 8 tries of doing the steps above each time.. but finally got it

    • g-thor

      Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like it is based on alchemical or magical rules, though, as I just ran through it 10 times and still says I am up to date with 4.0.1.

      Doesn’t it strike you as just wrong that we have to jump through hoops like this to get an update we’ve been told we’d get. The updates are the only reason I bought a Goggle branded Nexus – the ONLY reason. Otherwise I would have gone with a different Samsung phone – probably the Note.

  • technodork

    I’m on the Telus version on 4.0.2 I dunno if @Moehinder’s tip would work on my version? Anyone try this with their Telus GN?


      You need to move to Yakju!

  • Guillaume

    If I flashed the version released at Google I/O, will it be updated via OTA or do I have to flash it manually to 4.1.1 to be back on the correct “branch” ?

    • bbrydges

      I did the same and was able to force the update with the steps i posted above.

    • Thas

      Not sure what you mean by correct branch, but there is an OTA update being rolled out for the people who are on th I/O version.

  • coochiecoo

    the device should upgrade without any problems buying a nexus would be pointless if you have to wait for carrier. there are many other phones out there that are better hardware wise getting updates is a big selling point for the nexus. phones should not be on lockdown.

  • Ron Mexico

    I can’t help but lol at all the “I’m still on 4.0.1” comments, guys unlock your bootloader and flash it yourselves!!! It’s a Nexus!!!

  • kramer

    Galaxy nexus from telus, still on 4.0.1 ….

    • Me Ted

      Same here. I called them about this and the guy was effing clueless. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as they dropped it altogether from their lineup after only 6 months.

  • asdf

    Good joke.

  • technodork

    I’m on yakju – maguro 4.0.2 anyone have this build and get the update or what can I do to get it updated to 4.1?

  • jason

    I bought a galaxy nexus for the “nexus expierience” ie. Getting updates first. i shouldnt have to flash anything. Still stuck on 4.0.1 with telus. Not complaing, im sure updates will come eventually. The next nexus i buy will be from google thats for sure.

    • Me Ted

      You and I appear to be in the same boat and Telus doesn’t seem to give a damn. I’m seriously doubting that we’re even getting the 4.1 JB update based on their record with the GN so far.

  • Bob

    Meanwhile, Apple releases iOS 6 for the iPhone 3GS…

  • Yesa

    I’m on Mobility City Stuck at ICS 4.0.1 I9250UGKL1
    I really want to update to JB .. No idea what is (yakju or takju) #?@$#?@ Speak English PELASE …

    Why is sooo hard to learn this stuff … ?

    PLease help … 🙂

    • Thas

      Go to Maps>settings>about

      Once you do that, it will tell you what you have under the “device” section. If you bought the phone in Canada, chances are that you’re on yakjuux which means Samsung Canada handles your updates. They tend to be slow, so you’re better off flashing to yakju or takju(both of which are updated quickly by Google).

    • belw

      yakju = ice cream sandwich firmware (android 4.0.4) for the Galaxy Nexus, meant for internaltional models.

      takju = same as yakju but also includes Google Wallet, meant for US models of the Galaxy Nexus

      yakjuux = same as yakju, but meant for Canadian models of Galaxy Nexus

      there are also firmware versions for Korea, Japan, Australia, China, Eastern Europe, etc.

      Google directly supports yakju and takju, but none of others. *Samsung* provides support for the other versions.

      This is why so many Canadian Galaxy Nexus owners are stuck on ealier versions of the Ice Cream Sandwich, they are using the device with Canadian firmware, and Samsung is late delivering the update.

      However, all versions of the Galaxy Nexus have the same hardware, and it is possible to root the device, install yakju, and thereafter, you will receive updates from Google instead.

  • S81

    I’m on yakju, ICS 4.0.4 on Bell. No Jelly Bean OTA yet. Hopefully it will update in the next couple of days. Otherwise, it’s manual flash time again!

  • bbrydges

    ATTENTION everyone complaining about no updates.. do the following (already posted this once):

    for anyone who isnt seeing the update, i just did this and it worked, on rogers.

    /settings/apps/all/google services framework/

    Once it opens clear data and force stop it.

    /settings/about phone/check for updates.

    it took me about 7 or 8 tries of doing the steps above each time.. but finally got it

    2 other friends both on telus have also confirmed this works. One of them had to try 15 times or so to get it to work lol.. good luck.

    • Hai Tran

      Does not work

    • ElNad

      Did this a hundred times. Doesn’t work.

  • Thomas

    just checked my galaxy nexus for the update and still no update come on Wind Mobile

  • Anona

    Nexus devices were meant to be unlocked. Stop complaining about the carrier not pushing it out and update yourself.

    • Jeff

      One of the main selling points of a nexus device is that it receives OTA updates from Google. Nobody should have to flash anything and the average user sure as hell isn’t going to know to do this. It looks terrible for Android.

  • bbrydges

    people cant seem to read other peoples posts.. so i give up.. lol.

    • SteveM

      When you and your Telus friends received the update using this method what version were you on to begin with? Also were you guys a Yakju build or Yakjuux?

  • Zoomus

    I have tried all suggestions and nothing no update yet, I bought mine at Bell but I installed Yakju, I am on 4.0.4 Build IMM76I, will I get it in the next few days or should I do it manually ?


  • dizzle

    Im on yakjuux 4.0.1 on wind mobile has anyone recieved jelly bean ota for yakjuux?

  • jonathan

    On rogers and I’m still on 4.0.1 is there any way to force the the 4.1 ota update.

  • dizzle

    Ive been trying to force an update for months, and trying to flash is confusing as hell

  • Jake

    @YESA yakju and takju are versions of the Galaxy nexus updated directly from google if you have Yakjuux its updated by samsung. There used to be a tool on the market to check dont know what happened to it. It was called GN official update checker

    • Thas

      It’s still there; it just doesn’t show up when you search the play store on your phone. That method is obsolete anyway.

  • Matt

    How to force the update?

  • bob

    welcome back, article!

  • Scott

    This is not funny, I’m still on 4.0.1 on my galaxy nexus, everytime I check for updates, it keeps saying my device is up to date. This phone is garbage when it comes to updates from google, I thought that nexus phones get updates really quickly, but I made a mistake getting this phone.

  • Sean

    I couldn’t wait for the OTA so I just flashed now and it is awesome and easy to do. Now on 4.1.1 yakju!

  • Sean

    @Scott. Unless you bought it from Google you have to wait on Samsung to approve the update which does suck. If bought from Google and not a carrier (ie. Rogers, Bell etc…) you would get the updates first. Just follow the instructions online and switch to Yakju which will get you updates only from Google. The phone does not suck one bit but the carriers and Samsung suck. Search Yakju on google it’s honestly very, very simple.

  • Technodork

    Is there a way to flash your phone to do the update without wiping your phone data? Or is rooting it then installing it better?

  • Anthony


  • someone

    got the bell internal version of the nexus it still isn’t getting it, and you guys are still waiting for OTA 4.0.4 for the note?, that has been out for two months now.

  • Peter

    I said screw it and installed the Takju build on my phone. now rocking 4.1.1

  • rohit

    anyone do the update on fido yet? i checked and it says my phone is up to date.. i’m on 4.02. might jus flash it now if it doesn’t come within a few weeks

  • terryb

    Just getting my Jelly Bean update now. I’m on Fido with a flashed build of yaku

  • EmperumanV

    @terryb – Nice. Hopefully with my phone being on yakju 4.0.4 flashed from Google, I should receive mine as well. On Bell here.

  • adr

    got 4.1.1 and it runs great smoother, butter s**t 🙂

  • jesseps

    I flashed the Jelly Bean radio XXLF1 and primelc03 bootloader and restarted the phone. A few minutes later the phone updated. The way I did it, completely wiped the phone, but at least it is running 4.1.1 now.

  • Ted Bundy

    Also forgot to mention!
    You will need to format / wipe your entire data. Just backup your apps (I used Astro File Manager – free version) later after the JB installation just re-install them apps again (kind of pain in the rear). Took me like around 20 mins in total (not including the re-installation of the apps)

    CMW touch really makes the installation really simple.
    While you are at it, also backup your current ROM (just incase). You can use either team win’s backup feature or CWM’s

    It’s worth the hassle folks! The touch screen is very responsive now…smooth just like the way google promised it.

  • Boby

    One thing I forgot…backup all your data first 🙂

  • bawa62

    I got my jellybean update today after doing Google Services Framework > Clear Data, Stop App 3 times (this trick does work!).

    I had switched from YAKJUUX to YAKJU yesterday (GSM, HSPA+).

    I gotta say Jellybean is freaking buttery smooth!
    (Vancouver, Canada, Fido carrier)

  • Cherif Awad

    Just got the OTA Jelly Bean update last night. Really nice! I’m in Quebec using Bell. I’m runnning stock Yakju which I flashed on my Bell commissioned Galaxy Nexus. No root and the bootloader is locked. Hang in there all of you waiting for the OTA. It’s worth it.


  • Nathen

    FINALLY got TIRED of waiting for ROGERS to update I was still STUCK on 4.01 like SOOOO many others here.


    Went to You tube, followed XDA video, and I am NOW ON Jelly Bean 4.1.1

    SO AMAZING! It is AWESOME ! I love it.

    Carriers are so Fu…cken hopeless.

    ROOT your phone and BE FREE !!!

  • Varroa

    Got the OTA update on my yakju on the bell network yesterday, it is blazing fast!

    • Varroa

      Sorry, more info. I was running 4.0.4 and I got 4.1.1 OTA.

  • Marcelo

    My Rogers GNex is being updated right now from 4.04 to “4.1”! 🙂

    Didn’t think it would be so soon to be honest…

  • Marcelo

    Update completed, rocking 4.1.1, babe!

  • Marcelo

    Viber doesn’t like jelly bean 🙁

  • ismail

    did work on the 1st try

  • yoda

    Switch to yakju 4.0.4 then hit check updates once boom 4.1.1 and blazing fast and not bugging love it.

  • Yakjuux Sux

    need update for Canadian yakjuux

  • FrustratedAsHell

    Copied this from the Samsung Facebook page. It’s a response to a question about getting Jellybean.

    Samsung Mobile Canada ‎@Sean Jackson At the moment we don’t have anything to share in respect to Jellybean for Nexus or any other Galaxy devices.

  • Josh

    guys I finally had enough waiting for an update past 4.0.1 for six months. Today I went to XDA, switched to 4.0.4 on yakju and then to the latest and OFFICIAL 4.1.1. The whole process took about 2 hours of my time (I’m a n00b) but now the jellybeans taste frikking awesome and I couldn’t be any happier. All of this is without rooting my phone or anything just unlocking the bootloader until the updates are done and then I locked it back again.

  • Ryan

    On yakjuux, GNex from Fido Canada. NOTHING. Stuck on 4.0.1.

    I’ve read Fido/Rogers has nothing to do with the updates. Samsung does (for yakjuux). Google is responsible from takju and yakju.

    Canadians get the s**t at the end of the stick.

  • moe

    Does anybody know how to get jelly bean without rooting the phone? I want to put the yakju built on. If somebody could provide me with the xda link, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance

  • Bird

    Woot force stopping Google Service Framework really worked!

    No root no nothing, from 4.0.4

    Settings> Apps> all> google service framework> clear data> force stop


    Settings> about phone> system updates> check

  • db

    What network you on Bird? Anyone successfully update on Fido? Currently on 4.0.2 and no luck using GSF trick.

  • db

    Ok, got tired of waiting, figured you have to be on 4.0.4 to get 4.1 update so I followed the directions on this thread and got JB on first try after updating to 4.0.4

  • M Man

    Just received the OTA update yesterday (mine is a takju directly from Google Play).

    Still trying out the new functionalities, but I do notice the UI is quite a bit faster.

  • nader emami

    Still haven’t got the 4.0.4 update let alone the 4.1 or the 4.1.1. Wtf is this? I have gsm i9250 galaxy nexus on bell canada.

  • majortom

    I believe that the reason for the delay may be due to the apps that bell loads. When I was on yakjuux 4.01 the bell mobile TV app worked perfectly. Now that I’m on yakju 4.1.1 the bell apps don’t work. I imagine that they won’t push an update until their app is compatible.

  • JayDub

    Got my upgrade to 4.1.1 over the air last night. Telus mobility in Victoria. Nexus S previously running ICS.

  • Dominic

    I was stuck on 4.0.1 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus (Bell Mobility). I followed the instructions provided in an earlier post to upgrade to 4.0.4 and then, I could update OTA to 4.1.1

    Fully enjoying Jelly Bean now!

  • rjaikaran

    did not get the update yet, still on 4.0.1 which is bull s**t

  • m2k GNEX

    Got tired of waiting. So I backed up all my app info. and flashed to takju. Got the the message to update to 4.1.1 within 10 minutes after. No problems OS runs buttery smooth.

  • ProPAL

    I got tired of waiting too. My wife’s Nexus S got updated to JB before my phone was just ridiculous. We’re both on Fido. I downloaded the Wugfresh GNex Root toolkit and it installed Yakju 4.0.4 when I directed too. Then instantly upon start-up I got prompted for the JB upgrade.

    The JB upgrade is excellent and the Project Butter feel was woth the hassle. Now my desktop docks work as intended.

  • alphagob

    I bought my GNex from Bell and put a Telus SIM card in it. It is a yakjuux device so no updates since I first bought it. The significant upgrades to Jelly Bean enticed me to finally follow the instructions on XDA developers in order to flash 4.0.4 Yakju. Within an hour of flashing Yakju I got the OTA Jelly Bean notification. The process took me a few hours because I was a noob but it was fairly painless and everything is working great now!

  • glen

    lucky you guys got update for me am still stock on 4.01 first nexus ever with Bell since december 2011 no update dont want to root i guess will be stock forever

  • Haywood Jablome

    Rogers Galaxy Nexus received OTA update this morning

  • bugsbee

    just got OTA from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 for my GN, I’m using Rogers in Canada… finally get got it

  • mike b

    i have a galaxy nexus on 4.0.2 with Fido. its weird cause i got updated to 4.0.2 yesterday. still no sign/update for 4.1 for me yet

  • Jordan

    Have a Galaxy Nexus on Telus, still stuck on 4.0.2. Getting kinda tired of not having any update of any sort. Not at all what I expected when I upgraded to this phone.

  • ahah

    Just got jellybean Ota for wind mobile

  • Jeff

    I tried clearing Google System Framework data and stopping the service and then checking for an update. Did not help to get Jelly Bean.
    Galaxy Nexus Kelowna BC TELUS and currently still on 4.0.2 for a week now.

  • Simon Tremblay

    Just to say that I just received yesterday the update of 4.1.1.

    Galaxy Nexus, with Bell Mobility, Quebec, Canada

  • Jean-Frédéric Duplessis

    In Montreal with Bell Mobility, I received 4.0.2 last week. Then this morning, BAM! Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update appeared OTA. 🙂 Was worth the (long indeed) wait.

  • Caleb

    Just got jellybean on my yakjuuk Galaxy Nexus!!!!!!!!

  • Kris Starev

    JB 4.1 rolling out on the Telus Network as of tonight.
    I already got it.

  • stu

    I have a galaxies nexus and my provider Telus Canada updated me to jellybean on Sept 18.2012.