Koodo HTC One V pops up in their inventory system, one step closer to launch


  • XER

    $225 for this one is a deal maker… Unlike Bell’s $300!

    • Please Advice

      Is this a BB10 device? If so, when it will be available? If not, do you know when the BB10 devices will be available?

  • Jimmy

    I work for koodo it won’t likely launch at $225 unless that’s a sale price for first few weeks of launch. $250-275 is more likely. Its like when you guys reported the optimus black would be $200 and it wound up being $250

  • ToniCipriani

    $25 premium for ICS over the Galaxy W on same hardware with GB is much more reasonable.

    Kudos, er, Koodo.

  • VforVictory

    The One V at $300 is a FAIL!; too expensive and too close to the next level.

    @$250 is a O.K. but still makes you think that for $50 more you can get something better or just go for $50 less and get the Samsung Exhibit 2 4g (What Bell and Virgin call Samsung W) which has the same screen size and works on big 3 plus Wid. So if you are looking for an entry phone the $199 Samsung W is still the best deal.

    @$225, the One V will simply be the best bang for the buck in Canada. PERIOD, will sell in huge numbers and have tons of support in the XDA forums! Then the Samsung W better drop it to $150 if they want to compete!

    • ToniCipriani

      Galaxy W still has one killer feature up its sleeve: ability to be used on all networks except Public Mobile, since it has both AWS and Big3 frequencies.

  • ruddias

    Can you use koodo phones on telus without unlocking?

    • skarphace

      no, unless its a Nexus S it has to be unlocked.

    • Alex Perrier

      Another Android (the LG Optimus One) can be used from Koodo to TELUS with no need of unlocking last time i checked. BlackBerries such as the 9300 3G need an unlock code to be used on TELUS or any brand other than Koodo.

      For something like this, your mileage may vary. Similarly, some HSPA+ Virgin phones apparently cannot be used on Bell/Solo zombie/President’s Choice, while others can.

      Legacy CDMA devices can only be used on their assigned network and brand in Canada.

  • skarphace

    Now lets hope we get some good news about Koodo launching the HTC One S because that would be the most powerful they’ve ever had in their lineup.

  • MailmanDelivers

    One S will NOT come to Koodo – too expensive

  • Bernard

    How is it too expensive? They carry the iPhone and I believe that is more expensive.

  • Jimmy

    Bernard is right
    Koodo is in desperate need of.one high end android smartphone. If we sell the iPhone which we do and we sell it pretty well in high volume stores than we could definitely sell the one s. We likely wouldny launch it at the $600. Probably $550 or even $500.

  • superfly

    The galaxy nexus is coming at $350 in June for koodo. Just got the news from my boss. That will be our top end Android all year. $200 on the tab just like the Nexus s last year.