BlackBerry PlayBook 3G & 4G reportedly in carrier testing with Rogers, Bell and TELUS


  • ovi08

    come on wind, pick it up.

    • RelevanceInMotion

      The current Playbook goes for $150 and you can find it in stock everywhere, why would you re-release a product that doesnt sell even under cost and makes you lose money?

      So now you are releasing a 4G version that will retail for more money, will require expensive data plans and will drain your battery faster??

      I thought the original PB was going to dro to $99, but now you can expect the “original” for $49 and the Batterry reduced-with expensive data plans for $99!!

      Just when you thought RIM was down, they find a drill to dig in deeper!
      Stock at $12.75 now

    • Duschene

      Just when you thinks its all over for RIM and there is no hope….BlackBerry PlayBook 3G & 4G are reportedly in carrier testing with Rogers, Bell and TELUS!!

      This is a HUGE win for both RIM and CANADA!!


    • bummy

      Its true the current Playbooks are already $199.
      But 3g-4g tablets can go for $0 with carrier contracts.

      For some consumers this is a better option.

  • Adi

    Who’s excited about this ?



    • andy c

      i care.

      I want the original PB to be $99 or lower so i can get one for my dad.

      all he does is email, FB and internet

  • 123

    I am testing the 3g/4g For Rogers, expected to be on sale for 49.99-99.99 on select 2-3 yr contracts, dropping just before summer. enjoy!¡!

  • bob

    3G & 4G? Souldn’t it be The BlackBerry PlayBook 2G & 3G & 4G & 802.11b & 802.11g & 802.11n & bluetooth?

  • RelevanceInMotion

    This week the original PlayBook will turn 1yr olde and …still no BBM nor BES?
    TELUS was the first to lower the PB price to $150 in Canada. Expect the new PB at $99-150

    Doubt Future Shop, Best Buy and others will carry it since they still have mountains of the olde model in stock, either that or expect another half a Billion $ write off next Q.

  • Cellfreak

    Now you can do More with Less!

    Good God RIM… just blow up the boiler and call it a day.

  • Negative Ned

    Rim is dead. Why does anyone care?

  • mb

    It’s sad that everytime I went to FS to test it out, the screen was always frozen or had an error that you couldn’t fix no matter what you do. They don’t seem to care at FS. they don’t want to sell anything there. I think I’ll get an ultra book with internet stick and windows 8, much better deal. oh there’s a keyboard now at BB for the Galaxy tab….

  • Sean

    They should worry about fixing the UI and giving the user a better experience first; then worry about extolling the virtues of a cellular Playbook.

    • Sean

      Apparently speaking the truth gets you a low rating around here. Interesting.

  • Roy

    I love the design of this new PlayBook – very sharp and cutting edge. Can’t wait til the launch. Tools, not toys.

  • grekoff

    Wind and Mobilicity customers are too poor to afford a $199 tablet, let alone a 3G data plan.

    Both technically have 3G basestations but networks so slow that they are beat by phones on 2.5G EDGE networks.

  • 3df

    As much as I’m rooting for RIM to succeed… I don’t really get why they’d release a 3G/4G Playbook. The wifi-only model didn’t do well until they slashed prices to the point where they’re losing money, and even then the sales have only been pretty good up here in Canada. In the States, I think it still falls quite a deal behind the runner-up Kindle Fire (never mind the iPad).

    Unless this new Playbook is capable of making calls on these carriers’ networks (and coming in with a significant hardware subsidy), I don’t really see what differentiates it well enough to even be considered by anyone other than those loyal to RIM.

  • Ron Mexico

    No one cared about the Playbook before the price drops, no one will care about these either unless they are $199 no contract just like the others were.

  • Robert

    Now the best tablet is going to be better, It’ll be a 3G HSPA+ for me, as I live way out in the country.

  • A. Carmine

    Personally, if I ever buy a tablet it would have to be 3G or 4G… but at the same time, I would not own a smartphone, it would be a dumbphone just for calls.

    • I-Nemo

      “dumbphone” -love this name, lol

  • Juliisa

    Playbook is quite interesting, but RIM is so dead over here in Finland that just for the surppot sake(localised apps etc.)i think i’ll go for the Android/transformer over it.Actually the real contender for transformer for me is new thinner 10.1, but i’m not sure if i’m patient enough to wait for it. Great comparison though!