Nokia to license MeeGo patents to startup Jolla


  • jellmoo

    This should make for a nice niche product. I love the N9 and am excited to see what that team can put together. I can’t imagine anyone would think that this will be a serious competitor, but could make for a great device provided you don’t need a bevy of apps.

  • Thilan

    I absolutely love my N9. The UI is just so easy to use and intuitive and I’m not a person that spends tons of time on their phone so the small app selection is not an issue for me…the essentials are there.

    Too bad Nokia canned Meego and went with WP. If they had released Meego earlier they might actually be competing with Android and iOS instead of being stuck in a distant 3rd place.

    • jellmoo

      I love the N9 and think it is an amazing, amazing phone. But it never had a chance as a legit contender simply because Nokia is too small a company to create an ecosystem that can truly compete against Apple and Google. Developer support simply would never have been there.

      I wish that they had been able to keep MeeGo/Harmattan work going as a side project for the niche fans, but they needed a strong partnership with a bigger company in order to have a chance.

  • Eerde

    “Nokia to license MeeGo patents to startup Jolla”.
    OK… so ?

    “Jolla said that it was licensing Nokia’s MeeGo patents”.
    Seems ‘natural’.

    “(Nokia)…but we have not gifted Nokia patents to any of them, including Jolla”.
    No not gifted but paid !

    I am hopeful !

  • david

    Good luck Nokia!

  • rpasea

    To the N9 users out there: does MeeGo sync with anything like iOS?

  • Simble

    Unfortunately I doubt Jolla can create a phone with the same kind of appealing hardware design as the N9.

  • John Mann

    The first thing the Jolla team might wanna deliver would be a Jolla OS upgrade for the N900, N9 … and Lumia 920 😉
    This would create a first fan customer base to expand on…