Sony announces the Xperia miro and Xperia tipo, launching globally in Q3


  • cody

    nothing to see here folks.


      Some points for the Canadian market:
      1-HTC ONE V – $175 with Google 4.
      2-Phones with ICS and better specs should cost more
      3-Phones with lowers specs should cost less.

      If the Sony Miro costs more than $149, the phone will flop. With 3.”5 screen you make a lot of SMS mistakes, 3.7″ is way better for typing/surfing.
      3″7 is the bottom for “Affordable devices” in Canada in mid 2012.
      Price it at $129 and it will sell in big numbers ($50 at that price range counts) price it at $150 and you run the risk of people adding $25 and get the HTC one V.

      -Of course you can alwys give it to TELUS we know that they will make it the new $399 phone LOL!!

  • Reggie Noble


  • Sir

    How many “affordable devices” does Sony need to release before they catch on that there is only enough room for a certain number of cheap, crappy phones? If they want to carve out some real estate, they should put out a great, reliable phone. Something without buggy software and mediocre hardware.

  • TKG26

    I really dont get “affordable” phones. I suppose there is a market for people that buy them out right… But i would guess that the fast majority of BELL ROGERS and TELUS customers are taking these on 0$-50$ phone deals on 3 year contract. I ask these people why? Why would you not spend the 100$-150$ to get todays bleeding edge? It will last you the 3 years..

    Ask my wife how she felt about here motorola backlfip! What a POS… but hey it was free… she has long moved on…

    • haxor99

      Apparently Canada is one of the few places that still lock customers in for 3 years. These phones probably make more sense in Europian markets

    • TH8MA3

      Those phones are for customers that don’t want a data plan. They would be paying more than 400$ to get a high-end device.

  • TK C.

    there are bunch of affordable devices out there in the market nowaday… we don’t need another one

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I’m getting fed up of waiting for them to announce the North American equivalent to the Xperia GX. It’s the phone I want and I’m willing to wait, but they need to at least tell us it’s coming.

  • Cdn5abi

    Waoh! All the hype for these? Feel sorry for the ones that got caught up in the marketing scheme.

  • JT

    I’m tired of seeing “affordable” phones with 3.2mp cameras. I mean, we’re in 2012! It’s supposed to be a social phone. It costs nothing for them to make it at least a 5mp phone. Mid range devices should all have at least 7-8mp phones.

  • Rick


  • flat

    so all this hype for these?, their not bad looking phone but with the social hype Sony was creating i was expecting something big, you could of just announce these without all the excitement i’m just saying.

  • kris

    what a big fail on sonys part. this whole campaign to hype people thinking it was gonna be the hyabusa aka gx or a new high end device instead they make people vote and share it only to announce budget phones only available in europe.

  • Bri

    I’m sure people will rather buy iPhone than one of these… cheap low end androids don’t sell.

  • Levi Larsgard

    Come on Sony…..bring us something amazing! Bring us a superphone!

  • Sub-Joker

    The bottom and upper bezel is bigger than the phone itself.

    • Sub-Joker

      I meant better than the screen itself…. my bad