Various Canadian carriers announce plans to release the Samsung Galaxy S III “this Summer”


  • Azzo

    I’m getting this phone when it comes out, but i don’t know what Carrier i should choose. Should i try Wind or should i just go with Rogers for the better service?

    • Munir

      Go with Wind. Their network is far better now.

    • Eluder

      I’d go with Rogers since it will be LTE and the experience on LTE is phenomenal. I can’t go back to using an HSPA device since I’ve moved to LTE.

    • Thoughtful

      Support the new entrants and fairer pricing and go with WIND. (also WIND is rapidly improving and expanding their network).

    • Richard

      I wouldnt recomment WIND. I was with them for about 3 months with the galaxy nexus. I ended up cancelling which cost me $300 because they kept charging me for roaming in a Wind Home zone. Wind doesn’t have any service practically anywhere east of Ajax.

    • JDX

      I personally noticed that it has definitely gotten better (in Edmonton in particular) than at launch (obviously). However if you’re a person that relies on your phone for a living.. I don’t recommend Wind. Call quality does get choppy, no dropped calls for me yet.. but I’m a light user. Stick with Robellus if you need the call quality.

    • Shamu

      The Samsung guy is here at TELUS again today. The rumor is Samsung is showcasing the product today to the marketing teams. I for one am glad TELUS will be getting this at the same time as everyone else. Samsung needs to learn from Apple and launch products all at the same time. If I see the product or get more info, I will share in a secondary post. Hey Samsung!! how about some early marketing units so we can show our customers?

    • common sense

      Do you want dual core or quad core, If you have done your research you should know Rogers(LTE carrier) will have dual core and wind(3g carrier) will have quad core. Besides you like having limit over data use? cus rogers does that. And as long as you are in zone where human exist you will receive service in wind.

  • wirelesswonder

    I wonder what Canadian carriers wont get the S3?

    • Ricky Bobby

      Well MTS for one! They can’t have it because it’s not a “Crackberry” or a “iphone”, not android love for you says MTS!!

  • Amkof

    Azzo, I only have anecdotal evidence, but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Wind’s unreliable reception. Some friends say just walking down the street they will see their phone losing reception.

  • ELNY

    Hmm…is it really worth getting this version of the international quad-core, which was showcased by Samsung?

    • Jason

      @ELNY If you travel to the US and then it is worth getting the quad-band because it means you will be able to purchase either T-Mobile *OR* ATT PayGo SIM cards to use, depending on your destination.

      I myself will be getting the quad band for sure, even if I have to import it.

    • Pac

      Quad band? The question is about quad core.

      I don’t think the quad core version will have North American LTE. Is this correct?

  • Alex Perrier

    YES for WIND! Looks like a nice yet powerful phone! 🙂

  • goose

    “TELUS and Samsung Canada today announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be arriving on TELUS’ 4G LTE network in time for the summer.”

    weird because Telus still doesn’t have LTE in Manitoba and hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

    • Dill

      Weird, because no other carrier has LTE coverage in Manitoba either…
      I guess the phone companies have figured out that there’s several other provinces and territories in Canada besides Manitoba and the success of the Samsung Galaxy SIII doesn’t hinge on the population of Manitoba either… I think that’s pretty weird too.

    • 2dfx

      I think it has to do more with MTS’s monopoly on infrastructure as to why LTE is non-existent there.

  • Greg

    Anyone know if this will be pentaband?

  • 1175

    Hopefully they release it on a 3 yr contract max!!
    3yr contracts must suck for manufacturers as much as for us (people only change their phone around 2.5yrs) Not a lot of people can Pay the overinflated prices to upgrade to a new phone.
    I wonder if the manufacturers will put on some presure to operators to switch to 2yr max.
    We know the CRTC won’t.

    We know that Telus will have the X version with bloatware and incompatible with the international version and no updates, then Koodo will be $100 less.

    If I were Samsung I would just release it as ONE version for all carriers in Canada. That only makes the phone more “upgreadable” and increases the reselling value.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 still go for $350 used ONE full year after release!
    If they manage to manufacture it in volume by August that will be the phone for the “Back to School” season, and by the time the iphone 5 arrives.. The phone will sell!

  • Reggie Noble

    I’ll stick with my HTC One X. I’m very happy with it.

    • common sense

      Hows your battery life? and free space left in built in memory?

  • Somebody

    Why no confirmation from Rogers yet,
    Rogers, what you doing, plz get this phone and dont give us any stupid excuses.

    • FOTTL

      rogers did confirm it, it in the article.

    • daveloft

      initially it didn’t list Rogers

  • Donovan

    I’ll stick with my Galaxy Note. Absolutely love it.

    • expat

      Me too. I just bought yesterday me second one. For 580 USD

  • Mo

    I still have a nexus s so this might be well worth it getting it on wind, awesome!!

  • ingeniumed

    Wind Mobile getting SGS3, translation: UNLIMITED DATA beats everyone else.

    • Android Fanboy

      Unlimited Data on Bell HSPA+ Network is even better =D

    • leo

      “UNLIMITED DATA beats everyone else.”
      Unlimited data is nice but once your on LTE there is absolutely no comparison to HSDPA or HSDPA+, you will never go back. Unlimited data isn’t that nice when everything starts stuttering and as a person who streams music and video every day I’ve yet to hit my limit on my LTE plan.

    • EddieWinslow

      I have a first gen Galaxy S with Virgin. I stream music with it everyday as well and have never had issues and I do not have LTE.

  • Jon

    Yeah no lte in Saskatchewan either so sasktel,Telus,bell,virgin, would be pointless to get the lte version here.

  • Emperuman V

    @ingeniumed – True Windo has unlimited data BUT it has BAD RECEPTION when compared to the Top 3 😉 Jks jks.

    Any how, so one would assume this phone will be pentaband or? Will Wind and Videotron get the HSPA Quad core version whilst others get LTE S4?

  • jonathan

    Phone is a complete bust, i’m gonna go grab an HTC one X instead

  • marc

    Surprised Videotron gets it. The first between them and Virgin will get my money.

  • Jim Shorts

    Various Canadian carriers announce plans to CARRY the Samsung Galaxy S III “this Summer”.

    Look at quotes from the different carriers and distro centres. None of the them say we will be releasing.

    Please stop saying releasing. Samsung releases and carriers lock and distribute.

  • Audrey

    although it will probably take longer for Wind & Mobilcity to get this phone out there, its certainly an improvement in their phone line and is surely to kick start the competition into gear in Canada!

  • HwyXingFrog

    All I hope for is that they are the exact same model (except for radio frequencies) across all carriers. Overall, they will all sell more units if it is easier to get accessories for them.

    That is one advantage that the iPhone has over Android, and if these carriers realize that exclusive phones (like the Telus Samsung Galaxy S II X) are pointless and just frustrate customers.

  • Radar

    Wind + SGS3 = deal 🙂

  • deli

    I’m ordering mine for June 2 delivery!!

  • Senk



  • Gene

    Good on Samsung, looks like this is going to be a massive global launch. Can’t wait

    • thepeddle

      Makes you wonder why HTC would let Rogers launch the HTC One X as an exclusive…..

  • Cancuckle215

    So, one of two predictions for Saskatchewan. There is NO LTE here until the fall (as per Sasktel) in Regina and Saskatoon only. BUT…that’s not a for sure thing.

    Either Sasktel will get the quad-cores and release the dual-core LTEs later on, or they’ll try and keep the SGS3 launch to coincide with the launch of LTE in the fall.

    All I I know is I’m either getting it cheap (released in the fall) or buying it outright (quad-core international).

  • coochiecoo

    Sasktel I know what my upgrade in august will be!

  • Dany

    Once you go Note you can never go back!

  • Juschilin

    huge win for Wind Mobile. Currently own the galaxy nexus but will considering moving to this device when it becomes available.

    looks like Wind is here to stay…

  • Mark

    Not a word from Fido yet lol Fido suck so much with their phones line up compared to Rogers.

    • Homer

      That’s the point. Fido is Roger’s sub-brand. Aside from better phones, there is no reason for anyone on Fido to even begin to consider switching to Rogers.

      Luckily for Rogers, an i***t is born every minute. Dangle a shiny phone in front of their face, and their wallets open up instantly…


  • AM Radio

    happiness for all if Rogers were to share the love with Fido and treat it like the GNexus and iPhone.

    not holding my breath though.

  • StEC

    This looks like the phone that is going to make me a Wind customer that and the fact that Wind has a much better coverage area in Niagara Region now!

  • pfaulty

    I love how Bell is still the only one using the term “superphone”.

    I’m considering getting the GSIII on the Telus network. I’m hoping to hear how those in the UK like the phone first before committing.

    • Matt

      It’s a bell term. They coined it.

  • MB

    You can thank the Olympic Games this summer for such a big launch…

  • Jordan

    This phone is too big and ugly for me to have any interest in. If I wanted a phone too large to operate with one hand why wouldn’t I buy the note? This phone is simply in a dumb category for a large phone. The design is uninspired and unappealing, not to mention the new touchwiz ruins ICS.

    Never mind the talk about when this thing is coming to Canada, how about some idea when OEM’s are going to release high-end phones in not only the massive category, but the mid-sized as well. HTC almost had it right with the One X and One S, however, where is the HD screen and LTE in the One S? Let’s not even discuss the dated and puny screen on the iPhone. Fitting a 4″ screen into a phone that size was done two years ago and it is perfectly operable with tiny hands let alone the average persons hands. 3.5 perfectly fitting in the hands? Nope, way too small still.

    Three main categories for screen sizes are 4″, 4.3-4.5″, and 4.7″+. In the Galaxy Nexus’ case, the on-screen buttons make it a mid-sized phone. This where OEM’s should be hitting with their high-end phones. Not just massive (and notice how the iPhone is not in a category? Screen sizes that small are much too cramped even for the tiniest of hands).

    HTC is in the right direction, now if only they added micro-sd card slots. In my personal opinion, I really think Google should adopt at least two of these sizes for the next Nexus device. I have a Galaxy Nexus and my girlfriend has a Nexus S. I love the size of mine, she loves the size of hers. If only the same speed and performance can be achieved in the smaller package it would appeal more to women. Most women think that my phone is much too big for them, when really, the only high-end phone with a small screen is too small. Androids largest issue is their massive screens for the high-end devices and Apple’s largest weakness is it’s tiny screen. Is every OEM mad?

  • KingK

    People still want this phone?

  • Stonedtree


  • Stonedtree