Samsung sells over 50 million Galaxy S and S II devices, Note tops 7 million


  • Jon_d0e

    We al know Samsung this sold this many due to:
    -A+++++ customer service
    -best quality plastic phone ever
    – Samsung kies is just amazing. Watch out iTunes
    -did I mention Samsung customer service?
    -lastly, touchwiz, I came from iPhone and touchwiz just feels and looks like IOS but done better

    • Mark

      Two things:
      1. I’ve always read that plastic in phones is just cheap/flimsy/etc, and I was worried about it coming from a solidly build HTC, but I don’t find the build quality of Samsung to be poor at all. It is very sturdy and has the added advantage of being light.

      2. Likewise people always used to bash touchwiz but that perception is changing. Perhaps when they hired the cyanogenmod founder they moved in a direction that people opened up to. I’d still rather have vanilla android, but Samsung has really taken the lead with Google’s OS.


      please Samsung bring us another 5.3″ or 6″ phablet this year!!

  • SG2

    Is the SG2 still in production?

  • SG2

    Samsung Note: 7 million in 7 months
    RIM Playbook: around one million in 14 months and still no BBM??

    More importantly Samsung release SALES numbers, not SHIPPED devices like RIM does. This is how the real players play: they make thinngs that people WANT at FAIR prices and they sell them by the millions.

    • sp

      so you are comparing phones to a tablet????
      great comparison bud. really..awesome comparison

      I dont even know where you would bring the Playbook into this since this article has nothing to do with it…sigh.. .Trolls.

      and I own both the SGS2 and the Playbook so yeah.

      Go Samsung…and I hope RIM can rebound for the positive.

  • Aziz

    This would have been Nokia had they gone with Android. Congrats team Sammy!

  • KentB

    I am surprised that the Galaxy Note is doing so well. It’s not for everyone given its size.

    • Ryan

      The thing about the Note is – MANY women carry their phone around in their purse. So the size there doesn’t matter. And on top of that, a whole BUNCH of people barely use their phones as phones anymore. They’re mobile data/texting devices. So yes, it might be a bit awkward holding it up to your head to talk on it for the 10 minutes a day you use it as a phone, but it is a MILLION times better for the 1 or more hours that you’re using it as a mobile data/texting device.

      I’m sad that Samsung isn’t going to release ICS for the original Galaxy S though. Alas, it seems that unless your phone is a year old or younger, you’re not going to get the latest and greatest Android. At least in the Samsung family.

    • Pat

      I am not surprised. I bought 2! The first one for the GF, and the second one for me.
      She has a purse, and I carry mine in the back pockets of my pants. No big deal. When used as a phone, it is big, but nothing strange there. I have now no need to carry anything else on my frequent travels within Asia. Nothing beats having one phone that does it all. It also means only one cable, and one charger to carry.

  • vn33

    Samsung’s becoming the leader for Android phones

  • Kid.Canada

    7 million people walking around looking ridiculous holding a 5.3″ phone to their ear.



  • shanedown

    Samsung is becoming synonymous with Android.

  • Pat

    Overall, It must be admitted that Samsung played the winning hand with the Note. Among other things, they offer a big phone that will replace the tablet. The market must be there for a big phone, because the SIII is even bigger than the SII.
    Apple phones are being ditched all over, because they are simply too small. They are a kid’s toy. Mature people need to see what is written on the screen. And they have the buying power.

  • Brad F

    This is sales to the channel, not sales to customers. Filling up inventory in stores does not equal people actually buying said devices.

    Remember when HP reported their “sales”? and then 6 months later had to hold a fire sale to actually get them out of the stores and into customers’ hands?

    Remember when the PlayBook was doing so well that RIM reported amazing numbers? Then we found out nobody was buying any unless they were at fire sale prices?

    Yeah, that.

  • JP

    Really happy with Galaxy Note. Have been using it for 3 months. Same as everyone, I had a worry that “the phone could still be too big”, but after using it for two days, it reversed to be a pure advantage. 90% of time on it is for reading news, email, playing games, etc. It also lives up to its name by having a stylus. The best choice I have made for a phone.