Sony Xperia S will be $499.99 outright


  • Jonesyp

    I phoned pacific center in vancouver and they told me that it would be $649.99 to buy outright

    • Jonesyp

      just phoned park royal, phone is definately $499.99, must have been mistake,

  • Peter

    Makes sense. This device is clearly inferior to the HTC One X, they would have to charge a lower price to compete.

    • Isaac

      Despite the outdated specs, Sony has yet again managed to do some very good optimizing of the software from the get go in this device. Despite having and “inferior” processor and an “outdated” OS version, the benchmarks for this phone speaks for itself.

      Despite the One X being advertised to have “genuine sound” and “genuine imaging”, the samples and tests have shown otherwise. Although fast, fine details are lost in the pictures with the One X and the colours are unrealistically over-saturated.
      No amount of superficial tweaking to the audio output can save the One X from the poor DAC implemented for audio. Beats audio is not for everyone, not everyone loves exaggerated bass and tweaked treble and mids.

      I’d be quite satisfied with the Xperia S overall, clearly specs aren’t everything, good hardware and optimization are key.

    • bob

      The Xperia S perform no better than other Snapdragon S3 1.5 GHz devices.

  • anonymous2

    Will it be unlocked if bought outright ?

  • Zzz

    Nice decent pricing. I’ll be eager to see how the one s will be priced to decide which one to buy

  • Hauer22

    Its locked to rogers, who charge $50 to unlock

  • ruddias

    I’m debating this as my next phone now. The price is way better than I assumed, and reviews seem great. Only disappointment seems to be battery life. If ICS fixes this, I will surely buy.

  • Drone

    How can you release a phone in Q2 2012 with freaking Android 2.3 gingerbread.

    Besides that and the somewhat outdated specs, it’s a great phone.

  • andy c

    The screen and camera are right up there with the HTC one x

    This is a good CPU away from making it a 3 horse race with HTC one and the sgs3.

  • Eric

    So no white color?

  • bummy

    noob question…
    if i get this from Sony store, can I use it on Wind or Mobi?

    • SkyDome

      Nope … it’s locked to Rogers but even if you unlock it does not have AWS frequencies.

  • Neo

    I don’t think Sony will take long to update this phone to ICS!! I think they learned there lesson with the Xperia.

    Anyone know if this is a pentaband phone like the Galaxy Nexus?

  • AmyR

    Sorry Sony, looks like you haven’t learned from the fiasco that was my beloved X10. There is absolutely no justification for releasing a new device with 2.3 a whole 5 months after ICS was released. Time to start looking at your competition for my next phone. Too bad though, as I always did enjoy your designs.

  • Marlow

    I’m guessing it will be sim locked to Rogers as well as a hardware bootloader lock adding extra cost on top of that $499.99 price tag. I don’t quite understand why they chose to distribute it to Sony stores first?Are they hoping to have people line up for marketing reasons.
    Its an alright phone I hope they fix the camera noise issues. It would be such a waste of a 12mp camera.

  • T1MB1T

    I can report it is UNLOCKED and will work on wind! A user on the hofo has verified that according the the FCC it will work! Faruk is the users name! So now I will speak to tony and get this on wind!

    the mist megga hurts the best plans and now this phone!


    • kris

      #1 this phone doesnt have aws so its not gonna work #2 fcc is american and wind is a canadian carrier

  • amar

    How dare they charge me 0.01 dollars electronic handling fee!

  • Tomatoes

    Great price.

    iPhone 4s 16gb $649.99

    Samsung Galaxy S2 $549.99

    Xperia S $499.99

  • Dalex

    This would be a good deal if 2 things are possible

    1) we can get the bootloader unlocked

    2) CM9 makes a rom for it.

    The phone is quite nice looking, but I’m not gonna spend 500$ on a device running Gingerbread with no possibility to even manually upgrade to ICS.

    • Micheal


      You’re in luck. Sony (Ericsson) has been allowing root access for all Xperia phones after the 2010 series. Beyond that, of course there will be a ROM for ICS made, it’s what those developers do. And the fact that there will VERY shortly be ICS for the 2011 phones, I’m pretty confident that this phone could be updated to ICS soon after purchase (even if not through official channels).