Samsung Galaxy S III now available in Canada!


  • Shaggyskunk

    4.0.3 the latest? 4.0.4 is……. Right ^_^

    • Gr8Price

      Poor RIM:
      With the SGS3 launch in Canada AND the I/O Google event both of them TODAY, and their Q report tomorrow, all you can say is:

      “There will be blood”- and black, lots of Blackberries on sale; and pink, lots of pink slips!

    • sp

      @Gr8Price you are a numtard…why are you bringing RIM into this article when it has nothing to do with it. Freaking Troll.

      I for one received my confirmation from Rogers yesterday that my device was shipped…now can i afford the phone..thats the question..

      hello early birthday present?

    • Mangufbat

      rip rim.

  • Josh

    Heading to my store now to sit in line…. Lol

  • TKG26

    Got to touch mine yesterday! Fondled the dummies and switched my order from blue to white back to blue then to white blue one more time…. And finally settled on white. Its sitting behind the glass with my name on it waiting….. Is it 10 am yet?

    Got my 120v power inverter all ready to charge the little sucker in the van 🙂

  • dixmak

    Rogers did not get any white 32Gb versions (at least not for pre-orders). Most pre-orders with Rogers were shipped out yesterday expect for the White 32Gb (which I pre-oredered) FML.

  • Gr8Price

    Ian you should change the content of the article:
    The phones goes from:

    -$150- 3yr contract min $50 (average big 3)

    -$300 on a WIND tab (min $40, taking the total price of the phone in 3yrs, available to new customers only)

    -$599 Virgin and Mobilicity

    Will it drop to $500 after seeling 20 million units or more, by the time the iphone 5 arrives?

    • Jon

      Don’t forget the Ncix deal. Free on Bell with new activation of $50+ plan.

    • Michael

      Mobilicity has a min price plan for the Galaxy SIII of $35.
      So it’s really $634.99 on Mobi..

    • Come on

      The S3 is not $599 at virgin, unless you choose to buy it at full price. It’s $160 on a 3 yr contract or supertab

  • Nick

    Sold out across Ottawa on bell

    • JP

      How can it be sold out? Most store open at 10am

  • JP

    Telus store in Ottawa area have very limited supply and only the 16GB Blue model, no White and no 32GB…. Also you have to pay activation fee in store (free online).

    • Adam

      I thought they gave a deal for no activation in store at telus until July 10.

      The telus store here in cornwall had a few not pre-ordered last night around 8 pm.

      Option B is where straight out it is cheaper then any of the carrier stores, however it’s the international version; which has it’s pro’s and con’s.

  • Ace

    Not surprising that the Rogers link does not bring you to the phone.

    What time do the Wind stores open??

  • deltatux

    My Nexus S still runs like a champ especially with custom ROMs. No need to upgrade just yet, maybe next year :)!

    • Gr8Price

      The SGS2 used go for $300 NOW, give them a 3 weeks and they will drop more once the SGS3 gets re-stocked.

      Futureshop has the Virgin version NEW for $350
      Just something to consider..

  • Claude

    I preorder GS3 marble white 32g with Rogers. I live in Qc and my status is still open despite I’m number 6 in the row…it seems the marble white 32g is B/O….

  • Tim

    This phone comes unlocked, right? So if I’m with Telus, I can just remove my SIM and insert it into a Bell or Rogers SGS 3, right?

    • Obstacle-Man

      Nope. This isn’t a nexus device. It’ll be locked to the carrier.

    • Adam

      It’s locked to the carrier, but in a week or two (if not now) you should be able to get an unlock code of the web for $25.00 and then take it anywhere.

  • sam_1421

    Waiting to see the package on the doorstep!

  • RSG

    I purchased the international Galaxy SIII to use on my rogers account, I’m holding and playing with it all the time.. I was supposed to buy the NA S3 outright but majority of the mobile service providers gave me the same answer.. “We will not be selling the SIII outright at this time”

  • On the front line

    It’s about time!!!! Our customers were getting very frustrated waiting. I am a little worried about the comments about inventory. Our stock is in good shape. I think? We have about 70 units with more expected today and tomorrow. I noticed lots of blue and white models but didn’t do the breakdown by memory size. Does anyone know the full stock situation with Sammy? And Samsung…where are the accessories?? Nobody wants to drop and damage this puppy. Sammy, please get us some good accessories …please!!

  • Mimglow

    I preordered the 32gb Pebble Blue from Rogers, to be delivered to Ottawa South. Account page still says open. Should I be worried?

  • sp

    lol…now selling white unlocked SGS2 …. starting price is……..

  • jack

    I got a call from Bestbuy last night around 600pm stating my 2 phones have arrived and could be picked up anytime after 10am today. Just waiting for the store to open.

    They are 16 Gig Blue versions.

  • gropper

    Although i have pre ordered mine and its being shipped i still cant decided if its worth the upgrade price from my S2 LTE model. Not sure i can justify it.

  • matt dizzle

    on my way to the bell store mah fukkkkaaaa

  • Brendon

    My girlfriend and I have preorders we are living up at lunch, so excited 🙂

  • Cru Jones

    Sadly those of us in NW Ontario wont be getting it for “a few more weeks”.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I’m resisting the urge to purchase this and instead waiting until later today to see what Google announces at I/O. After that all the players will have shown their game (windows with Win8, Apple with the weak and transit map-less iOS6, and Google with jellybean and any other new devices)

    • Pegger

      Apple hasn’t shown their next phone

  • JesseS

    Wanted this so much on release, but am afraid to renew with Rogers, they are really pissing me off, anyone know if any of the major Westcoast carriers have family share plans besides Rogers? (both wife and i want to purchase one of these outright)

    • brodieman

      I myself preordered through Telus and the phone is out for delivery to my house this morning. I am nearing the end of my contract with Rogers and like you am fed up and decided it was worth 2mnths of ECF – So long Rogers. Check Telus, I believe they service the west coast as the are originally from western canada – I however am in eastern ontario and they are now a popular choice here. Good luck.

    • wantit

      Picked it up this morning around 11am and been playing with it since. It’s a beautiful device. I don’t mind the plastic build at all, and I am coming from iPhone 4.

    • Adam

      If you purchase outright you do not have to renew.

      Do you get LTE in your area? If not look at it’s actually cheaper then most carrier stores since it’s on-sale right now.

      It’s the international version tho, so less ram & no LTE… but that super sexy exynos quad core…

  • ToniCipriani

    Bell texted me last night to upgrade… time to flip I guess. 😀

  • MB

    Damn, the 99.95$ promo at Videotron is over, it is now 149.95…
    I guess I need to feel it in my hands before getting it but if I get it, it will be with Videotron, basic call plan and 2GB of data for 40$ a month with 3 other services, can’t do that with Telus…

  • Cumby

    I am encountering a similar issue with my 32 GB White SIII from Rogers. It is still not available/delivered to the store in Toronto.

    Anybody have additional info on this or perhaps shed some light as to how long you’d expect to typically wait? They do have the Blue 32 GB in stock which is surprising since initially the Blue device was reported to have additional delays.

    Any info would help!

  • tbooth dufferin mall

    We have a lot in stock. Rogers, bell, virgin. Don’t call as we will likely sell out by time you arrive lol

    • Mimglow

      …but if you have a pre-order, it won’t be sold, right? I can wait until after work with peace of mind?

  • Al

    It’s locked to a carrier?! I’ve heard from a few ppl that you can easily pour a Telus Sim in a Rogers our Bell SGS 3. Can anyone else chime in?

    • Adam

      afaik it’s carrier locked.

    • James

      I know with Bell, if you pay for or own your phone and use it under thier contract you can Unlock your phone for free.
      Also under Canadian Law you can transfer your Cell number to any Carrier for free.
      So buy your phone from BEll and transfer it, Unlock it for free.

  • JP

    OTTAWA carlingwood shopping Mall Has BOTH white and blue 16 gig in stock for Telus and maybe other

  • ot

    its too bad MobileSyrup never releases review on time to help us make up our mind BEFORE buying. Always a few days too late. Like the Lumia 800 back when it came out I had a chance to buy it use it return it (couldnt stand the poor screen resolution) before MobileSyrup even had their review up

    • OgtheDim

      This isn’t a movie review site.

    • Andy Warhol

      MobileSyrup’s reviews are some of the best around, but they are generally based on a week or 2 of regular use (as opposed to “first impressions”). If you want a “thorough” review before release, why not look at the international model? Obviously there will be differences, but alternatively, there’s also no harm in waiting a few days/weeks to make the best informed decision on such a large investment.

    • andrew

      yeah but they were gonna release a comparison last wensday when this was supposed to come out between the intl and NA version. whole extra week. still no review.

  • haxor99

    Telus website is finally showing prices

  • Nick

    Fiancee just grabbed the last 16GB White at the downtown Bank Street Location in Ottawa

    • Nick


  • SomeDumbGuy

    Is this phone pentaband like galaxy nexus or are there different versions for rogers/bell/telus vs wind/videotron?

    • Jon

      The T-Mobile/Videotron/WIND/Mobilicity version (T999) has all the bands we use in North America. The Bell/Tellus/Rogers one doesn’t work on 3G AWS carriers, but has LTE for 1700 and one of the 700 MHz bands.

      There are two other versions. One is CDMA and is not really usable in Canada, the other is the international version and can be used on AT&T and big 3 only.

    • SomeDumbGuy

      So if I buy the phone from WIND, then I can use it on all carriers on 3G/HSPA+ but not the other way around?

  • Wahid

    debating if its worth upgrading from my Galaxy Nexus that I got in March… hmm what to do what to do… roughly going to cost around $700 to get a base model in my hands.

    • Adam

      Im in exactly the same boat. But I will likely grab the international. No LTE in cornwall, and that exynos makes me quiver.

  • Breezy

    Ah….. I can’t upgrade til November, so I’m hoping for note 2 possibly or S3 with quad core? Come on Sammy! U know you’ll have to when the new ipoop comes out in the fall

  • jigsaw

    does anyone know how long it takes for the delivery if I buy the full priced SG3 at Rogers? Thanks in advance

  • OgtheDim

    Finally info up on wind, without pricing.

  • JS

    will this be available on the telus team webstore ?

  • excessdan

    got mine right at 9am at a telus store where the sales guy was holding it for me. no lineup but I believe they had really limited stock of the 32GB blue. luckily i had him hold onto it for me.

  • kman

    my rogers pre-order is still saying “open” as well.

    If i find one somewhere else I’m assuming I’ll still get my deposit back.

    BTW, how many of you that are buying this are replacing blackberries? (raises hand). Kind of sad that craigslist prices are pretty low to sell my 9900 and 64gb playbook.

  • ot

    @ OgtheDim

    Excuse me? The first four things you see when you load the page are reviews of phones lol. Get a grip

    • OgtheDim

      Yeah but if movie reviews are done on the day a movie opens cause the movie experience only lasts a couple of hours.

      Phone reviews need to be done after a phone is used IRL for days.

      A bit different type of review and suggesting a review be ready on the day a phone is launched is expecting too much.

  • Roger

    Je viens juste de l’acheter à Québec sur le réseau Bell.

    Une très belle machine!

  • Josh Lubin

    Im currently on my fresh new Galaxy SIII 🙂

  • JP

    Telus waived activation fee today Online and In store.

    Stock of both white and blue for Telus and Bell at Best Buy mobile in ottawa in carlingwood shopping center.

  • Wrathwitch

    Well I just got mine at Future Shop Barrhaven. Good thing I was allowed a couple of hours off work as the Telus store didn’t have any at all, and there were only 2 available when I went in at 10 a.m.

  • haxor99

    Still enjoying my GNEX. I will swallow my envy of all that get this phone and wait for the new Nexus.

  • On the front line

    Come by Telus Yorkdale. We have lots of inventory even with the sales we had this mornign so far. It is a very nice looking smartphone. I can’t put it down !!

  • James

    I would like to pick mine up, but sadly, the company I bought it from (subsidiary of Bell) apparently doesn’t have enough to fulfil orders of the Pebble Blue model, despite only taking enough pre-orders for their shipment quantity.

    Good job, Baka Mobile.

    Therefore, I cancelled my pre-order, had my deposit refunded, and will be picking it up, guaranteed, later tonight.

  • Matt

    There is a massive shortage. No one here in Edmonton got many at all. We got eight blue which is apparently more than anyone.

  • the jack

    just picked up a white 16BG virgin in Calgary from virgin store – super sweeeeet! They still had a handful left

  • S2556

    You guys are ALL invited to my Motorola Milestone retirement party today! 😀

  • rkozbit

    I’ve just been to BestBuy a few mins ago, and they don’t have Rogers white 32GB in stock and a rep told me it might not be here this week!
    Samsung fooled me yet again!

  • rkozbit

    Just called another store I pre-ordered S3, and they too won’t have it within the next few days! ArrG!

  • Stephanie Billy

    Will it catch on fire though like the one in the UK? Or did they get that fixed already.

    • OgtheDim


      Calling them the UK is like calling us Americans, except we are without the whole terrorist bombings and civil war aspect of things that tends to make one in Ireland NOT call themselves British.

  • Mr. Jobs


  • GoatDiesel

    I agree, I was looking foward to the “in-depth” review that was mentioned last week. Regardless, I am snagging a 32GB “Pebble blue” after work from Bell.

  • Lazzy

    no bbm? WAIST OF THYME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sp

    okay anyone coming from the SGS2 that got the SGS3..

    is it worth the switch?

    tell me now oh please tell me cause my order was shipped out to the store for pick up and it should be there today..

    is paying the early upgrade fee worth it????

    if so..then check Kijiji for my white SGS2 on sale shortly…

  • WC

    There’s lot of US reviews out and they’re the same phone barring the carriers. The American ones perform just as good as ours and they do comparisons to the international version as well so go check those out and stop hammering MobileSyrup

  • Cameron

    I picked up a 16GB white from Virgin Store @Much. I had pre-ordered a 32GB but they told me that they had received notice today that they will only get the 32GB model on the US release date of July 20th. I followed up with asking if that would be the same with other carriers and they said yes, at least it should be true for Bell.

    It’s a new contract for myself. Did the My Buddies60 but disappointed to have only 1GB data so I may return within 14 days. The old My Bud65 plan included 6GB.

  • Upset

    Just got back from the store at Rogers Ottawa on south Bank street. Ordered the 32gb Pebble Blue, and was essentially told “Don’t call us we’ll call you,” and “you’ll get it when you get it.” Best way to never be disappointed with Rogers is to not expect anything from them.

    • kman

      … I can relate. I’m in the same boat here in Vancouver. was 350th on the online device registration yesterday morning, and 158 first thing this morning. I’m now at 14… but it didn’t change at all since noon.

      With my luck they just ran out until August. : )

  • Gunnar

    I don’t wanna sound like a b*tch, but that’s like the fugliest phone I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  • Jerrik

    Just purchased my blue Bell version this morning at 10 am at Future Shop. This thing truly does live up to the hype, amazing phone!

  • Tomatoes

    Woot! All hail the arrival of the new king!

  • 69iner

    Just got mine this afternoon too, amazing phone, really fast and it was fully charged out of the box! Even with the otterbox on it, still feels pretty good!

  • Cameron

    Update on my earlier post, Bell indeed was carrying the 32GB in their store. So first negative experience with Virgin has been chalked up on day 1.

    I am happy with the phone. Been playing with it for hours.

  • ot

    Got my Galaxy S3 but was VERY QUICKLY disappointed in the blue tint of the whites on the screen (Super Amoled does that I guess) and the cheap plastic build quality. Traded it for a brand new One X + 150$ cuz the guy really wanted a S3. Now One X is what I call build quality and impressive display.
    Too bad though. Really wanted to like the S3 – Im sure people will love it tho. jUst not for me

  • LiightSkiinBoii

    Got the last GS3 white @ college square in ottawa 🙂 mwhahah the phone is sexy and flawless in action