Dell Voice VoIP app released for BlackBerry with free calling to many Canadian cities


  • Tom

    I found the quality of the Dell VoIP service to be poor. Free is great, but a VoIP service is no good to me unless it has good reliability and sound quality.

    Frankly, any VoIP service is dramatically cheaper then the carrier alternative, so it doesn’t need to be free. I’d be willing to pay for the most expensive VoIP service if it were good – I’d still be saving lots of money and the quality would allow me to rely on it for all my calling needs, and reduce my carrier voice service to the minimum.

    I’d love to see mobilesyrup do a comparison of the qaulity and reliability of the many mobile VoIP options. It would be a lot of work, but it would be very valuable information.

    • RIMPIRE strikes back

      RIM is back!!!!!!

    • phil

      I agree… the voice quality of dell voice is really really bad… I can hear fine, but the other party can’t… very choppy it seems.
      To make long distance calls… I just use the “budwiser” app.. it uses also freephoneline service like dell… but quality is much better… You can bypass the app and just call the local freephoneline number and key in the number you want to call.

    • Spikedlemon

      I use Dell Voice here and there for LD calls with my phone over WiFi. I never really had a latency issue or had feedback that it was difficult to understand me unless my internet connection itself was poor (like trying to call from a crowded Starbucks.

      For me: it’s a great free product.

    • LazarBB13

      “BlackBerry 7 doesn’t seem to get a lot of high-profile app releases these days”

      Likely because its from August 2011; and has been announced “discontinued” many times

      “likely because developers are putting the majority of their time into BlackBerry 10”
      -Yep! that’s exactly the reason! They are developing for an OS that MIGHT come to life in February 2013 -NOT!

  • JaymmerMan

    It’s not showing up in the BB Appworld.
    You have to go to to get it

  • Kevin

    Great news! I have been waiting for this.

    Dell Voice has been really good on my PC, like the sevice very much.

  • Habi


  • Kris Morey

    As far as I know, Dell Voice is still the only Canadian app to give you a local incoming number like Google Voice or SkypeIn. Is this correct?

    • Jim R

      textPlus will give you a free Canadian phone #, and you’re able to send and receive text messages with it.

  • rgp905

    Can’t get it to download on a 9700 which shows on the site as compatible

  • Kyle

    Nice took a while to register but it works great.

  • Joey_G_1975

    I had this app on my galaxy S glide. It works just as good on my Blackberry curve 9360! There may be some hope for RIM …. LOL.

  • Mike K

    Toktumi is another paid voip that also has advanced call routing and forwarding. They used to have a Blackberry app but scrapped it and are now called line2 on ios and android.

  • Dave

    Love the app! It’s also work on wifi as well.

  • Brenda D

    Smart move by Dell – and fantastic move. I’ve been using Dell Voice for months but most of my friends are on BB, so this is finally a chance for them to use it too.
    I’ve tried virtually every VoIP service out there – and Dell Voice is far and away the best – both in terms of quality (so far, it’s been flawless) and being actually free.
    Well done!

  • jt7

    Has anyone tried the budphone app on an ICS-powered device?

  • Rob G

    If you want a really good quality mobile voip app dont mess around. Go get the CounterPath app. They dont have a BB app yet but there iPhone and Android apps are the best in the business and the let Service Providers and OEM’s brand their own versions. I hear BB is coming.

    Once you download the app their is a list of VoIP Service Providers that you can choose to subscribe to services from. CounterPath is just the software not the service provider but the app quality blows the Dell apps out of the water. Just sayin.

  • Derek P

    Have used Dell Voice every day since March and only had a small handful of call drops – probably less than I had on Telus previously. All in all, great call quality, and you can’t beat the price.

  • cbru

    It would be great IF they had a Playbook version. They don’t 🙁

  • Kion_yaar

    We few friends tried but it doesn’t work without headset. It only works with headset. On earpiece and loudspeaker, both parties can’t listen each other. It’s line call is on but no voice.