Upcoming Bell Motorola MOTOLUXE priced at $300 Prepaid


  • Accophox

    HTC One V in before everybody else. 😡

    But no, seriously. Whatever the consumer decides.

    • EntryLevel

      This is an entry level phone priced at a mid level.
      Screen is 4″ but the GPU is Adreno 200 from 2009??
      4″ screen with 1400mAh??
      With that non standard resoultion you can kiss goodbye ICS, unless you want to depend on Motorola AND Bell.
      All in all the package is not worth more than $250, but when you compare it to the Koodo HTC One V at $225, the Motoluxe is not worth more than $199 and still I would get the V with ICS, and the tons of suport that will get.

      For $300 you can get a Nexus S.

  • NienorGT

    Quite à lot of cash for a 800MHz S1 phone… (That’s slower than a Nexus One)
    The rest of he specs don’t fit either.

    It would be much more preferable to buy a HTC One V even if it’s a bit smaller.

  • Mark

    Hmmm how about a quad core 1.5Ghz 4″+ screen with 16GB on board and possibly 1.5GB Ram ICS Phone for $400 outright that works on any Canadian carrier?!?! This sounds good to me!!

    • Miles


    • Mark

      How about, that I know of a company that is about to do just this!!!!!

  • Jack

    Laggy phone is laggy.
    Not worth the $300.
    You’ll go bald from pulling your hair.

  • r011

    great feel to this device but android runs poorly and at the same price point as the htc 1v… nice camera though, too bad the 1v didn’t have 8mp shooter.

  • wewewi

    There’s nothing respectable with a 300$ Gingerbread phone at this point in 2012

  • Lucas

    four rounded soft-keys. Sprint has high hopes for this hadnest, given their previous releases like HTC EVO and Samsung Epic 4G. Also, we can guess that HTC Knight will eventually be a 4G-capable hadnest as