Nokia sues RIM, HTC and Viewsonic over 45 proprietary patents


  • Thanks Nokia

    Take RIM out please, so we can all get on with our lives.

    Thank you.

    • 123456

      You must have the worst life EVER if you’re waiting for RIM to die before you move on with your life! #loser

    • Rumour Machinist

      Rumour has it that RIM is working on a device comprising of 2 tin cans and a length of string but it will be late 2013 before they can work out the details.

  • more mah

    RIM is dead. Soooo dead. Let us dance on its grave.

  • Nokia is the new Apple

    So… Nokia is the new Apple? Come bite me.

  • bob

    Nokia’s new motto:
    If you can’t make good enough smartphones, sue them.

    • stylinred

      Apple should sue them for taking their motto then

  • Carlos

    Disappointed in Nokia

  • John Z

    Agreed. Nokia is just doing this because of the issues they had with the Lumia phones & all the other oners. I really doubt this will go to a high court & such. Most likely will be dropped or be settled outside of court.

    Disappointed in Nokia indeed.. I thought they are not like Apple, Samsung & Moto. I guess not.

    • Keith

      I’m not sure what you mean by Lumia issues, the biggest issue about the Lumias is that they are by far the biggest Windows Phone seller ever.

      Search on the infographic that MobileSyrup posted a while back. Everyone is suing everyone and Nokia was being awfully passive until now. But since they have the biggest mobile portfolio and are being sued by multiple companies it would be foolish of them not to play too. Though I do hope they do not take it to the extent that Apple and Moto (Google) are taking it too.

    • John Z

      Did you even read what was going on with the Lumia 900 on ATT & Rogers? Nokia started giving $100 rebates to whoever got the phone & the update came 3 weeks later to Rogers. Almost half of the people that bought the phone brought it right back.

    • Keith

      @John Z

      Half the people brought it back is udder bull–it didn’t effect anywhere hear that many and the $100 credit for such a temporary problem spurred many to buy it.

      Judging by the how fast the percentage WP data usage share is rising on the statscounter stats for the US and Canada since the Lumia 900 was released, I would say there are an awful lot of people keeping them. You might want to check out the overwhelming number of 5 star reviews on Amazon as well.

    • Keith

      Oops, “udder” should be “utter”

    • stylinred

      the fix came in less than a week

  • Mike

    Now Apple is gonna sue Nokia for copying their tactics.

  • more mah

    Everyone will sue everyone else and no one will have time to produce innovative product.

    But it’s not about the product, it is all about the money. Always has been. Always will be.

  • sicsicpuppy

    Not sure if Nokia going to get much money from Viewsonic lol

  • Hub

    Nokia trying to pull a Kodak: they lose their marketshare so they go patent troll companies.

    Remember, Kodak is in chapter 11 now.

  • no1 u no

    Lolololol no1 su apple!!!!!! Cuz aPple never stoled any1z stuf

    • stylinred

      Nokia sued Apple and Apple lost not only does Apple have to pay Nokia a cut for every Iphone sold they also gave up a bunch of their own patents for Nokia to use in settlement

  • Mike

    screw you Nokia, you were what for the past couple of years, you were hiding in the background for a while waiting to build windows phone, RIM and HTC build stuff way before you ever did. Get a life Nokia. These Patent lawsuits are starting to get rediculous, all these lawsuits should be all thrown out of court and these companies should be told how else are phone suppose to be build. And to be frank here Motorola was the first to build a cellphone back in the 1980’s, so everyone else are copying Motorola, end of story.

    • stylinred

      you have no idea what you’re talking about…. at all

  • Thilan

    I don’t agree with some of these patent lawsuits, especially some of the more ridiculous ones, but if Apple (arguably the market leader) is suing to protect their IP, why shouldn’t other companies? Until their is an overhaul of the patent system (especially in the US), we are going to continue seeing this kind of thing.

  • FU2

    “Proprietary patents” is redundant, you stupid c**t.

  • Barok

    no1 u no,
    you are aboviously a little kiddo on the block.
    wake up and do your homework!

  • stylinred

    When Nokia finally decides to sue someone they come out with guns blazing

    they took out Apple APPLE in less than 2 years what chance do these guys have? they’re going to fold so fast