Samsung officially opens first retail store in Canada


  • gurtej08

    3…2…1 OMG They copied Apple.

    • kon

      apple store and sony store. which one u think opened first?

    • Neptune

      Honestly, can the South Koreans actually think for themselves or they just copy American products/stores?


      all copycat products produced and all garbage flooding the market.


    • fakiki

      they obviously did otherwise you would not have said it.

    • Purported

      Hopefully they will open an online store for Canada too!
      This would create the easiest way to buy ” The international Versions” of the Samsung phones.

      You would avoid the hassle of activating an account, keeping the phone and cancelling the account, all this just to get a BRANDED phone with Bloatware, that you still have to unlock and root.

      Buying a “Samsung Phone” directly from Samsung would save you a lot money, time and effort. Updates would be faster, re selling value higher and life expectancy longer in general!

    • Rio

      This looks exactly like an Apple store. Yes Apple did not invent the retail store but they did have a recipe for it which Samsun has copied to the tee.

      Even the employee clothes are the same colours lmao.

      And Sony stores differ very much from Apple stores.

    • Rio

      Except Apple stores don’t look identical to Sony stores.

    • merkur

      Honestly, can the South Koreans actually think for themselves or they just copy American products/stores?


      all copycat products produced and all garbage flooding the market.

    • gurtej08

      @Kon Buddy I was being sarcastic. Way to bring realism to a joke

  • ShadowFist23

    I remember how well this worked for Sony – and they had a lot more to sell. I give the Samsung store a year at best.

    • KL

      cut Samsung some slack….i’m looking forward to seeing them sell their fridges, stoves, washers and dryers in these stores. Sony never sold those products 🙂

  • Simian

    Hrm if it wasn’t in Metrotown I’d be tempted to check it out. Maybe if it does well enough they’ll open up another location DT.

    • Copolii

      LOL … Mr. Too cool for the suburbs … There’s an Apple store for you downtown.

  • Sonny

    I’d rather they copy hooters and have hooter like girls to help the customers…

  • crimsona

    Do they do repairs at the store? That’s the major differentiator at Apple stores

    • Netguru

      That is a great question. Since the MS makes no mention of it, I read the Sun article. They wrote “if you keep going right to the back, you’ll find Samsung’s version of the Apple Genius Bar, an area set aside for one-to-one or group demonstrations to help customers put the devices through their paces.” That doesn’t mean they do repairs though.

      The other key point MS left out is this “Another difference in Samsung’s store opening is the presence of a silent (and secret) partner. While Politeski said while Samsung won’t identify the partner, when asked if it was one of Canada’s wireless companies, he agreed that it is.” So is this store carrier-neutral as MS suggests or is it skewed to one carrier/secret partner?

  • James

    Burnaby? At least open in Toronto. Center of the universe would give you a better bet.

    • Nick

      It’s based on how good your Canadian hockey team is. 😉 :p

    • Bill

      Vancouver is better then Toronto, Toronto is a Newyork wannabe

    • Nathan

      For those of you not from Vancouver, Metrotown Burnaby is the largest mall in the Metro Vancouver region. It has the highest traffic and has the highest Asian-Canadian population density.

      Those two reasons are pretty good reasons to start a store there.

  • Joe Biden

    Next location, Iqaluit, Nunavut.

  • John

    This is great. I can FINALLY get some accessories for my Samsung products when they’re released. I hate waiting up to, and sometimes over,a year before we get some good accessories.

  • Sean

    Hopefully they work like apple and let you bring devices in for repair and replacement I have a Galaxy nexus that I need to send in for warranty

  • D Kupiec

    Are they selling unlocked phones?

  • John

    Apples lawyer is already working on the lawsuit, the store copies theirs.

  • animal instinct

    apple will sue for opening a store.??

    yes indeed they will.

    • PeterA

      Apple will sue them not for opening a store, but for patent infingement because the employees are wearing blue tops. 🙂

  • metoo

    I wonder is Samsung is still suing Apple product displays in their store, like the did in Europe.

    Apple won’t sue, but man it would be nice if Samsung could use their own brains for once. I guess that while their appeal to the users they do.

    Also, this is not really a Samsung store. Apple owns their stores, Samsung does not own these stores. They licensed their name to the company that runs WirelessWave/TBooth, so expect that level of service.

    • metoo

      Doh! Typos.
      I wonder is Samsung is still using Apple product displays in their store, like the did in Europe.

      Apple won’t sue, but man it would be nice if Samsung could use their own brains for once. I guess that’s why they appeal to the users they do.

      Also, this is not really a Samsung store. Apple owns their stores, Samsung does not own these stores. They licensed their name to the company that runs WirelessWave/TBooth, so expect that level of service.

  • Andy

    how can this be considered copping, anyone especially apple?…they didn’t invent the store, or a dedicated store…who invented the drive through, does Micky d’s sue burger king because they both have drive throughs?…idea stealers…who was the first to open a mobile phone carrier store?… off agents all of them…this is the problem today somethings just arent innovation break throughs..I love how the apple store looks and runs…but they didn’t invent that…

    • Andy

      sorry my spelling is not great 🙂

    • metoo

      No one said Apple invented retail stores, that’s just another weak fandroid strawman. Apple took the idea of a dedicated retail store, at a time when it was considered a really bad idea, and turned it into the most successful retail store concept in the world.

      So, while Apple did not invent the retail store concept, it is obvious that Samsung (and MS) only went with the idea because of Apple. If Apple had not done the retail stores or had done them badly, then Samsung would not be opening stores now. In that sense, they have copied Apple’s lead. Samsung has never been known as an originator or innovator of ideas. They’ve only ever waited to see what works for others and they created pale imitations.

    • Dan

      The most successful retail store concept in the world? Really? Any more amazing “facts” you wanna pull out of your a*s? Are you delusional or just slow? Wait you’re an Apple fan, that’s probably a compliment to you.

    • metoo

      Dan, not sure what level of school you dropped out in but you are living proof that Android attracts the r*****s. Yes, Apple generates more sales per square foot that any other company. i.e. the most successful.

      Reading shouldn’t be that hard Dan. You only make yourself look foolish again.

    • metoo

      Da, you may want to call your mom upstairs and see if she can google it for you (just wait for me to take my d!ick out of her a$$)

    • Rio

      If you do a simple Google search you will see that Apple’s revenue per square foot beats every single store on the market. No other store even comes close.

      If that doesn’t make them the most successful retail store then please do tell me what does.

  • Petephone

    Can’t believe golf/polo shirts are still
    considered stylish for employees.

  • jeff

    What do you think they are going to wear petephone? Kilts, tank tops, dress shirts. Polo style shirts are comfortable while still offering a little class with a collar. T-shirts at work are for warehouse workers and low class establishments. Oh and companies trying to be “kewl”

  • Matt

    I hope they open one in Edmonton.

  • Tminus

    Its looks like a knockoff apple store. To the fandroids who don’t think so, your i****s. Did they have to put them in the same exact blue that apple employees wear?

  • Weston1975

    They opened their first location in Burnaby?!! Who was the genius that thought that would be a good idea?

    • Mike

      Burnaby has a huge Asian population and Asians love Samsung. It’s also the largest mall in BC and 2nd largest mall in Canada I believe.

  • JesseS

    Supposed to go to rogers today to sign my wife up and get a galaxy S3, certainly will drive the extra 10 minutes and go here to get it!

  • SamsungIsAwesome

    a) To all those people saying that Samsung copied Apple: get over it. It’s like saying your a clothing store copied your favorite clothing store just because they used the same design of racks. If you look around in retail (even just the big department stores), you’ll see they merchandise their products in a very similar way. So, for 2 companies who both sell cellphones and tablets, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

    b) About the Samsung t-shirts, this has been the same style of t-shirt worn by Samsung store reps for retailers. I wasn’t surprised at all that this would be what they would choose for the Samsung Store

  • Mike

    Oh goodie. Now I can pay $30 retail for a screen protector. I’ll still be getting all my accessories off eBay.

  • Nathan

    i want to work there!

    • metoo

      Of course you do. As with many Android users, retail is a worthy career goal.

  • SamsungFan

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I am so sick of seeing Apple stores open everywhere. Now we will have somewhere to go too! Samsung is taking over. They are going to beat Apple everywhere. I guarantee that Samsing will outsell Apple stores. I can’t wait to see them open up in Yorkdale. They should open a store like 10x bigger than Apple stores and stock it with everything they sell. And I love the uniforms the wear. I want one. I’d wear it. And having somewhere to bring my busted phones to get a free one will be great. I smahed up my GN and my SII fell out of my buddies car. My b***h carrier says they won’t fix them or replace them, so I am so glad Samsung will be here to do the right thing.

  • Nathen


    “Honestly, can the South Koreans actually think for themselves or they just copy American products/stores? ”

    Honestly can APPLE STOP using SAMSUNG to biuld it’s products? or they just make it alone?
    You people are so shallow if you think America is the forfront of EVERYTHING.
    LOL …You think every idea comes from APPLE ? LMAO
    APPLE has not innovated ever.

    Someone should come out with a PC and call it ORANGE. Just to piss off the iSHEEP.

    • metoo

      Yes Nathen, Samsung is great a filling orders for parts, especially when the customer does the R&D and just pays them to fab the parts. They’ve never been the good with their own products, unless they see someone else first. It isn’t always Apple.

      fantards make the best posts here.

  • skarphace

    If you read the source article, at the end it mentions that “a Canadian wireless company” is partnering with them to open this store. So I wonder if they will be selling unlocked phones or just like the Sony store their phones would be locked.

  • Gunnar

    The tables, the wall displays, the shirts, the knock-off “genius” bar. This isn’t about android vs Apple. This is just a blatant rip-off.

  • Theblob

    The Samsung logo is blue guys. That’s probably why the staff are wearing that color.

  • superfly

    @james….Toronto… of the universe? Ha ha ha ha……loser city sounds more accurate. That’s what everyone from Toronto thinks…that their city is the center of the universe. when the rest of the world already had huge cities people living in the gta where still scratching the ground with a pointy stick.

  • theros

    Given that one of the towers attached to the mall used to be the Rogers Cantel Tower and Rogers is still one of the largest tenants there… well, I’d be surprised if their main backer wasn’t Rogers.

    While it’d also be nice to be wrong, since it was mentioned that they have rate plan info on the big three and their “value” brands, it’s also pretty likely that all of their products are SIM locked as well.

    • Mr. Reliable

      Im fairly sure I remember reading somewhere that their backer was Telus actually.

    • Guy

      Their backer is actually Glentel. The guys who run Wirelesswave, T-Booth, Wireless etc..

  • Deli

    Exynos is ALL SAMSUNG as its their own R&D on the CPUs, GPUs, memory, so on. Apple buys it, slaps the A# on it and called it their own.
    Samsung is the only company that can FAB the amount of parts for Apple’s demand.

    • metoo

      Sorry Deli, but you are full of it. Yes, Samsung does do much of the fabbing for Apple’s processor’s. No they are not Samsung’s designs. Seriously, do all fantards have to post inaccurate, dishonest crap?

  • Slype

    lol, metoo.

    You will look pretty stupid if the rumour is true that Apple is basing their iPhone 5 chipset off of Samsungs’ Exynos 4 .

    And if they don’t, you will only look like the atypical elistist snob that Samsung is only too happy to depict in their commercials.

    Heck, you probably are a barrista and think you are some kind of cool artist. Or maybe you are a daddy’s boy who like to drive his BMW and illegally use parking spots meant for the disabled. Yup – everytime you post something. You just reinforce the steretype of iPhone user. I’m anxious to hear your next knock on the homeless. Are you going to start disparaging single mothers next? Seem like your style…

    • Dim

      Yep and you reinforce the stereotype of a typical android user…a complete douche. I’m pretty confused on what he said that made you so butthurt.

  • joe

    Backed by glentel.

  • Brent

    Looks fantastic! I was by there on Saturday before it opened and saw staff demoing tablets and phones outside the blocked off store front.

    Like many others have said, I want to see international and unlocked Galaxy phones here! Cut the carriers out completely and let’s get the product straight from the source! I’d love to see other unlocked 3G/4G LTE tablet models in Canada as well.

  • Simble

    All bloody phones… I noticed they had the new Samsung tube-amp hifi advertised on the boards while it was under construction.. guess it’s all just phones and tablets though.

    I officially dropped out of the Android race to empty bank account. $200 Lumia 710 on Wind and all is normal again

  • Pahech

    Unlike Apple, Samsung’s logo is actually predominantly blue and thus it makes sense for them to wear blue.

    Apple didn’t patent a colour, nor did they patent the act of opening a store; they probably want to do it though.

  • BB

    i agree Nathen…..these tools think everyone copies apple. today i have a blue shirt on and am standing next to my desk. I stole the concept from apple. P.s. if your phone is so easy to use why do you need a store?????????????????? i know why because your stuff is crap!

  • Mark

    So now Apple has the patent for blue employee shirts, rectangles with round edges, ‘swiping’ to do anything, opening a retail store…etc etc. Litigation continues!

  • Ramir

    its funny how people are commenting about the color of their shirts and saying that they are copying apple, don’t they know that the color of samsung is blue? look at the logo its blue. it wouldn’t make any sense if they wore orange or red as a color for their shirt.

  • jesssss

    The color blue is known to be calming and promote productivity. Employees at Best Buy wear blue shirts and I don’t hear anyone complain about that.

    Apple doesn’t have rights over opening a retail store, they just took an idea and revamped it to make it work in terms of sales. There have been Sony Stores and Dell kiosks before the Apple Store, Apple just made it a more appealing environment and are the first to do so, finding much success. And, because they attract a lot people, competitors want a piece of that. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

    I’m sure the first person who opened the first pizza restaurant found success with no one to compete with, but just because another shop opens down the street doesn’t mean their copiers, they just want a piece of the action; that’s the nature of business. It’s more of a compliment that way. Maybe they just have different ideas and techniques for customer service, you won’t know if it’ll be better or not until you go in and experience it for yourself.

  • Richard Russell

    Why are people complaining that it opened in Burnaby? It’s the second largest mall in the country and if you have ever seen it definitely the most crowded.