RIM updates BlackBerry App World with new categories as it prepares for BB10


  • teachhard

    Like, who cares? Rim is no longer relevant.

    • chall2k5

      you’re Canadian, do you want us to lose to China and the Koreas? since AAPL is not gonna stay kning for long

    • Sighmonsez

      Your constant RIM posting says otherwise. Take your own advice and please stop showing interest. Thank you.

    • BB King

      What’s no longer relevant are the snide remarks of Fanboys!

  • Nick

    Waiting for BB10 !!!

    • noname

      same here !!!

    • GalaxeeS

      Just be patient: October 2012 will be here before you know it, same as BB10.

  • teachhard

    Rim is dead due to bad management. I don’t care if they are Canadian, they are a business failure.

    • BB King

      The only failure I see here is fanboys like you who have tried to sink RIM with your pathetic childish opinions. Back under the bridge with you Troll!

  • Samesies

    Never get tired of the “Who cares RIM is dead.” That’s been said since early 2010 but they’re still here…

  • Paul

    I used iPhone 3GS and switched to BB. I then switched to android, but I do miss the BB keyboard. If they could have a durable keyboard without it being a brick that would be sweet, but it is hard to beat the android ability to customize. I will be looking forward to see what RIM brings to the table. Hopefully 200000 apps?

  • Malevolent

    It’s too bad that RIM is so slow at getting this out of the gate. I am seeing many of my coworkers switching to android/apple devices at work when their contracts are up. RIM dropped the ball, I was really pulling for them to get their new devices out much sooner. I am considering dumping my 9900 when the SIII is released as well.

  • kman

    I see red everytime I see these massively inflated app counts. I couldn’t care less that there are supposedly 100k apps. The ones that show in the top 50 in each category don’t include many of the “must have” apps that have been available on android and ios forever.

    Why don’t you axe 100k of them and get a native Dropbox client
    Drop another 50k of them and put Yelp in
    Drop 250k of the crap apps and get us Google Maps / Reader / Listen / Play Book reader
    Where is Wunderlist? etc. etc…

    Many of these could apps I have the client installed on my Win7 laptop, my MacBook, my Galaxy Tab, my iPod touch…. but they aren’t available on Playbook.

    If you don’t want to fail, get these cross platform apps on your platform. If you don’t, Playbook is just an orphan. Its so frustrating! Good OS but lack of apps is still killing it… even with the long awaited android player having been out for over 6 months now.

    • radius

      There is an official Dropbox client on BB7 and there is a non-official-but-works-fine client called Bluebox on Playbook. So not sure what you are complaining about?

  • Motoroler

    RIM has seen better day, but they’re not dead yet! I would be very surprised and greatly disappointed to see them ever completely disappear… I keep telling my customers, to this day, that RIM is going NOWHERE and they have nothing to worry about if they’re more interested in a Blackberry than going with the same-old same-old (iPhone or Android).

    If they pull it off with BB10, they can recover.

  • Matt

    Is Netflix really that big a deal for people? Really, how often do people watch movies on their phones? And on PlayBook, which I love, I couldn’t care less that I don’t have Netflix. If I’m home and want to watch something I’ll use my PC, Xbox, or PS3. So many devices have Netflix these days odds are they’ll already own one.

    • BB King

      Netflix is full of incredibly old movies and shows that no one cares to see. Waste of money!

  • BB

    Its great to see people hating on RIM it just makes them stronger…great publicity haters keep up the good work. When bb10 is a hit I wonder what the ifans will say next. “phone is still crap, bunch of canadian sheep following them”

  • Snowboarder1019

    Rim’s developer relations top dog has said via twitter ,if Netflix allowed them they would have a tea, of developers at their doors in 24 hours. I think apple or android are keeping them from coming to the PB and bb10 because all the would do is rake in the revenue without lifting a finger, what company wouldn’t want that i for one would get a netflix account if it came to my playbook and bb10