Bell launching the Motorola MOTOLUXE May 22nd, possibly for $300


  • Tom

    I don’t understand the 1G ROM. The OS is upgradable so might this actually be some variant such as EEPROM?

    • GS3

      Does anybody know the REAL reason of releasing a new hardware with old software??

      If the hardware is new wouldnt they have to develop the specific version of Gingerbread?? if so why not just develop the ICS version and release it with it??
      That wouls increase the sales of the phone at release time.
      What am I missing?

  • Fish

    I don’t get these “new” phones still launching with 2.3 instead of ICS, seriously ICS has been out for a while now it should launch with it not an out of date OS.

  • Alex Perrier

    Any Android 2.x phone that costs more than $200 is a rip-off. i see more Galaxy Nexus phones than other types of Androids because people don’t want to be stuck for months on the Android 2.3 rollercoaster and possibly be lied to.

    Motorola should price it at $200 to undercut the Lumia 710 and HTC One V. If you will pay $300 anyway, why not get the One V which has 4.0 instead of 2.3 OS?

    Bell is also lying about exclusivity if its Virgin brand is getting the Motoluxe too.

    • Rio

      The people buying these phones don’t give a crap about the OS on it. These low end smartphones and for the general public who want basic usage. Nothing fancy.

      These are the kind of phones we usually suggest to the older audience wasting a cheap smartphone.

    • gab = math wiz

      Just as I suspected, another stupid comment from Alex Perrier.

    • Matt

      This phone is aimed at those who don’t care. And why pick this? IMO, a better phone. We had a rep come show it off and it is really nice and slick, especially for the price.

  • BellOwnsVirgin

    Alex are you retarded? Bell owns Virgin.The device is still exclusive to them similarly to how the Nexus was first a Bell exclusive.

    • Alex Perrier

      i know that. “Exclusive to Bell” (examples: Motorola Atrix, Palm Pre, etc.) means that *only the Bell brand* carries it, NOT Virgin, third-party MVNOs or the dying-in-a-few-days Solo brands. When someone says “The Nokia Lumia 900 is exclusive to Rogers in Canada”, it means that 7-Eleven, Chatr, Fido, etc. do NOT sell that phone.

      One can also say “the LG Gossip Pro is exclusive to Fido in Canada” or “the Motorola Razr is exclusive to Rogers and Fido in Canada.”

      Anyway, exclusivity is also subject to being limited time, as the Galaxy Nexus, Lumia 710 and Galaxy Q have shown. What i’d like to see more is a good value phone that’s exclusively sold unlocked and without a carrier. Retailers will compete for better pricing!

  • Blarg

    Alex, stop posting.



    • ThirteenGreen


    • 2dfx

      Thank you for signing on my behalf!

  • Gary

    They really need to stop puting Gingerbread on these new phones.

  • Jimmy

    I’m so.sick of reading people running their mouths off about gingerbread. The os isn’t that bad. Furthermore the upgrade to ics to most consumers doesn’t matter to them in the least. And some won’t even notice the difference between 2.3 and 4.0. For those with Nexus devices we can clearly tell the difference. But I still have friends ask me on their unlocked Galaxy s ii what the hell the difference is? Because they still have touchwiz UI regardless. Honestly there are worse things than getting a phone with gingerbread on it. Like getting any LG android which won’t get an update till god descends from the heavens.

    • Alex Perrier

      Mostly valid points, but this is like saying that brand new computers should be sold with Windows XP or Vista today. Some software won’t work with XP &/or Vista, and people would be missing out on neat features like Aero Snap and the Dock-like taskbar.

      Likewise, it would be really awkward for me to purchase a 2.x phone without important features and software like 4.0’s better multitasking, built-in mobile Internet usage tracker, Chrome browser support and built-in video and voice Internet calling. Although 2.3.4 and later feature the latter feature, some Android devices like Bell’s Galaxy S II look silly because of older software.

  • Brandon

    I agree with what they say about releasing Gingerbread devices. ICS has been out for months and they’re still releasing Gingerbread devices. And they were supposed to be putting a stop to fragmentation when ICS came along. Right..

  • bobo jones

    Long story short, ONE V best deal on a new phone

  • Ahmet

    Rob TomsonGetting ICS on your Milestone 2.. you’ve got two hopes, Bob Hope and no hope..!I will never buy another Motorola Android decive again for precisely this reason. The RAZR looks lovely but who believes it will get ICS before next September?