Koodo Mobile will have the HTC One V available on June 1st


  • Kate

    Is one S aldo coming?

  • Dalex

    So will it be available in purple then? I want to get it for a friend (she must have in purple only lol).

  • dizzle

    they wont release alot of good phones on koodo cause then telus will suffer the gutter. thieves!!! bring the one S and the one X bring the s3 then we can talk about you being a competitor … rookies. wind eats you alive any day koodo. any day grow some balls ………. Oh wait telus still holding them….whipped

    • johnjo

      wind is only suitable for peasants or children. Get a proper jobs and then a $70 bill each month wont be considered a lot. I wouldn’t use wind if they paid me $40 a month.

    • Brian J

      not everyone is stuck in the zone, there is life outside,koodo works everywhere 🙂

  • Sean

    So this would be $75 on the tab. That really is a great price for a “entry level” device that not to long ago would of been thought of as high end

  • ToniCipriani

    Please make the black one available…

  • PumaYaYa

    This is the size I like my phone to be… seems like phones are going to be the size of zack morris bricks soon.